This is a list of notable human fatalities from aviation incidents. This list does not include victims of disasters who were not famous beyond their involvement in the accident, nor casualties of war.


NameNationalityDeath YearNotabilityFlight/AircraftCause of incident
AaliyahFlag of the United States.svg USA2001entertainer: actress, singer, model & dancerCessna 402Engine Failure [1]
Michael J. AdamsFlag of the United States.svg USA1967aviator: test pilotX-15 Flight 3-65-97aircraft broke up
Adolf II, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe22x20px GER1936royalty: Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe
Davey AllisonFlag of the United States.svg USA1993athlete:NASCAR driverHughes 369 helicopter
Roald Amundsen22x20px NOR1928explorerLatham 47unexplained disappearance
Elsa Andersson22x20px SWE1922aviator
David AngellFlag of the United States.svg USA2001producer for Cheers & FrasierAmerican Airlines Flight 11terrorism
Mel AptFlag of the United States.svg USA1956aviator: test pilotBell X-2 mission
Abdul Salam Arif22x20px IRQ1966politician: President of Iraq
"Ace" Garnet Bailey22x20px CAN2001athlete: NHL player and scoutUnited Airlines Flight 175terrorism
Valentine Baker22x20px GBR1942aviator: World War I flying aceMartin-Baker MB 3
Daniel Balavoine22x20px FRA1986entertainer: singer and songwriter.helicopter
Ganti Mohana Chandra Balayogi22x20px IND2002politician: 12th & 13th Speaker of the Lok Sabha, India
Frederick Banting22x20px CAN1941scientist: co-discovered insulin.
Silvio Barbato22x20px ITA2009musician: conductor and composerAir France Flight 447; Airbus A330
Heinrich Bär22x20px GER1957Test pilot
Bill Barilko22x20px CAN1951athlete: NHL player
René Barrientos22x20px BOL1969politician: President of Bolivia
Charles BassettFlag of the United States.svg USA1966aviator: American Astronaut killed in a routine airplane flight with Elliott See
Tomáš Baťa22x20px TCH1932entrepreneur: founder of Bata Shoes companyJunkers J13 D1608bad weather conditions
Berry Berenson22x20px FRA2001entertainer: actress, photographer, and widow of actor Anthony PerkinsAmerican Airlines Flight 11terrorism
Nick BegichFlag of the United States.svg USA1972politician: US Congressman from Alaska
Derek Bennett22x20px GBR1978racing car designer and founder-owner of Chevron Cars Ltdhang gliding accident
Geoff Bent22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Lauren BessetteFlag of the United States.svg USA1999sister-in-law of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy
Carolyn Bessette-KennedyFlag of the United States.svg USA1999wife of John F. Kennedy Jr.
Brook BerringerFlag of the United States.svg USA1996athlete:Nebraska Cornhuskers college football quarterback
Tony Bettenhausen, Jr.Flag of the United States.svg USA2000racing CART driver/owner
George BeurlingFlag of the United States.svg USA1948aviator: Canadian World War Two ace pilot
Neerja Bhanot22x20px IND1986flight attendant who saved lives during a hijackingPan Am Flight 73
Lin Biao22x20px PRC1971military commander: number two man under Mao Zedongfleeing a coup attempt
Džemal Bijedić22x20px YUG1977politician: Premier of Yugoslaviaa Learjet 25 crash on the Inač mountain due to poor weather conditions
Muhammad bin Laden22x20px SAU1967entrepreneur: father of Osama bin Laden
Salem bin Laden22x20px SAU1988entrepreneur: half-brother of Osama bin Laden
Barthélemy Boganda22x20px CAF1959politician: President of the Central African Republic
Hale BoggsFlag of the United States.svg USA1972politician: US Congressman from Louisiana
Richard BongFlag of the United States.svg USA1945aviator: American World War II fighter ace and test pilot.
