This list encompasses fictional characters with greater-than-human strength.

Media refers to where the character was first created for. It also includes media where the character later saw substantial use. These are in publication order.

Publishers are the companies that actually published or produced the primary works featuring the character. This is used for characters from Western style sources. For characters from anime or manga the Series the character is associated with is given instead. In the cases of a series, the overall series is listed instead of the various sub-series (example: Dragon Ball instead of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT). This information is also listed in publication order.

Source is a brief definition of the character's power, such as "Inherent", "Elemental", "Mutant", "Magic", etc. A note field expanding on this can be included under the character's listing.

Character Media Publisher(s)/Series Source
3-D ManComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
AbominationComic BooksMarvel ComicsMutate
AdamTelevisionThe BuffyverseInherent
AgentsMovieThe MatrixInherent
Albert WeskerVideo GameResident EvilG-Virus
Strength heightened due to the effects of a virus injected into him.
Albrecht KriegerComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Alphonse ElricAnime, mangaFullmetal AlchemistArmor
AmazonsComic BooksDC ComicsDivine
Amelia WeatherlyComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
AndroidsAnime, mangaDragon BallInherent
Angstrom LevyComic booksImage ComicsInherent
Ann O'BrienComic booksDark Horse ComicsInherent
ApolloComic booksWildstormInherent
Arale NorimakiManga, AnimeDr. SlumpInherent
Arch DykerComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
ArkonComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
AsgardiansComic booksMarvel ComicsDivine
AtlasComic BooksDC Comics|DC ComicsCristal
Atom-SmasherComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
Audrey IIPlay, MovieLittle Shop of HorrorsInherent
Austin, SteveTelevisionThe Six Million Dollar ManInherent
Axel BrassComic booksWildstormInherent
Axewell TiberiusComic booksDark Horse ComicsInherent
BadraComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
BadrockComic booksImage ComicsInherent
BagualComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Banner, Robert BruceComic BooksMarvel ComicsMutate
Barbara Ann MinervaComic BooksDC ComicsMagic
Baron BlitzkriegComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Beta Ray BillComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Bi-BeastComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Big BenComic booksQuality Communications, later Eclipse ComicsInherent
Big BillyTelevisionPowerpuff GirlsMutant
Big the CatVideo Games, TelevisionSonic seriesInherent
BizarraComic booksDC comicsInherent
BizarroComic booksDC comicsInherent
Black AdamComic booksDC comicsMagic
Black DoomVideo GamesSonic seriesInherent
Black SamsonComic booksImage ComicsInherent
BlockbustersComic booksDC ComicsInherent
BloodshotComic booksValiant comicsNanites
Blue DevilComic BooksDC ComicsMagic
Blue MarvelComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
BombshellComic booksDC ComicsInherent
BrightswordComic booksMarvel ComicsDivine
Burning MartiansComic booksDC comicsInherent
CalebTelevisionThe BuffyverseMagic
CaptainComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
Captain BritainComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Captain CarrotComic booksDC comicsCosmic Carrot
Captain MarvelComic booksDC comicsMagic
Captain Marvel Jr.Comic booksDC comicsMagic
Captain UltraComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Captain WonderComic booksDC comicsEctoplasm
Cassie SandsmarkComic booksDC ComicsDivine
CeCe BeckComic booksDC ComicsMagic
ChapelComic booksImage ComicsInherent
ChiropteransAnime, MangaBlood +Inherent
ChowderTVChowderSleep Eating
Chunky KongVideo GamesDonkey KongInherent
CoachComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Collective ManComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Composite SupermanComic booksDC comicsInherent
CondorComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Count NefariaComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Criti NollComic booksMarvel comicsInherent
CrusniksLight novelTrinity BloodNanomachines
D'rahnsComic booksWildstormInherent
DamageComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Dana DeardenComic booksDC ComicsMystic Artifact
DanaansComic booksMarvel comicsDivine
DarkhawkComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
DaxamitesComic booksDC comicsInherent
Dawn GrangerComic booksDC ComicsMagic
DeathlokComic booksMarvel comicsInherent
DeathstrokeComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Delroy GarrettComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
DemonsTelevision The BuffyverseMagic
DesperoComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
DevastationComic booksDC comicsDivine
DivaAnime, MangaBlood +Inherent
Doc SamsonComic BooksMarvel ComicsMutate
Doctor EggmanVideo Games, Comic Books, TVSonic Universe
Don HallComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Drax the DestroyerComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
EclipsoComic BooksDC ComicsDivine
Edward CollinsComic booksImage ComicsHelmet
Edwards, EthanComic BooksMarvel ComicsInherent
Elizabeth Ross Talbot BannerComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Etahn JamesTelevisionPower RangersDino Gem
Eiling, WadeComic booksDC ComicsInherent
ElysiusComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Erik JostenComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
EternalsComic booksMarvel ComicsCosmic Energy
Ezequiel SimsComic booksMarvel ComicsSupernatural
FamiliarsTV seriesDark Angel Inherent
“Fat” Billy BatsonComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Faulkner, Karen LouComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Fighting PokémonVideo games, anime, mangaPokémonInherent
Fire PeopleComic booksMalibu ComicsInherent
FlintComic booksWildstormInherent
ForerunnersComic booksDC comicsInherent
Foss, HenryTelevisionSanctuaryInherent
FourarmsAnimationBen 10Inherent
FrancisComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Frank WellsComic booksDark Horse ComicsInherent
FrankyManga, animeOne PieceInherent
FriezaAnime, mangaDragon BallInherent
Fühler, Schirach (シェラハ・フューラー?)Video gamesRosenkreuzstiletteMagic
FuryansMoviesRiddick seriesInherent
Fuzzy LumpkinsAnimationThe Powerpuff GirlsInherent
GamoraComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
GenocideComic BookDC comicsMagic
It can absorb rage from its victims to increase its strength.
