Listed are all the nations and territories that Michael Palin has traveled to in his journeys as of 2007: Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole, Full Circle, Hemingway Adventure, Sahara, Himalaya, and New Europe. The names of the nations listed are what they were known by at the time Palin visited them, as well as the flags shown.

Place Journey(s) Highlight(s)
22x20px Albania New Europe Visited with Edi Rama, the 2004 World Mayor of the Year, in Tirana
22x20px Algeria Sahara Ventured into the country three times during the journey; one of only three countries (USA and India are the others) that Palin travelled into three times in the same journey
22x20px Antarctica Pole to Pole End of the journey
22x20px Australia Full Circle Appeared in a cameo role in the popular soap Home and Away; finished second in a cow race; held a baby crocodile in his hands
22x20px Austria Around the World in 80 Days Forced to go by coach in Innsbruck to Venice after railway strike
22x20px Bangladesh Himalaya End of the journey; discussed Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, winners of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize
22x20px Bhutan Himalaya Last view of the high Himalayan peaks
22x20px Bolivia Full Circle Freak train derailment upon entry into La Paz
22x20px Bosnia and Herzegovina New Europe Chatted with one of the youths that had a vision of the Virgin Mary at Međugorje
22x20px Bulgaria New Europe Visited with Gypsies in the city of Plovdiv
22x20px Canada Full Circle Flagged down a train near Vancouver, British Columbia; participated in an outdoorsman festival
22x20px Chile Pole to Pole, Full Circle Kissed the toe of an Indian on a statue of Ferdinand Magellan in each of his trips to Punta Arenas
22x20px China Around the World in 80 Days, Full Circle, Himalaya One of only two countries (USA is the other) that Palin visited in three journeys
22x20px Colombia Full Circle Toured an emerald mine
22x20px Croatia New Europe Reunited with the captain of a ship he took from Madras to Singapore in 80 Days
22x20px Cuba Hemingway Adventure Chatted with an old friend of Hemingway's, aged 101
22x20px Cyprus Pole to Pole Attended a wedding; chatted with British military at the base at Akrotiri
22x20px Czech Republic New Europe Attended a social gathering with Taťána Kuchařová, Miss World 2006
22x20px Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) Full Circle Crossed the border in a building in the DMZ
22x20px Egypt Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole Cairo: first city Palin visited twice on his journeys
22x20px Estonia New Europe Receives hirudotherapy treatment in Tallinn
22x20px Ethiopia Pole to Pole Palin arrived right after the overthrowing of Mengistu
22x20px Finland Pole to Pole Relaxed in a sauna outside of Helsinki and sat on Santa Claus' lap on the Arctic Circle
22x20px France Around the World in 80 Days, Hemingway Adventure Where Palin first travelled outside of the UK in 80 Days (Orient Express transfer across the English Channel; discovered the apartment Hemingway lived at in Paris is occupied by another American
22x20px Germany New Europe End of the journey

Visited many cities in the former 22x20px East Germany

22x20px Gibraltar Sahara Start/end of the journey
22x20px Greece Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole First country Palin visited in two journeys
22x20px Greenland Pole to Pole Brief stopover at Nord Base after setting foot on North Pole
22x20px Hong Kong Around the World in 80 Days Palin visited nine years before the transfer of Hong Kong from the UK to China
22x20px Hungary New Europe Participated in a fashion show in Budapest
22x20px India Around the World in 80 Days, Himalaya One of three countries (Algeria and USA are the others) Palin ventured into three times in one journey (Himalaya)

Chatted with an astrologer in Bombay

Was a special guest at a play in a Shimla theater

Interviewed the Dalai Lama

Spent a night in a boat on Dal Lake and saw a hotel in Srinagar that had been bombed right before their arrival