Billy Joe BoothFlag of the United States.svg USA1972athlete: Canadian football player for the Ottawa Rough RidersPiper Cherokee thunderstorm
Bruce BorlandFlag of the United States.svg USA1999architect: golf course designer1999 South Dakota Learjet crashHypoxia
Subhash Chandra Bose22x20px IND1945politician: leader of the Indian Congress
Ahmed Ould Bouceif22x20px MRT1979politician: Prime Minister of Mauritania
Michel Breistroff22x20px FRA1996athlete: Ice hockey defenseman for the Ligue MagnusTWA Flight 800 Mid-air explosion
Ron BrownFlag of the United States.svg USA1996politician: US Secretary of Commerce
Milo BurchamFlag of the United States.svg USA1944aviator: a test pilot for Lockheed
William D. ByronFlag of the United States.svg USA1941politician: US Congressman from Maryland
Roger Byrne22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Tomas Cabili22x20px PHL1957politician: Philippine senator1957 Cebu Douglas C-47 crash.
Fanny Cano22x20px MEX1983entertainer: actress collision of Iberia and Aviaco jetliners, Barajas International Airport, Madrid
Guido Cantelli22x20px ITA1956musician: orchestral conductor
Mel CarnahanFlag of the United States.svg USA2000politician: Governor of Missouri
Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark22x20px GRE1937royalty: Princess of Greece and Denmark
Marcel Cerdan22x20px FRA1949athlete: world boxing champion
Bill ChaseFlag of the United States.svg USA1974musician: trumpet player and band leader
Néstor Chávez22x20px VEN1969athlete: MLB player
Jorge Chávez22x20px PER1910aviator
Prince Christoph of Hesse22x20px GER1943royalty: Prince of Hesse
Camilo Cienfuegos22x20px CUB1959military: Cuban revolutionaryCessna 310disappearance
Juan de la Cierva22x20px ESP1936inventor of the autogyro, on a fixed-wing plane
Buddy ClarkFlag of the United States.svg USA1949entertainer: singer
Roberto Clemente22x20px PRI1972athlete: Major League Baseball player
Patsy ClineFlag of the United States.svg USA1963entertainer: country singer
Bessie ColemanFlag of the United States.svg USA1926aviator: first African-American woman pilot
Bob CollinsFlag of the United States.svg USA2000entertainer: WGN (AM) radio personality
George W. CollinsFlag of the United States.svg USA1972politician: US Representative from Illinois
Eddie Colman22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Maurice ConnollyFlag of the United States.svg USA1921politician: former US Congressman from Iowa.
John Cooper22x20px GBR1974athlete: silver medalist at the 1964 Summer OlympicsTurkish Airlines Flight 981
Cowboy CopasFlag of the United States.svg USA1963entertainer: country music singer
Philippe Cousteau22x20px FRA1979oceanographer: son of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Jim CroceFlag of the United States.svg USA1973entertainer: singer
Hansie Cronje22x20px RSA2002athlete: Cricket captain
Scott CrossfieldFlag of the United States.svg USA2006aviator: test pilot
Carlos Cruz22x20px DOM1970athlete: world boxing championDominicana DC-9 air disaster
Tom Curry22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Bronson M. CuttingFlag of the United States.svg USA1935politician: US Senator from New Mexico
Adelino Amaro da Costa22x20px PRT1980politician: Defense minister of Portugal
Marcel Dadi22x20px FRA1996entertainer and musician TWA Flight 800Mid-air explosion
Harold Evans DahlFlag of the United States.svg USA1956aviator during the Spanish Civil WarDC-3 cargo planebad weather
Donny Davies22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Geoffrey de Havilland, Jr.22x20px GBR1946aviator: test pilot
B. H. DeLayFlag of the United States.svg USA1923aviator: stunt pilot, airport owner, aviation school owner
John DenverFlag of the United States.svg USA1997entertainer: singer, songwriter, actor
Alison Des ForgesFlag of the United States.svg USA2009investigator of human rights and an expert on the Rwandan genocideColgan Air Flight 3407[2]
José Dolhem22x20px FRA1988race car driver
Georg Donatus22x20px GER1937royalty: Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse
Jessica DubroffFlag of the United States.svg USA1996aviator: 7-year-old aspiring pilot
Amelia EarhartFlag of the United States.svg USA1937aviator: pioneer woman pilotunknown
Beverly EckertFlag of the United States.svg USA2009activist: co-chair of the 9/11 Family Steering CommitteeColgan Air Flight 3407[2]terrorism
Duncan Edwards22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Glen EdwardsFlag of the United States.svg USA1948aviator: test pilot, namesake of Edwards AFBNorthrop YB-49 Flying Wing
