A list ZTE customers, as of 2009.


Actel Ltd (Hungary),[1] Aircel,[2][3] Nation of Algeria,[4] Armenia Telephone Company,[5] AR Telecom,[6][7] ArmenTel,[8] ATM Mobilis,[9][10] Avea[11]


Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board,[12] Benin's Office des Postes et Telecommunications,[13] BSNL,[3] Byelorussian Telecommunication Network[14]


Cabletel,[15] CANTV,[16] CAT Telecom,[17] China Netcom,[18][19][20] China Mobile,[21][22][23][24] China Satcom,[25] China Telecom,[26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34] China Unicom,[21][30][35][36][37][38][39] Chinguitel, a telecom carrier under Expresso Telecom Group,[40] ClearTalk Wireless,[41] CLP Group,[42] CMPak,[43][44] Cooperativa,[45] Corisat America Inc[34][46]




East Telecom,[42] Egypt Telecom,[42] Electcoms,[48] Elisa Oyj,[49] Emcali,[34][50][51][52] Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation,[53] Etisalat,[54] Euroweb International[55]


France Telecom[23]


Globacom,[56] Global e networks,[57][58] GO Telecom (Etihad Atheeb Telecom),[59] GTS Central Europe[60]


Hebei Telecom,[61] Hong Kong CSL Limited,[62] Hutchison 3G[63]


Iran Telecom (Telecommunication Company of IRAN or TCI) Indigo Tajikistan,[64] Indosat,[65] InternetGhana[66]


Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services,[61] Jiangsu Telecom,[61] Jilin Mobile,[61] The provincial education bureau of Jiangxi,[61] Jilin Telecom[61]


Kasapa Telecom, a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited,[67] KPN[68]


Libyana,[69] Libya Telecom & Technology[70]


Madamobil,[71] Mahanagar Telephone Nigam,[3] Maroc Connect,[72] MetroPCS,[73][74] MiPhone, a brand name of Oceanic Digital Jamaica Ltd, a subsidiary of Oceanic Digital Communications,[75] MobilKom (Czech Republic),[76][77] MobileOne,[78] Mongolia´s Information & Communications Technology Authority,[79][80] Mongolia Telecom,[79] Morocco's Office National de l´Electricité,[81] MTN Group (Rwanda),[7] Multiregional Transit Telecom,[82] Mundo Startel[83][84]


Neocom,[85] Nepal Telecom,[86][87][88][89] Nigeria´s Communications Ministry,[90] Nitel,[91][91] Norway Telecom[23]


Orbitel (Columbia),[7] OTE,[92][93][94] Outremer Telecom[95]


Packet One Networks,[96] Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd,[7] Paktel,[97] PGH,[98] Pocket Communications[99], PosteMobile,[100]


Reliance Communications,[54] Republican Unitary Telecommunication Enterprise (RUE) Beltelecom (see Telecommunications in Belarus),[20] Romtelecom,[101] Rumania POS Telecom[42] Nation of Saudi Arabia,[93]


Shangdong Railcom,[61] Shanghai Telecom,[29] Shanxi Telecom,[61] The municipal government of Shenzhen,[61] Sri Lanka Telecom,[102] Sichuan Telecom,[61] Singaporean Telecom,[23] SingTel,[103] Skytel (Mongolia),[79][104][105] Smart PCS,[106] Spice Nepal,[105] Sprint Nextel[107]


TCI ([Telecommunication Company of IRAN],[34] Tata Teleservices,[108] Telecard,[109] Telecom Egypt,[110][111] Telecom Italia,[112] Telefonica,[113][114] Telemar,[115] Telekom Malaysia,[116][117] Telenor,[54][118] Telkom Indonesia,[119][120] Telkomsel,[121] Telstra,[113] Telus,[122] Tunisia's Postal, telegraph and telephone service,[42][42] Tunisie Telecom[123]

Telecom XT (New Zealand)


Ucell, part of the international TeliaSonera telecommunications group,[124] Ukraine High Technologies,[125] Unitech Wireless,[126] United Telecom of Georgia,[127] Interior Ministry of Uruguay,[128] Verizon[129]


Vietnam Power Telecom,[130][131] Vietnam ETC,[132] Vietnam Railways Corporation,[21][133][134] Viettel,[135] Vinaphone,[136][137] Vistream,[138] Vodafone[23][113][139][140][141]


Wharf T&T,[142] WorldTel[143]


Zapp Mobile[144]


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