22x20px Indonesia Full Circle Picked tea leaves at a tea plantation
22x20px Italy Around the World in 80 Days, Hemingway Adventure Served as a spazzino, a temporary helper with the Venetian sanitation department; visited a World War I memorial
22x20px Japan Around the World in 80 Days, Full Circle sang in a karaoke bar; visited with Japan's first loyal Monty Python fan and set a personal record for money won in a horse race
22x20px Kenya Pole to Pole, Hemingway Adventure gave his inflatable globe from 80 Days to schoolchildren in the village where he filmed The Missionary and went up in a hot-air balloon while on safari; witnessed a circumcision ceremony of the Maasai tribe
22x20px Latvia New Europe Celebrated the midsummer festival Jāņi and saw the Ventspils telescope not far from Ventspils
22x20px Libya Sahara visited with World War II veterans at a key battle victory at Tobruk
22x20px Liechtenstein Around the World in 80 Days passed through on the Orient Express
22x20px Lithuania New Europe Stayed in the same villa Leonid Brezhnev did at Palanga
22x20px Republic of Macedonia New Europe Sailed on Lake Ohrid
22x20px Malaysia Full Circle Visited an orangutan reserve
22x20px Mali Sahara Visited Toumani Diabate in Bamako; ate with the Dogon people in 134°F temperature
22x20px Mauritania Sahara Encountered participants in the Paris-Dakar rally
22x20px Mexico Full Circle Attended a lucha libre match
22x20px Moldova New Europe Saw a children's play that told of the problem of sex trafficking in the country
22x20px Morocco Sahara Visited a hammam after injuring himself in a soccer game in Tangier
22x20px Myanmar Himalaya Crossed the border with India, which ran right though a Konyak hut Palin was staying in; did callisthenic exercises that spanned the countries
File:Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal Himalaya Trekked up to base camp at Mount Everest
22x20px New Zealand Full Circle Got in the middle of freshman orientation ritual at the University of Otago in Dunedin and later noted he was the only one "...who didn't have shit all over him."
22x20px Niger Sahara Visited the Cure Salee nomadic festival in the town of Ingal
22x20px Norway Pole to Pole Panned for gold in the Karasjoka River
North Pole Pole to Pole Start of the journey
22x20px Pakistan Himalaya Start of the journey

Attended a polo match at the Shandur Pass between teams from Chitral and Gilgit

22x20px Peru Full Circle Traveled the Amazon River
22x20px Philippines Full Circle Judged the Miss Bella Pacifica pageant in Zamboanga; drove his own jeepney
22x20px Poland New Europe Interviewed Solidarity leader Lech Wałęsa

Observed the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau

22x20px Qatar Around the World in 80 Days Drove to the border whilst trying to meet up with the crew in Dubai
22x20px Republic of Korea (South Korea) Full Circle Witnessed a wedding in Seoul
22x20px Romania New Europe Spent a day with lumberjacks in the Maramureş Mountains
22x20px Russia Full Circle, New Europe Sang with the Pacific Fleet Ensemble; attended National Day festivities in 22x20px Kaliningrad
22x20px Saudi Arabia Around the World in 80 Days Drove from Jeddah to Dubai in one weekend
22x20px Senegal Sahara Visited Goree Island, where many slaves had their last sight of Africa
22x20px Serbia New Europe Sailed with a yacht club in Belgrade
22x20px Singapore Around the World in 80 Days Caught a vessel going to Hong Kong in the night
22x20px Slovakia New Europe Visited the Tatra Mountains
22x20px Slovenia New Europe Start of the journey
22x20px South Africa Pole to Pole Palin visited months after apartheid was abolished
22x20px Spain Hemingway Adventure, Sahara Attended the Festival of San Fermin and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona; toured the enclave of Ceuta
22x20px Sudan Pole to Pole Travelled the distance from London to Oxford in 24 hours while travelling from Khartoum to Gedaref
22x20px Switzerland Around the World in 80 Days Passed through on the Orient Express
22x20px Tanzania Pole to Pole, Hemingway Adventure Took the world's oldest ferry from Kigoma down to Mpulungu, Zambia; saw Mount Kilimanjaro
22x20px Tibet Himalaya Toured Potala Palace in Lhasa
22x20px Transnistria New Europe Observed National Day festivities in the capital of Tiraspol
22x20px Tunisia Sahara Revisited the places where he and Monty Python filmed Life of Brian
22x20px Turkey Pole to Pole, New Europe Stayed in Pera Palas, where Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express; stayed at a cave house in Göreme
22x20px Uganda Hemingway Adventure Saw where Hemingway's planes crashed in 1954
22x20px Ukraine New Europe Reunited with a man he met on a train in Pole to Pole
22x20px USSR

(what are now 22x20px Estonia, 22x20px Russia, 22x20px Belarus and 22x20px Ukraine)

Pole to Pole Palin visited right before the collapse of the Soviet Union
22x20px United Arab Emirates Around the World in 80 Days Caught a dhow across the Arabian Sea to Bombay
22x20px United Kingdom Around the World in 80 Days Where Palin began/ended his first journey (Reform Club)
Flag of the United States.svg United States Around the World in 80 Days, Full Circle, Hemingway Adventure Start/end of "Full Circle" and "Hemingway Adventure"

One of only two countries (China is the other) that Palin visited in three journeys

22x20px Vietnam Full Circle Went through the Củ Chi tunnels
22x20px Western Sahara Sahara Met with a member of the Polisario Front
22x20px Zambia Pole to Pole Palin visited right after the ouster of Kenneth Kaunda
22x20px Zimbabwe Pole to Pole Chatted with members of the BBC- the Bulawayo Bowlers Club

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