This list encompasses fictional characters with the supernatural, paranormal or superhuman ability to produce and/or manipulate ionizing radiation.

For this list Media refers to where the character was first created for. It also includes media where the character later saw substantial use. These are in publication order.

Publishers are the companies that actually published or produced the primary works featuring the character. This is used for characters from Western style sources. For characters from anime or manga the Series the character is associated with is given instead. In the cases of a series, the overall series is listed instead of the various sub-series. (Example: Dragon Ball instead of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT.) This information is also listed in publication order.

Source is a brief definition of the character's power, such as "Inherent", "Mutant", "Magic", etc. A note field expanding on this can be included under the character's listing.

Character Media Publisher(s)/Series Source
Captain AtomComic booksCharlton Comics, later DC ComicsInherent
Captain PollutionAnimationCaptain Planet and the PlaneteersInherent
Dark SamusVideo gamesMetroid
Doctor PhosphorusComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Duke Nukem AnimationCaptain Planet and the Planeteers
FirehawkComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein)Comic booksDC ComicsInherent
Firestorm (Jason Rusch)Comic booksDC ComicsInherent
GalactusComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
GodzillaGodzilla moviesTohoInherent/Mutation
Lady QuarkComic booksDC Comics
Metroid PrimeVideo gamesMetroid
Missing LinkComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Negative ManComic booksDC ComicsInherent
NeutronComic booksDC ComicsInherent
NukeComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
NukloComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Petrelli, PeterTelevisionHeroesDuplicated
PlasmusComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Powers, Derek (Blight)AnimationBatman BeyondMutate/Metahuman
Radioactive ManAnimation, comic booksThe Simpsons, Bongo ComicsInherent
Radioactive ManComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Red HulkComic BooksMarvel ComicsMutate
Red StarAnimationDC ComicsMutate
Sprague, TedTelevisionHeroesInherent
SylarTelevisionHeroesStolen ability
Reiuji, Utsuho (霊烏路 空?)Video gamesTouhou Project
X-RayComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent

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