This is a list of drive-in theaters that are currently in operation.

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A Drive-in with a 100ft wide inflatable movie screen (AIRSCREEN) in the center of Brussels/Belgium

Surviving drive-ins in Canada[]

British Columbia[]

  • The Park Drive-In in Prince George
  • The Starlight Drive In in Enderby
  • The Twilight Drive-In in Langley


  • The Big Island Drive-In in Flin Flon
  • The Stardust Drive-In in Morden

New Brunswick[]

  • The Sussex Drive-In in Sussex

Nova Scotia[]

  • The Cape Breton Drive-In in Sydney
  • The Empire Theatres Drive-In in Westville
  • The Valley Drive-In Theatre in Cambridge


  • The 5 Drive-In in Oakville
  • The Can-View Drive-In in Fonthill (15 minutes from Niagara Falls)
  • The Cinedrive in Pefferlaw
  • The Kingston Family Funworld Park Drive-In] in Kingston
  • Polson Pier in Toronto[1]
  • The Mustang Drive-In in Guelph
  • The Mustang Drive-In in London
  • The Mustang Drive-In in Peterborough
  • The Mustang Drive-In in Picton
  • The North York Drive-In in Sharon
  • The Owen Sound Twin Drive in in Owen Sound
  • The Port Elmsley Drive-In in Port Elmsley
  • The Port Hope Drive-In in Port Hope
  • The Skylark Drive-In in Sault Ste. Marie
  • The Starlite Drive-In Theatre in Stoney Creek
  • The Starlite Drive-In in Shipka
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Dryden

Prince Edward Island[]

  • The Brackley Drive-in in Brackley Beach
  • The Princess Pat Drive-in Theater in Cascumpec, Alberton


  • The Ciné-Parc Bas St-Laurent in Ste-Luce
  • The Ciné-Parc Cartier in Gaspé
  • The Ciné-Parc Drummond (RGFM) in St-Germain-de-Grantham
  • The Ciné-Parc Joliette (RGFM) in St-Ambroise
  • The Cine-Parc Mathers (Mathers) in St-Eustache
  • The Ciné-Parc Odeon (Cineplex Entertainment LP) in Boucherville
  • The Cine-Parc Orford (Action Film) in Deauville
  • The Ciné-Parc Paradiso in Chandler
  • The Ciné-Parc St-Félicien in St-Félicien
  • The Cine-Parc St-Hilaire (Action Film) in St-Hilaire
  • The Ciné-Parc St-Nicolas] (Cineplex Entertainment LP) in St-Nicolas
  • The Cine-Parc Templeton in Gatineau


  • The Sundown Drive-In in Corman Park, just outside of Saskatoon

Surviving drive-ins in the United States[]

This is a partial list of drive-in theaters currently operating in the U.S. As of this writing (12/1/08), there are no known open drive-ins in the states of Alaska, Delaware or Louisiana


  • The Blue Moon Drive-In in Gu-Win
Operates two screens. Both usually show double-features.
Opened May 23, 1997. Single drive-in screen accompanied by five newly-constructed indoor theatres. Second drive-in screen demolished in 2005 to make room for the indoor theatres.
  • The Continental Drive-in in Dothan (Opened April 15, 2005)
  • The Harpersville Drive-In in Harpersville
  • The Henagar Drive-In in Henagar
  • King Drive-In in Russellville
  • Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In in Albertville
  • Star-lite Drive-In in Anniston





Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)
  • The Mesa Drive-In in Pueblo
Operates three screens; each screen shows double-features (six movies total)
  • The Star Drive-In in Monte Vista
Combination of drive-in theater and motel; also known as Best Western Movie Manor. Operates two screens
Despite having two screens, only one has been in use since 1997
  • The TruVu Drivein in Delta


Operates three screens; all screens show double-features of movies currently in wide release. Movies are shown from spring into fall on weekends, and every day of the week during the summer season.


  • The FUN-LAN Drive-In in Tampa (Opened January 10, 1950)[2]
  • The JOY-LAN Drive-In in Dade City[3]
  • The Ruskin Drive In Theatre in Ruskin (Opened April 11, 1952)[4]
  • The Silvermoon Drive-in in Lakeland (Opened April 14, 1948)[5]
  • The Thunderbird Drive-In Theater in Fort Lauderdale
Opened November 22, 1963 - 13 screens; now known as the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop for its flea market[6]
  • The Trail Drive-In Theater in Lake Worth
site of the Lake Worth Swap Shop and Drive-in[6]


  • The Highway 17 Theater in Dewy Rose
  • The Jesup Twin Drive-In in Jesup
Only Drive-In in south Georgia[7]
  • The Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta[8]
  • The Swan Drive-In in Blue Ridge[7]
  • The Tiger Drive-In in Tiger[9]
  • The Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater in Trenton[10]


  • MauiFest Drive-In in Kahului
Opened in 2003. Shows features once a month on Saturday nights[11]