Geronimo Jr.Manga, animeCyborg 009Inherent
GirderComic booksDC ComicsInherent
GladiatorComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
GlorificusTelevisionThe BuffyverseDivine
GnarrkComic booksDC ComicsInherent
GodkillerComic booksMarvel comicsInherent
Gorilla GroddComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
Green MartiansComic booksDC comicsInherent
Grey GargoyleComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
GriffinComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
GriffinComic booksDC comicsInherent
Hank HallComic booksDC ComicsMagic
HelspontComic booksWildstormInherent
HeraldsComic booksMarvel ComicsPower Cosmic
Heywood, HenryComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
Heywood, NathanComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
Heywood III, HankComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
The HighComic booksWildstormInherent
“Hill” Billy BatsonComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Holly GrangerComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Hoppy the Marvel BunnyComic booksDC ComicsMagic
HorridusComic booksImage ComicsInherent
HulklingComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
HybridsComic booksUnderworld seriesInherent
HyenasComic BooksDC ComicsMagic
HyperionComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
IbacComic BooksDC ComicsMagic
IconComic booksDC ComicsInherent
The ImmortalComic booksImage ComicsInherent
ImpactComic booksImage ComicsMutant enhanced with cybernetic implants
InhumansComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
InuYashaManga, AnimeInuYashaMagic
Iron MunroComic booksDC ComicsInherent
IroncladComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
IsisComic booksDC comicsMagic
JackComic booksJohn Byrne’s Next MenInherent
Jack HawksmoorComic booksWildstormInherent
Jackie EstacadoComic booksTop Cow ProductionsThe Darkness
Jakita WagnerComic booksWildstormInherent
James P. Sullivan/SulleyMoviesDisney & PixarInherent
JasmineTelevisionThe BuffyverseDivine
Jebediah of CanaanComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Jenny SwensenComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Jessica DrewComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Josephine "Jo" McCormickTelevisionBig Bad BeetleborgsMagic
Joshua WalkerComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
Jotaro KujoMangaJoJo's Bizarre AdventureStand
Katie WalkerTelevisionPower RangersInherent
Kendra SaundersComic booksDC ComicsNth metal
Kenpachi ZarakiManga, animeBleachInherent
KherubimsComic booksWildstormInherent
Kid AmazoComic booksDC comicsInherent
Kid MiraclemanComic booksMarvelmanInherent
Kid SupremeComic booksImage ComicsSupremium
King DededeVideo Games, TVKirby SeriesInherent
King K. RoolVideo GamesDonkey KongInherent
KnoxTV seriesHeroesInherent
Koriand'rComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
KreesComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
KroComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
KryptoniansComic booksDC comicsInherent
Kurumu KuronoAnime, Manga Rosario + VampireMagic
La MagraFilmBladeDivine
Lana LangTelevisionSmallvilleInherent
Linda DanversComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Lloyd BlochComic BookMarvel comicsMoonstone/Mutate
His first source was an alien moonstone, while the second one was an experiment.