Richard E. EllsworthFlag of the United States.svg USA1953aviator: US Air Force Brigadier General
Eugene ElyFlag of the United States.svg USA1911aviator: pioneer pilot in American naval aviation
Robert Henry EnglishFlag of the United States.svg USA1943military: Rear-Admiral, Commander, Submarines, U.S. Pacific FleetPan Am Flight 1104
Harald Ertl22x20px AUT1982race car driver of Formula One cars and a motoring journalist
Philip Don EstridgeFlag of the United States.svg USA1985project manager for IBM PCDelta Air Lines Flight 191[3]
Graydon EvansFlag of the United States.svg USA1943aviator: test pilot for Consolidated Aircraft Corporation
Igor Farkhutdinov22x20px RUS2003politician: governor of Sakhalin
Manuel J. "Pete" FernandezFlag of the United States.svg USA1980aviator: ace pilot in the Korean War
Ron Flockhart22x20px GBR1962race car driver: 24 Hours of Le Mans winner
James Stephen FossettFlag of the United States.svg USA2007entrepreneur: commodities tradercrashed in California's Sierra Nevada mountains
Jimmy FranklinFlag of the United States.svg USA2005aviator: aerobatic pilotcollision with Bobby Younkin
Reinhard Furrer22x20px GER2005scientist and astronaut
Yuri Gagarin22x20px URS1968cosmonaut: the first man in spaceMiG 15UTI
Steve GainesFlag of the United States.svg USA1977guitarist for Lynyrd SkynyrdConvair Metropolitan
Cassie GainesFlag of the United States.svg USA1977singer for The Honkettes, backup singer for Lynyrd SkynyrdConvair Metropolitan
Sanjay Gandhi22x20px IND1980son of Indira Gandhi
Matthew GannonFlag of the United States.svg USA1988investigator: CIA OfficerPan Am Flight 103
John Garang22x20px SUD2005politician: Vice President of Sudan
Carlos Gardel22x20px ARG1935singer
Tom GastallFlag of the United States.svg USA1956athlete: Major League Baseball player
Harold GeigerFlag of the United States.svg USA1927Army Major, aviation pioneer, namesake of Geiger Field
Bruce GellerFlag of the United States.svg USA1978producer and creator of Mission: Impossible
Prince George, Duke of Kent22x20px GBR1942royality: Duke of Kent
Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai22x20px AFG1997politician: prime minister of the anti-Taliban government
Stasys Girėnas22x20px LIT1933aviator
Rolls Gracie22x20px BRA1982athlete: practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuhang gliding accident
Bill GrahamFlag of the United States.svg USA1991rock concert promoter
Richard E. GrayFlag of the United States.svg USA1982aviator: test pilot
Keith GreenFlag of the United States.svg USA1982entertainer: contemporary Christian musician
Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten22x20px SWE1947royalty: Duke of Västerbotten
Werner Haas22x20px GER1956Cyclist
Juvénal Habyarimana22x20px RWA1994politician: President of RwandaAssassination of Habyarimana and Ntaryamira
A. P. HamannFlag of the United States.svg USA1977City Manager of San Jose, CaliforniaTenerife disaster
Dag Hammarskjöld22x20px SWE1961Secretary-General of the United Nations
Wal L. Handley22x20px GBR1941racer of motorcycles
Jim HardinFlag of the United States.svg USA1991athlete: Major League Baseball player
Matthew Harding22x20px GBR1996Vice-Chairman of Chelsea Football Cluba helicopter
Harry Hawker22x20px AUS1921aviator: pioneer and co-founder of Hawker Aircraft
Hawkshaw HawkinsFlag of the United States.svg USA1963entertainer: country music singer
John HeinzFlag of the United States.svg USA1991politician:US Senator from Pennsylvania
Mack HellingsFlag of the United States.svg USA1951racing driver
Bert Hinkler22x20px AUS1933aviator
Steve Hislop22x20px GBR2003racer: Isle of Man TT winner
Tommy Hitchcock, Jr.Flag of the United States.svg USA1944athlete: polo player
Al HolbertFlag of the United States.svg USA1988racer: 24 Hours of Le Mans winner
Buddy HollyFlag of the United States.svg USA1959singerBeechcraft Bonanza
Ken HubbsFlag of the United States.svg USA1964Major League Baseball player
Gary HublerFlag of the United States.svg USA2007American aviator, aircraft racer Collision with another plane during the Reno Air Races
Dorothy HuntFlag of the United States.svg USA1972wife of E. Howard HuntUnited Airlines Flight 553
Jorge Ibargüengoitia22x20px MEX1983novelist and playwrightAvianca Flight 011
Pedro Infante22x20px MEX1957Mexican singer and actor
Anna Jantar22x20px POL1980Polish singeron board LOT Polish Airlines Flight 007
Jayan22x20px IND1980Malayalam film actor accident whilst performing a film stunt.