  • The Grandview in Twin Falls
  • The Idanha in Soda Springs
  • The Motor Vu Idaho Falls
Did not open for the 2008 season, future uncertain
  • The Motor Vu in Parma
  • The Motor Vu in Twin Falls
  • The Sky Vu in Idaho Falls
Did not open for the 2008 season, future uncertain
  • The Spud Drive-In in Driggs
  • The Sunset Auto Vue in Grangeville



Indiana has retained a remarkable number of its drive-ins, due largely to it being one of the last states in the Union to adopt Daylight Saving Time, in 2006.
Operates two screens; both screens show double-features, typically first-run movies (four movies total)
Operates six screens; all screens show double-features (twelve movies total)
Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)



Opened June 30, 1950. 1 screen, serving 750 cars with 600 speakers that still work. Became the world's first "digital drive-in" in 1999 with the addition of a DTS system.


Two screens showing separate double features.
The original screen was destroyed by a tornado in 1996. The new screen is considerably smaller than the original.
Single screen. The name comes from its location between what were originally two landmark hills on Highway 127.


  • The Bridgton Twin Drive-In in Bridgton
  • The Prides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook
  • The Saco Drive-In in Saco
  • The Skowhegan Drive-In in Skowhegan (Opened June 30, 1954)
  • The Skylite Drive-In in Madawaska




Opened in 1964 by John Magocs. Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total).
A temporary facility with roll-up fabric screens situated in a parking lot.
Opened in 1953. Operates one screen; shows double-features (two movies total)
  • The Five-Mile Drive-in in Dowagiac
Opened in 1961. Operates one screen; shows double-features (two movies total)
Opened in 1950. Operates nine screens; all screens show double-features (eighteen movies total). Claims to be the largest drive in in the United States[12]
Opened in 1949. Operates four screens; all screens show double-features (eight movies total)
The oldest drive-in in Michigan, opened in 1947. Operates one screen; shows double-features (two movies total)
  • The Sunset Drive-in in Hartford
Opened in 1948. Operates one screen; shows double-features (two movies total)
Opened in 1952. Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)
Owner Lou Warrington passed away on February 18. The Warrington family is working on a five-year lease for new management to operate it.



  • The Beverly Drive-In in Hattiesburg
  • The Iuka Drive-In Theater in Iuka
on W. Quitman St.


Is the newest Drive-IN in MO that opened in 2004.
  • The I-70 Drive-In[1], in Kansas City north of Interstate 70 near the Truman Sports Complex
Operating 4 screens.
Operating 2 screens.


  • The Amusement Park Drive-In in Billings
  • The Libby Drive-In in Libby (Opened July 8, 1954)
  • The Midway Drive-In in Columbia Falls
  • The Silver Bow Drive-In in Silver Bow
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Plentywood
  • The Westernaire Drive-In in Lewistown



Five screens, serving 950 cars. Opened on January 7, 1966.

New Hampshire[]

Operating 2 screens.
4 Screens

New Jersey[]

New Jersey was the birthstate of the drive-in movie theater
Reopened in 2004; New Jersey's first open drive-in in over a decade

New Mexico[]

  • The Apache Drive-In in Farmington
Two screens; open weekends from April to September
Three screens; opened in 1990
  • The Fort Union Drive In in Las Vegas
Single screen; open weekends May to September

New York[]

Currently closed as the owners have moved to Maine. Drive-in is now for sale; see website
Double features on weekdays, triple features on weekends
Four screens, close to Buffalo and Niagara Falls, features playground for kids, free wi-fi internet, and miniature golf
Double features nightly

North Carolina[]

Original owner deceased, now under new management.

North Dakota[]

  • The Spring Lake Park Drive-In in Williston


Second oldest continuously operating drive-in theater in the world
Closed for several years during the 1990s
  • The Starlite Drive-In west of Maria Stein east of St. Henry
  • The Sundance Kid Drive-in in Oregon
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Mansfield
  • The Tiffin Drive-In Theatre in Tiffin
  • The Van-Del Drive-In in Middle Point
  • The Wilmington Drive Inn in Wilmington
  • The Winter Drive-In in Wintersville
Four simultaneously running screens and capacity for 1,000 cars. Originally opened October 1, 1969 with only one large screen. It closed for several years during the 1990's. A second screen was added during the late 70's. The third and fourth screens were added just during the last couple of years.


  • The Admiral Twin Drive In Theatre Tulsa
Opened 5/21/51 as a single screen theatre named the Modernaire, was twinned in 53 and renamed the Admiral Twin. Built by local Businessman L.E. Snider, First Feature was "Oh Suzanna" starring Chill Wills. Was later owned By General Cinema Corp. and is now owned by a local family named Blake.


Open seasonally since August 1953, last active drive-in cinema in the Portland metropolitan area
  • The La Grande Drive-In in La Grande
  • The M & F Drive-In in Milton-Freewater
  • Motor Vu Drive-In in Dallas
Open since 1953, it has the biggest screen in Oregon (90' wide).


