This is an incomplete list of common national and ethnic autostereotypes, or what is regarded by many to be the most characteristic trait of their own nation or ethnic group. The list is intended to include mainly those autostereotypes pertaining to cultural traits that are purported to be more or less unique to one's own nation, sometimes to the point of denying outsiders' ability to fully understand the concept in question. Typically, people may claim the term used to describe their (or another) group's “unique” national concept to be “untranslatable”.[original research?]

List of national autostereotypes
Nation or ethnic group Trait
Basques Euskaldun(ak)
English Merry England (rural jolliness)
Finns sisu
Germans Sehnsucht
Japanese (see Nihonjinron)
Koreans han
Malaysians jiwang
Portuguese saudade
Romanians dor

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