Martin JohnsonFlag of the United States.svg USA1937adventurer and film producer
Mark Jones22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
William KapellFlag of the United States.svg USA1953American classical pianist
William Kirk KaynorFlag of the United States.svg USA1929US Congressman from Massachusetts
John F. Kennedy, Jr.Flag of the United States.svg USA 1999son of John F. Kennedy
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.Flag of the United States.svg USA1944older brother of John F. Kennedy
Kathleen Agnes Kennedy CavendishFlag of the United States.svg USA1948younger sister of John F. Kennedy
Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr.Flag of the United States.svg USA1958Korean War ace pilot and test pilot
Charles Kingsford Smith22x20px AUS1935Australian air pioneer
Nile KinnickFlag of the United States.svg USA1943American football player
Giannos Kranidiotis22x20px GRE1999Greek diplomat and politician.
Alan KulwickiFlag of the United States.svg USA1993NASCAR driver
Joseph LaMottaFlag of the United States.svg USA1988noted chef, son of Jake LaMottaSwissair Flight 111
Raymonde de Laroche22x20px FRA1919first woman to earn a pilot's license
Guadalupe Larriva22x20px ECU2007Defence minster of Ecuador
Alexander Lebed22x20px RUS2002Russian politician, governor of Krasnoyarsk
Mickey LelandFlag of the United States.svg USA1989US Congressman from Texas
Tony LemaFlag of the United States.svg USA1966champion golfer
Jim LeRoyFlag of the United States.svg USA2007Stunt Performer Bulldog Airshows
Daniel LewinFlag of the United States.svg USA2001Founder and CTO of AkamaiAmerican Airlines Flight 11
Cory LidleFlag of the United States.svg USA2006Major League Baseball player2006 New York City plane crash
Otto Lilienthal22x20px GER1896German glider pioneer
Arvid Lindman22x20px SWE1936Prime Minister of Sweden
Jerry LittonFlag of the United States.svg USA1976U.S. Representative from Missouri
Ormer LocklearFlag of the United States.svg USA1920aerobatic and stunt performer during filming of The Skywayman.
Alfred Lowenstein22x20px BEL1928Belgian entrepreneur and financier Disappearance over the English Channel
Carole LombardFlag of the United States.svg USA1942actress
Ernest LundeenFlag of the United States.svg USA1940US Senator from Minnesota
Pam LychnerFlag of the United States.svg USA1996real estate agent & sex offender activistTWA Flight 800Mid-air explosion
Nancy LynnFlag of the United States.svg USA2006aerobatic pilot and flight instructor
Mohammadu Maccido22x20px NGA2006The 19th Sultan of SokotoADC Airlines Flight 53
Samora Machel22x20px MOZ1986President of Mozambique
Ramón Magsaysay22x20px PHL1957president of the PhilippinesPresidential plane crash: "Mt. Pinatubo"
Jonathan MannFlag of the United States.svg USA1998AIDS researcher and WHO officialSwissair Flight 111
Paul MantzFlag of the United States.svg USA1965racing and stunt pilot during filming of The Flight of the Phoenix
Rocky MarcianoFlag of the United States.svg USA1969former world boxing champion
Dean Paul MartinFlag of the United States.svg USA1987actor, singer and son of Dean Martin
Eduardo Mata22x20px MEX1995Mexican orchestra conductor and composer.