Opened as Route 45 Drive-In on August 27, 1940
Opened as Ficks Drive-In (after original owner Isadore J. Ficks) on April 25, 1949. In recent years, the original box office was recovered and now sits inside the entranceway to the drive-in.
  • The Circle Drive-In in Scranton (officially in Dickson City)
  • The Comet Drive-In in Connellsville, a Pittsburgh suburb
  • The Corry Drive-In in Corry
  • The Cumberland Drive-In in Newville
  • The Dependable Drive-In in Moon Township
Opened June 6, 1950. Four screens. The original lot and lot #2 still have speakers
Opened June 19, 1947 as Ruthorn Drive-In. Owner's family ran several drive-ins in the Greater Pittsburgh area from the 60's to the 90's. All are now defunct.
Operates two screens; both screens show double-features (four movies total)
Opened as Carrolltown Drive-In on June 15, 1950
  • The Hi-Way Drive-In in Latrobe (Opened August 7, 1948)
  • The Kane Road Drive-In in Hopewell
Closed several years ago and high rise apartments erected due to increased suburbanization!
  • The Laurel Drive-In in Hazelton
  • The Mahoning Drive-In in Mahoning Township
  • The Malden Drive-In in West Brownsville
Opened as Cuppie's Drive-In on June 29, 1947. Only operating drive-in in Washington County at this point.
  • The Midway Drive-In in Mifflintown
  • The Moon Drive-In in Williamsport
Opened as Harvest Moon Drive-In in 1954. Also formerly known as Port Drive-In
Originally opened as Lee's Woodland Drive-In on May 6, 1949. Closed in late 70's and reopened April 4, 1995 as Galaxy Drive-In. Ownership changed after 2004 season and renamed Riverside.
The second drive-in theater ever built. Opened April 15, 1934
  • The Silver Drive-In in Windber
  • The Sky View Twin Drive-In in Carmichaels, a Pittsburgh suburb
  • The Starlite Drive-In in State College (Opened April 29, 1950)
  • The Sunset Drive-In in Waterford (Opened May 16, 1952)
  • The Super 322 Drive-In in Clearfield (Opened May 26, 1950)
  • The Twin Hi-Way Drive-In in Robinson Township, a Pittsburgh suburb
Originally opened June 8, 1950 and operated until 1996. In 2007, the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In was given a complete restoration job and reopened on July 3 that year. Located on an original stretch on the Lincoln Highway (formerly designated as U.S. 22/U.S. 30, hence the name of the drive-in. Now designated as PA Route 60). A second screen has just been constructed opposite of the original screen.

Rhode Island[]

Opened July 3, 1951. Operates three screens; all screens show double-features of first-run films. (six movies total)

South Carolina[]

Also known as "The Big Mo"

South Dakota[]


Projection room and concession stands heavily damaged by fire in March 2007; theater had no interruption of service and continues to operate.
Reopening under new ownership in 2009
Constructed and began operations in 2003. Second screen added in 2005.
Operates three screens. Each screen shows a double-feature (six movies total). Previously had four screens, but screen #2 burned down in 2007 and was not replaced
  • The Twin City Drive-In in Bristol
One mile from the Bristol Motor Speedway. Screen goes dark on racing weekends, when the drive-in lot is converted to a campground for visiting race fans.
  • The Valley Drive-In in Waverly


Opened 2004. Has four screens, each showing a double-feature, operates 364 days a year, show times @9:00pm.
  • The Last Drive-In Picture Show in Gatesville
  • The Sandell Drive-In Theater in Clarendon
Opened September 11, 1955, closed in 1984 and reopened in 2002
Reopened. Opened as Starlite in 2005, renamed Litestar but closed the following year





Built in 1971, Drive-In Theatre has a 50'x 100' screen with FM stereo sound and 700 parking stalls. The Drive-in operates from May - mid September.
Open since 1949, family owned, 3 screens, digital sound.
5 screens in operation, 6th screen remains damaged after windstorm.

West Virginia[]

  • Glen Dale Drive-In in Glen Dale (Opened July 8, 1949)
  • Grafton Drive-In in Grafton (Opened July 22, 1949)
  • Hilltop Drive-In in Chester
  • Jungle Drive-In in Parkersburg (Opened May 5, 1953)
  • Meadow Bridge Drive-In in Meadow Bridge
  • Mt. Zion Drive-In in Mount Zion
The snack bar includes 2 pool tables and eating area w/road frontage
Opened August 31, 1947. Includes carports in the front rows and Sunset Diner in front of the theater
  • Warner's Drive-In in Franklin



  • American Dream Drive-In in Powell

Surviving drive-ins in India[]


The largest screen in Asia, can room about 665 cars with more than 6000 people can enjoy watching movie at a time. Started on September 6th 1973, Covered sitting facility attracts people who don't own cars as well..

See also[]

  • Australian Open Drive-in Theatres


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