Collaborationism, as a pejorative term, can describe the treason of cooperating with enemy forces occupying one's country. As such it implies criminal deeds in the service of the occupying power, including complicity with the occupying power in murder, persecutions, pillage, and economic exploitation as well as participation in a puppet government.

During World War I, those accused of collaboration with Allies included Edit

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During World War II, those accused of collaboration with Axis Powers included Edit

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Russian volunteers in the German Air Force

Was equipped with German and captured Soviet aircraft including: Arado Ar 66C, Gotha Go 145C, Polikarpov U-2 VS(Po-2) or Yakovlev Yak UT-2 (AIR-20) between other types for making night land attacks against Red Army lines in Eastern front. Their command HQ was detached in Minsk, Belarus.

  • 1.Ostfl.St.(Russische) (Eastern volunteers Sqdn.) (Minsk)
  • 1/NSGr.1 (Russische) (Kovno)
  • 2/NSGr.1 (Russische) (Kovno)
  • Stab I./Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch.Div. (Russische) (Borisov)
  • Russisch Lehr Fl. Div. (Air Training operative Div). (Borisov)
  • 2/Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch Div. (Russische) (Borisov)
  • 3/Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch.Div. (Russische) (Borisov)
  • 1/Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch.Div. (Russische) (Dubinskaya)

Russian volunteers in Japanese forces

  • Asano Division unit in Kwantung Army
  • Russian Fascist Party Guards
  • Russian Monarquic Party Corps
  • Russian agents at service of Japanese and Manchu secret service in Manchukuo

Russen (Russia) propaganda news

  • Dobrovoletz(Der Freiwillige) - Russian volunteer units
  • Novoye Slovo Official political news of Andrei Vlasov, in Berlin

Loyalty Pledge of Osten (Slavs) volunteers

  • Ostlegionäre der Wehrmacht

"Ich schwöre bei Gott diesen heiligen Eid, dass ich im Kampf gegen die bolschewistischen Feinde meiner Heimat dem Obersten Befehlshaber der Deutschen Wehrmacht, Adolf Hitler, unbedingten Gehorsam leisten und als tapferer Soldat bereit sein will, jederzeit für diesen Eid mein Leben einzusetzen."



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During World War II, those accused of collaboration with Soviets and Allies included Edit


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