This list encompasses fictional characters with the supernatural, paranormal or superhuman ability to manipulate or freely move through time.

For this list Media refers to where the character was first created for. It also includes media where the character later saw substantial use. These are in publication order.

Publishers are the companies that actually published or produced the primary works featuring the character. This is used for characters from Western style sources. For characters from anime or manga the Series the character is associated with is given instead. In the cases of a series, the overall series is listed instead of the various sub-series. (Example: Dragon Ball instead of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT.) This information is also listed in publication order.

Source is a brief definition of the character's power, such as "Inherent", "Mutant", "Magic", etc. A note field expanding on this can be included under the character's listing.

Character Media Publisher(s)/Series Source
AeonVideo gamesCastlevaniaInherent
Allie KeysMiniseriesTakenInherent
AmaterasuVideo GamesOkamiMagic (Divine Mist technique)
Amber (アンバー?)Anime, mangaDarker Than BlackInherent
Amelia WeatherlyComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
AngelicaTelevisionSky DancersMagic
Arthur PetrelliTelevisionHeroesAbsorbed
Baraggan Luisenbarn (バラガン・ルイゼンバーン?)Manga, animeBleachInherent
Beckett, SamTelevisionQuantum LeapTechonology
Sam controls his time-traveling subconsciously.
Belldandy (ベルダンディー?)Manga, AnimeAh My GoddessDivine
By combining her powers with those of her sisters, Skuld and Urd, she can travel through time.
Black BeetleComic booksDC ComicsThe scarab
Black FlashComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Brando, Dio (ディオ・ブランドー?)Manga, animeJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
Brown, Emmett FilmBack to the FutureTime Machine
Celebi (セレビィ?)Video games, anime, mangaPokémonInherent
Chao LingshenManga, animeNegima!: Magister Negi MagiTechnology/Magic
ChronosComic booksDC Comics
Chronos (Incarnations Of Immortality)NovelsIncarnations of ImmortalityOffice
ClankVideo GamesRatchet & ClankTechnology, Inherent
Clock KingComic books, Television, AnimationDC ComicsTechnology
ClockworkTelevisionDanny PhantomInherent
Colonel NextNovelsThursday Next series
CronoVideo gameChrono TriggerTechnology
Dark AngelComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Davies, RichardTelevisionTru CallingInherent
Richard possesses the power to relive the days.
Davies, TruTelevisionTru CallingInherent
Tru possesses the power to relive the current day when a corpse asks for her help.
Darko, DonnieFilmDonnie Darko
Dialga (ディアルガ?)Video games, anime, mangaPokémonInherent
Diavolo MangaJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
DoctorsComic booksWildstormMagic
The DoctorTelevisionDoctor WhoTARDIS
DustanFilmPrince of Persia: The Sands of TimeMagic
DoopComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
EonAnimationBen 10Inhernet
EternalsNovelsThe End of EternityTechnology
Fitzroy, TrevorComicsMarvel ComicsMutant
FlashbackComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
GlorithComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Granger, HermioneMovie/BookHarry Potter Magic Technology
GuldoAnime, mangaDragon BallInherent
Hall, HankComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Halliwell, PatriciaTelevisionCharmedMagic
Later retconned as "molecular immobilization" and not strictly time manipulation.
Halliwell, PiperTelevisionCharmedMagic
Later retconned as "molecular immobilization" and not strictly time manipulation.
HarbingerComic booksDC comicsOrb
Harper, JackTelevisionTru CallingInherent
Jack possesses the power to relive the days.
HourmanComic booksDC ComicsInherent
ImmortusComic booksMarvel Comics
Infinite ManComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Lord JaggedNovelsThe Dancers at the End of TimeInherent/Technology
Jenkins, BillieTelevisionCharmedMagic
Her second power, projection, allows her to time travel.
Inoue, Orihime (井上 織姫?)Manga, animeBleachInherent
Izayoi, Sakuya (十六夜 咲夜?)Video gamesTouhou Project
Keene, KevinAnimationCaptain N: The Game Master
Kinomoto, SakuraManga, animationCardcaptor SakuraMagic
Kid QuantumComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Kid ZoomComic books DC ComicsInherent
KratosVideo gamesGod of War Magic
Kakeru HaseManga Psycho BustersEsper
Krone, AidenVideo games TimeShiftTechnology, Alpha Suit
KorvacComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
KronosComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
KyokoMangaTime Stranger KyokoMagic
Kujo, Jotaro (空条 承太郎?)Manga, animeJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
LacunaComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Lamperouge, RoloManga, animeCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2Given (Geass)
Stops the perception of time of individuals and not strictly time manipulation.
LavosVideo gamesChrono TriggerNatural
LegionComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Link (リンク?)Video gamesThe Legend of ZeldaMagical instruments
Luxord (ルクソード?)Video gamesKingdom HeartsInherent
MagikComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
MekaniqueComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Mephiles the DarkVideo gamesSonic the HedgehogInherent
McVicar, IanComic booksEspersPsychic
Meister, Sichte (ズィヒテ・マイスター?)Video gamesRosenkreuzstiletteMagic
MetronComic booksDC ComicsMobius Chair
Mikuru AsahinaAnime, mangaThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaTechnology
Miranda LottoAnime, MangaD.Gray-manInnocence
MinaxVideo gamesUltima
Nakamura, HiroTelevisionHeroesInherent
NayruVideo gamesThe Legend of ZeldaDivine
NimrodComic booksMarvel ComicsTechnology
Nixon, KidenComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
OrvusVideo GamesRatchet & ClankInherent
ParadoxAnimationBen 10Inherent
PastmasterAnimationSWAT Kats: The Radical SquadronMagic
PrinceVideo gamesPrince of PersiaMagical instruments
Petrelli, PeterTelevisionHeroesAbsorbed
Pucci, EnricoMangaJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
QTelevisionStar TrekInherent
Reku, RectyAnimeHeroic Age (anime)Nodos
Renko, NateVideo gameSingularity (video game)Technology
The ReturnAnimeCardcaptor SakuraMagic
Ringo RoadagainMangaJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
SahjhanTelevision The BuffyverseMagic
Sailor Pluto (冥王せつな?)Manga, animeSailor MoonMagic
SangparkManga, animeBobobo-bo Bo-boboMagic
Shadow the Hedgehog (シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ?)Video gamesSonic the Hedgehog Inherent, Magnified by the Chaos Emeralds "chaos control"
Silver the HedgehogVideo gamesSonic the HedgehogChaos Emeralds "chaos control"
Skuld (スクルド?)Manga, AnimeAh My GoddessDivine
By combining her powers with those of her sisters, Belldandy and Urd, she can travel through time.
SolarComic booksValiant ComicsInherent
Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ?)Video gamesSonic the Hedgehog Chaos Emeralds "chaos control / Time Signs (on Little Planet)"
SpeedwarpCartoonStatic Shock Technology
Spyro the Dragon Video gamesThe Legend of Spyro Inherent
Stiles, DerekVideo GamesTrauma CenterInherent
SubaruAnime, mangaFushigi YugiMagic
SwayComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
TavenVideo gamesMortal KombatInherent
TempoComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
TimVideo gamesBraidInherent
The TimeAnimeCardcaptor SakuraMagic
Time CommanderComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Time LordsTelevisionDoctor WhoTime Machine
Time SkipAnimationLoonatics UnleashedGenetically enhanced
The Time TravellerNovelsThe Time MachineTechnology
Time TrapperComic booksDC ComicsInherent
TimeshadowComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
TimeslipComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
TimewalkerComic booksValiant ComicsInherent
Time-ZoneComic books, animated televisión seriesMilestone ComicsBang Babie
TrinityComic booksDC comicsInherent
True BrujahRole PlayingWhite WolfInherent
Tryp, DamianComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Turner, ColeTelevisionCharmedMagic
Urd (ウルド?)Manga, AnimeAh My GoddessDivine
By combining her powers with those of her sisters, Skuld and Belldandy, she can travel through time.
Vector PrimeAnimeTransformersInherent
Viewtiful JoeVideo gamesViewtiful JoeMachine
VikiVideo gamesSuikodenRune
VoodooComic booksWildstormInherent
VulcanComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
WaveriderComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Warren, MelindaTelevisionCharmedMagic
Wilhelm (ヴィルヘルム?)Video gamesXenosaga
Wyatt, LeoTelevisionCharmedMagic
Yoshikage, KiraMangaJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
Kira acquires the ability to "rewind" time by an hour near the end of the story.
Yuuko IchiharaManga, AnimexxxHOLiCMagic
ZoniVideo GamesRatchet & ClankInherent
ZoomComic booksDC ComicsInherent

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