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This is a list of clubs and societies that exist at the Australian university the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) - otherwise referred to as RMIT University in Australia and RMIT International University in Vietnam.


On RMIT's Melbourne City, Bundoora and Brunswick campuses, clubs and societies are funded or managed by the RMIT Link campus union as well as the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU).


Link is separated into two divisions: Arts & Culture and Sports & Recreation. It is a controlled entity under the authority of RMIT's Council.[1]

Arts & CultureEdit

Link manages a number of extra-curricular arts collectives.[2] It also offers workshop and seminars as well as funding for arts initiatives,[3] and runs a free cinema program at the City and Bundoora campuses.[4]

Arts collectives:

Sports & RecreationEdit

Link offers funding to social sports clubs on all of RMIT campuses,[5] and organises community and charity sporting events.[6] It also operates the City campus gym,[7] and co-owns a ski lodge on Mount Buller.[8]

For RMIT's semi-professional sports teams, see: RMIT Redbacks.

Social sports clubs:

Affiliated sports clubs:


RMIT's University Student Union (RUSU) is the independent body representing students enrolled at RMIT.[10] It funds/supports student-run clubs for academic, cultural, political, spiritual and special interests.[11]

Academic clubs/societies:

Cultural clubs/societies:

Political clubs:

Spiritual clubs:

  • Cantonese Gospel Ministry - Cantonese-language Pentecostal Christian students ministry
  • Korean Campus Ministry - Korean-language Evangelical Christian students ministry
  • Multicultural Student Fellowship - network of interdenominational Christian multicultural student clubs across Victorian universities
  • Overseas Christian Fellowship - interdenominational Christian international students club
  • Planet Uni - Pentecostal Christian students ministry affiliated with Planetshakers
  • RMIT Buddhist Society - Buddhist students association
  • RMIT Chinese Methodist Christian Fellowship - Mandarin Chinese-language Methodist Christian student club affiliated with the Chinese Methodist Church in Australia
  • RMIT Christian Union - Evangelical Christian students organisation affiliated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
  • RMIT Islamic Society - Islamic students association
  • RMIT Union of Jewish Students Society - Jewish students organisation affiliated with the Australasian Union of Jewish Students
  • Student Life University Group - Evangelical Christian ministry affiliated with Cru

Special interest clubs:

Non-union based initiatives Edit

In addition to its unions, many of RMIT's colleges and schools run their own student initiatives. The university itself also runs initiatives outside the unions, colleges and schools to foster student leadership and success on a more broad basis.

  • Business Plan Competition - business entrepreneurship competition with a prize of A$100,000 (College of Business)
  • RMIT Golden Key - the RMIT chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society (university-wide)
  • RMIT LEAD - student leadership development through volunteer community programs (university-wide)
  • RMIT SEEDS - student entrepreneurship, education, development in society scheme (College of Business)


Student clubs and societies at RMIT's Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi campuses are supported by the university's Sports and Recreation Team as well as the Student Council (SC).[12]

Sports clubs:

  • Badminton Club
  • Basketball Club (female)
  • Basketball Club (male)
  • Football Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Volleyball Club

Wellness clubs:

  • Aikido Club
  • Chess Club
  • Dance Club
  • Karate Club
  • Music Club

Leisure clubs:

  • Accounting Club
  • BIS Club
  • Business Club
  • Design Club
  • English Club
  • Environment Club
  • Events Club
  • Game Club
  • International Club
  • IT Club
  • Magic Club
  • Photography Club

Community clubs:


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