This list encompasses fictional characters with the paranormal or superhuman ability to either passively or actively manipulate probability.

For this list:

  • Character is the name of the character.
  • Media refers to the type of media in which the character first appears. It also includes media where the character later saw substantial use. These are in publication order.
  • Source is the primary work(s) featuring the character. For characters from anime or manga, the overall series is listed instead of the various sub-series (example:Dragon Ball instead of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT) This information is also listed in publication order.
  • Origin is a brief definition of the character's power, such as "Inherent", "Mutant", "Magic", etc. A note field expanding on this can be included under the character's listing.

Character Media Source Origin
Amos FortuneComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Aornis HadesNovelsThursday Next SeriesInherent
Black CatComic books, animationMarvel ComicsLatent Mutant/Induced
Calamity KingComic booksDC ComicsInherent
DominoComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Fortune (Helena Dolph Jackson)Video GameMetal Gear Solid 2 Inherent
HazardComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Tewi InabaVideo GamesTouhou ProjectInherent
Kunogi, HimawariManga, animexxxHolicInherent
Bad luck only, most often against her will.
JinxComic books, animationDC Comics
John ConstantineComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Johnny ThunderComic booksDC ComicsMagic
LongshotComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Lucky Girl (Gwen Tennyson)Animation Ben 10Magic
Major DisasterComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Mat CauthonNovelsThe Wheel of TimeInherent
Mihoshi Kuramitsu (九羅密 美星?)AnimeTenchi Muyo!Inherent
Mitoto KuramitsuAnimeTenchi Muyo!Inherent
Proffit, DarrinComic booksDC ComicsInherent
RouletteComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Sakuraba, Milfeulle (ミルフィーユ 桜葉?)Manga, anime, video gamesGalaxy AngelInherent
Scarlet WitchComic books, animationMarvel ComicsMutant
ShamrockComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant

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