See also List of fictional beverages.

Food and drink[]

Store-brought food and drink[]


Pet food[]

Nutritional supplements[]

thumb|right|Vitameatavegamin "for health"

Hair, hygiene, and beauty products[]

Clothing lines/brands[]

Household products[]

Petroleum products[]



  • Bitsumishi - Drake & Josh
  • Bosonanic - Panasonic knock off, "Tokyo Highway Challenge" (Dreamcast video game)
  • Chandelier-Mo-Stat - Like a themostat but it adjsts the brightness of the chandlier, Futurama
  • Dethphone - Brand of cell phone's endorsed by Dethklok, nightime minutes start at 11pm. "I really hate's it!" Metalocalypse
  • Gravistat - a wall-mounted device used to adjust gravity level, Futurama
  • GameSlave - a handheld gaming console, Invader Zim
  • The Garry Coleman Grill/MP3 Player, Drake & Josh
  • Geo, Ipod style MP3 player, Drake & Josh
  • Hosaka - brand of cyberdecks and other computer gear in Neuromancer
  • L-17 Manmangler bomb - American Dad
  • Magnexecutioner - Futurama
  • Magnetbox, knockoff TV brand The Simpsons
  • Nishi - brand of electronics, The Big Hit
  • Okama Gamesphere - South Park's version of the Nintendo Gamecube (Season 5, Towelie's 1st episode)
  • Ono-Sendai - brand of cyberdecks and other computer gear in Neuromancer
  • Panaphonics, knockoff TV brand The Simpsons
  • Satsubishi - Various Electronic Devices, Mama's Family
  • Sonya - Speakers used in Planet Amazonia Futurama
  • Sorny, Sony knockoff TV brand The Simpsons
  • Stop'N'Drop - Suicide booth Futurama
  • Suck-O-Matic - Huge driveable vacuum cleaner Rocko's Modern Life
  • Try-Hard 1-11 pacemaker battery - "Picks up where your heart left off." Saturday Night Live
  • Willard - personal organizer, knockoff of the Wizard brand - Seinfeld 9th season episode "The Wizard"
  • ALTIMIT, OS brand .hack

Other products[]

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