Bacon is used as an ingredient and condiment in a number of dishes, including:

Name Image Description
Angels on horseback
Bacon bits 70px a topping made of either bacon or textured vegetable protein
Bacon salt 70px a bacon-flavored seasoning (contains no bacon)
Baconnaise a bacon-flavored mayonnaise spread
Clams casino 70px clam "on the halfshell" with bacon, a dish believed to have originated in Narragansett, Rhode Island
Club sandwich 70px a traditional American sandwich with bacon and turkey
Cobb salad 70px a garden salad that includes bacon, avocado, hard-boiled egg, and roquefort cheese
Bacon Explosion 70px a bacon dish popularized on the internet
Bacon maple donut 70px
Bacon and cabbage
Bacon and egg pie
Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich made w/bacon, eggs, cheese and bread/roll
Bacon Martini 70px
Bacon sandwich 70px
Bacon Vodka 70px
Baconator 70px
BLT sandwich 70px the classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich
Chicken fried bacon 70px a dish from Texas, served with a white gravy or cream sauce
Chocolate covered bacon 70px showing up at state fairs and in gourmet candy bars
Chivito (sandwich) 70px
Cobb salad 70px
Coddle 70px
Fool's Gold Loaf an Elvis favorite
Guanciale 70px
Hangtown fry
Hoppin' John 70px
Hot Brown 70px
Kranjska klobasa 70px
Luther Burger 70px
Mitch Morgan 70px
Oysters en Brochette
Pig Candy
Quiche Lorraine
Samgyeopsal 70px A Korean dish of grilled at your table bacon served with a pepper sauce
Salt pork
Seven-layer salad
Szalonna (bacon)
Slavink 70px
Stegt Flæsk
Turkey bacon