Joseph C. McConnellFlag of the United States.svg USA1954Korean War ace pilot
Larry McDonaldFlag of the United States.svg USA1983 American CongressmanKorean Air Lines Flight 007
Colin McRae22x20px GBR2007Scottish rally driver[4]
Alan P. MerriamFlag of the United States.svg USA1980ethnomusicologistLOT Polish Airlines Flight 007
Eve MeyerFlag of the United States.svg USA1977Actress, Playboy Centerfold June 1955Pan Am Flight 1736 in the Tenerife disaster
George S. MickelsonFlag of the United States.svg USA1993Governor of South Dakota
Glenn MillerFlag of the United States.svg USA1944Big Band leader
John Purroy MitchellFlag of the United States.svg USA1918 former Mayor of New York City
William A. MoffettFlag of the United States.svg USA1933US Navy admiralin crash of airship USS Akron
Grace MooreFlag of the United States.svg USA1947opera singer
Paul Morgan22x20px GBR2001British race car engineer and co-founder of Ilmor Engineering
de Lesseps Story MorrisonFlag of the United States.svg USA1964former Mayor of New Orleans
Vic MorrowFlag of the United States.svg USA1982actor
Edward MossFlag of the United States.svg USA1964 aide of senator Ted Kennedy
Juan Camilo Mouriño22x20px MEX2008Mexican Secretary of the Interior (Mexico)private jet
Kuniko Mukoda22x20px JPN1981Japanese writer, mainly television dramaFar Eastern Air Transport Flight 103
Thurman MunsonFlag of the United States.svg USA1979Major League Baseball player
Audie MurphyFlag of the United States.svg USA1971Medal of Honor Recipient and Actor
Ricky NelsonFlag of the United States.svg USA1985actor and singer
Ginette Neveu22x20px FRA1949French classical violinist
Grant Notley22x20px CAN1984politician: leader of the opposition in Alberta
Cyprien Ntaryamira22x20px BDI1994President of Burundi His plane was shot down by rebels.
Donald NutterFlag of the United States.svg USA1962Governor of Montana
Rafael Osuna22x20px MEX1969Mexican tennis player
Renny Ottolina22x20px VEN1978Venezuelan TV producer and entertainer
Carlos Pace22x20px BRA1977Formula One driver
David Pegg22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Jerry PettisFlag of the United States.svg USA1975Representative from California
Lionel Poilâne22x20px FRA2002French baker and entrepreneur
Wiley PostFlag of the United States.svg USA1935aviation pioneer
Gary PowersFlag of the United States.svg USA1977American spy-plane pilot
David Purley22x20px GBR1985Formula One driver
Harald Quandt22x20px GER1967German industrialistHis aircraft crashed in Italy
Edson Queiroz22x20px BRA1982Brazilian entrepreneurVASP Flight 168
Harriet QuimbyFlag of the United States.svg USA1912first licensed female pilot in the U.S.
Lotario Rangoni22x20px ITA1942Italian racing driver
Otis ReddingFlag of the United States.svg USA1967singer
Jim ReevesFlag of the United States.svg USA1964country music singer
Bo ReinFlag of the United States.svg USA1980LSU Tigers college football coach
Lance ReventlowFlag of the United States.svg USA1972entrepreneur and racecar driver
Randy RhoadsFlag of the United States.svg USA1982Guitarist with Ozzy Osbourne
J. P. "The Big Bopper" RichardsonFlag of the United States.svg USA1959singer, songwriter, disc jockeyBeechcraft Bonanza
Jack RidleyFlag of the United States.svg USA1957test pilot
Knute Rockne22x20px NOR1931Notre Dame Fighting Irish football coachTWA Flight 599
Stan Rogers22x20px CAN1983Canadian singerAir Canada Flight 797
Will RogersFlag of the United States.svg USA1935actor, humorist, singer
Jaime Roldós Aguilera22x20px ECU1981President of Ecuador
Charles Rolls22x20px GBR1910Co-Founder of Rolls-Royce MotorsWright Flyertail broke off of aircraft
Hillevi Rombin22x20px SWE1996Miss Universe 1955, national decathlonprivate planeengine failure
Edvard Rusjan22x20px SVN1911first Slovene aviator, aircraft constructor
Thierry Sabine22x20px FRA1986Paris-Dakar rally founder.
Francisco Sá Carneiro22x20px PRT1980Prime Minister of Portugal
Kyu Sakamoto22x20px JPN1985Japanese singerJapan Airlines Flight 123
Pablo Santos22x20px MEX2006Mexican actor
Madhavrao Scindia22x20px IND2001Indian politician
Eddie August SchneiderFlag of the United States.svg USA1940transcontinental record holder
Art SchollFlag of the United States.svg USA1986aerobatic and stunt performerduring filming of Top Gun.
Philippa SchuylerFlag of the United States.svg USA1967American musician
Elliott SeeFlag of the United States.svg USA1966American Astronaut routine airplane flight with Charles Bassett
Antoine de Saint Exupéry22x20px FRA1944french writer
Thomas SelfridgeFlag of the United States.svg USA1908first military pilot to die in related crash, namesake of Selfridge Field
Wilbur ShawFlag of the United States.svg USA1954three-time Indianapolis 500 winner
Shin Ki-ha22x20px KOR1997four term lawmaker and parliamentary leaderKorean Air Flight 801[5][6]
Larry ShueFlag of the United States.svg USA1985playwright
Władysław Sikorski22x20px POL1943Prime Minister of Poland
Larkin I. SmithFlag of the United States.svg USA1989American Congressman from Mississippi
Samantha SmithFlag of the United States.svg USA1985young activistBar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808
Robert SmithsonFlag of the United States.svg USA1973Land art artist
Earl SnellFlag of the United States.svg USA1947Governor of Oregon
Soundarya22x20px IND2004Kollywood (Tamil) actress
Payne StewartFlag of the United States.svg USA1999champion golfer1999 South Dakota Learjet crashHypoxia
Graeme "Shirley" Strachan22x20px AUS2001singer, Skyhooks
Jud StrunkFlag of the United States.svg USA1981singer, songwriter, comedian
Thaddeus C. SweetFlag of the United States.svg USA1928U.S. Congressman from New York.An Army observation plane
Frank Swift22x20px GBR1958goalkeeper, Manchester City and England, journalistMunich air disaster
Frank TallmanFlag of the United States.svg USA1978stuntman
Tommy Taylor22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Ganapathi Thanikaimoni22x20px IND1986PalynologistPan Am Flight 73
Jacques Thibaud22x20px FRA1953French classical violinist
Lord Thomson22x20px GBR1930British Secretary of State for AirR101 disaster
June Thorburn22x20px GBR1967English actress
Melanie ThorntonFlag of the United States.svg USA2001singer, member of La BoucheCrossair Flight 3597
Mike ToddFlag of the United States.svg USA1958film producer
Fritz Todt22x20px GER1942German Nazi official
Rick TolleyFlag of the United States.svg USA1970Marshall University football head coach
Peter TomarkenFlag of the United States.svg USA2006former game show host, Press Your Luck
Omar Torrijos22x20px PAN1981Leader of the Panamanian Revolution (President)
John TowerFlag of the United States.svg USA1991former US Senator from Texas
Boris Trajkovski22x20px MKD2004President of Macedonia
Curtis TurnerFlag of the United States.svg USA1970NASCAR driver
Charles Ulm22x20px AUS1934Australian air pioneer, made the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia
Ritchie ValensFlag of the United States.svg USA1959singerBeechcraft Bonanza
Nick VanosFlag of the United States.svg USA1987NBA player for the Phoenix SunsNorthwest Airlines Flight 255
Ronnie Van ZantFlag of the United States.svg USA1977Vocalist of Lynyrd SkynyrdConvair Metropolitan
Stevie Ray VaughanFlag of the United States.svg USA1990guitarist and singer
Lothar von RichthofenFlag of the United States.svg USA1922German World War One ace pilot
Joseph A. WalkerFlag of the United States.svg USA1966test pilot
John T. WaltonFlag of the United States.svg USA2005son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Waltonexperimental aircraft
George WelchFlag of the United States.svg USA1954 American World War II Pearl Harbor and test pilotF-100 Super Sabre fighterdemonstration flight
Paul WellstoneFlag of the United States.svg USA2002US Senator from Minnesota
Liam "Billy" Whelan22x20px GBR1958footballer, Manchester UtdMunich air disaster
Prince William of Gloucester22x20px GBR1972Prince of Gloucester
Ernest Willows22x20px GBR1926Welsh airship pioneer
Orde Wingate22x20px GBR1944soldier and founder of the Chindits
Steve WittmanFlag of the United States.svg USA1995Aircraft designer and builder and air-race pilot
Donald YenkoFlag of the United States.svg USA1987Ex-racecar driver and owner/founder of Yenko Chevrolet landing error
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq22x20px PAK1988President of Pakistan

Sports teamsEdit

TeamDeath YearDescription of teamFlight/Cause of Death
Apex Motorsport20085 people including Richard Lloyd, & David Leslie, plus a newly recruited data engineer.2008 Farnborough plane crash
Cuban national fencing team1976all team, trainers and the coachCubana Flight 455
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo196016 members of the American football team and six others
Czechoslovak national ice hockey team1949 6 players of the teamCrash in the English Channel
Embassy Hill1975 5 people including personnel, team owner, racing driver and former F1 world champion Graham Hill, driver Tony Brise and designer Andy Smallman.
University of Evansville basketball team197729 players, staff and fans
Hendrick Motorsports200410 people associated with the team, including family, team crew, and pilots 2004 Martinsville plane crash
Iowa State University cross country women's team19857 people associated with the team, including 3 runners, 3 coaches/staff, and pilotsreturning from finishing 2nd place in the NCAA championships
A.C. Torino194918 players, club officials, and journalistsSuperga air disaster
Manchester United195823 players, staff and associatesMunich air disaster
Marshall University football team197035 players, eight coaches, and 25 boostersSouthern Airways Flight 932
Oklahoma State University2001 ten people associated with men's basketball team (including two players)
FC Pakhtakor Tashkent197917 playersin the air above Dniprodzerzhynsk.
Puerto Rico national women's volleyball team1970most members of the team
Saskatchewan Roughriders1956five players returning from VancouverTrans-Canada Airways TCA810
Stella Maris College rugby union team197224 of 40 team membersUruguayan Air Force Flight 571
Suriname professional football team1989fourteen playersnSurinam Airways Flight PY764
Uruguay's rugby union team197224 of 40 team membersAndes flight disaster
U.S. Olympic boxing team1980 all team members except for Bobby Czyz, Marvis Frazier and Lee Roy MurphyLOT Polish Airlines Flight 007
USAC officials1978 8 lead officials
U.S. Figure Skating team1961all 18 skaters, coaches, and judgesSabena Flight 548
Wichita State University football team197031 players, coaches and supportersWichita State University football team plane crash
Zambia national football team1993All 18 footballers, including Efford Chabala and Wisdom Mumba ChansaGabon air disaster

Musical groupsEdit

NameNationalityDeath YearDescription of MembersFlight/Cause of Death
Bar-KaysFlag of the United States.svg USA1967All members, including Ronnie Caldwell and Phalon Jones, but two killed with Otis Redding
Lynyrd SkynyrdFlag of the United States.svg USA19773 musiciansConvair 240 N55VM crash
Mamonas Assassinas22x20px BRA1996All members killed
Passion Fruit22x20px GER2001All but one of the 2nd line-upCrossair Flight 3597

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