Logan, Garfield MarkComic BooksDC ComicsSuper Werewolf
Lord MarshalMoviesRiddick seriesInherent
Luke CageComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Lucy LaneComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Luma LynaiComic booksDC ComicsInherent
LycansComic booksUnderworld seriesInherent
MComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
MaestroComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
MammomaxComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
MammothComic BooksDC ComicsMutant
Man BeastComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Master ManComic booksFawcett ComicsMagic
Marcus HamiltonTelevisionThe BuffyverseMagic
Margaret Isobel ThoreauxTelevisionSmallvilleMagic
Marrina SmallwoodComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Mary MarvelComic booksDC comicsMagic
MasterComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
MastodonComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
MatrixComic booksDC ComicsInherent
MaximaComic booksDC comicsInherent
MaxxComic books, animationImage ComicsMagic
MethuselahnsLight novelTrinity BloodNanomachines
MidnighterComic booksWildstormInherent
Mighty ManComic booksImage ComicsMagic
Millennium EarlAnime, MangaD.Gray-manDark Matter
MinbarisTV seriesBabylon 5Inherent
MiraclemanComic booksMarvelmanInherent
MiraclewomanComic booksMarvelmanInherent
Moka AkashiyaAnime, Manga Rosario + VampireMagic
Molly HayesComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
MonarchComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Monkey D. LuffyManga, animeOne PieceInherent
Monster GirlComic booksImage ComicsMagic
MorlunComic booksMarvel ComicsSupernatural
NameksAnime, mangaDragon BallInherent (latent)
NarakuManga, AnimeInuYashaMagic
NarnsTV seriesBabylon 5Inherent
NebulonComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
NemesisVideo GameResident EvilT-Virus
NeronComic booksDC ComicsMagic
New GodsComic BooksDC ComicsDivine
NietzscheansTV SeriesAndromedaInherent
NighthawkComic booksMarvel ComicsAlchemy
Nina PriceComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
Norman Virgil OsbornComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Norris, ChuckInternet memeChuck Norris FactsInherent
NovaComic booksMarvel comicsMutate
OgamiTV SeriesAndromedaInherent
OlympianComic booksDC Comics Golden Fleece
Olympian GodsComic BooksDC ComicsDivine
OlympiansComic BooksMarvel ComicsDivine
OmertaComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
OsirisComic booksDC comicsMagic
Otonashi, Saya (音無 小夜?)Anime MangaBlood +Inherent
PacifistasManga, animeOne PieceInherent
Pantheon Members Comic booksMarvel ComicsDivine
Parr, Jack-JackFilmDisneyInherent
Parr, RobertFilmDisneyInherent
Petrelli, PeterTelevisionHeroesDuplicated
The PowerManga, animeCardcaptor SakuraMagic
Power PrincessComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
The Powerpuff GirlsAnimationThe Powerpuff GirlsInherent
Predator XComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Proffit, DarrinComic booksDC ComicsInherent
PuccaAnimated SeiresPuccaFunny Love inherent
PumaComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
Quick, JesseComic booksDC Comics
ReapersFilmBlade Film SeriesInherent
Radioactive ManAnimation, comic booksThe Simpsons, Bongo ComicsInherent
RaduTV seriesSpace CasesInherent
RageComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Red HulkComic BooksMarvel ComicsMutate
Red SeriesTV seriesDark Angel Implant
RedstoneComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Red TornadoComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Rex SplodeComic booksImage ComicsInherent
RiskComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Robert ReynoldsComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
RobotmanComic booksDC ComicsInherent
The Rowdyruff BoysAnimationThe Powerpuff GirlsInherent
Russoff, JacobComic BooksMarvel ComicsMagic
SabbacComic booksDC ComicsMagic
Sabina De La CroixComic booksDC comicsMagic
SaiyansAnime, mangaDragon BallInherent
Sajin KomamuraManga, animeBleachInherent
SamaritanComic booksWildstormInherent
Sanders, NikiTelevisionHeroesSynthetic
SasquatchComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
SaturniansComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
Sebastian BallesterosComic BooksDC ComicsMagic
SeleneComic booksUnderworld seriesInherent
Sesshomaru (殺生丸?)Manga, AnimeInuYashaMagic
Sergio TorresComic booksMarvel Comics
Seth GoddardTV seriesSpace CasesInherent
ShadowkhanAnimationJackie Chan AdventuresMagic
Only the Sumo Khan has this power.
ShapeshiftersNovel SeriesAnita Blake: Vampire Hunter seriesMagic
Sharon VenturaComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
She-HulkComic BooksMarvel ComicsMutate
ShenduAnimationJackie Chan AdventuresMagic
Shenice Vale/She-BangComic books, animationMilestone MediaInherent
Shi´arsComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Shiera HallComic booksDC ComicsNth metal
SierraComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Slam TasmanianTelevisionLoonatics UnleashedInherent
SlayersTelevisionThe BuffyverseMagic
SledgeComic booksDC ComicsInherent
SlothAnime, mangaFullmetal AlchemistInherent
Only in the manga and second anime he has these powers.
Sosesh MykrosComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
SpitfireComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Steve Stronghold/The CommanderFilmSky High (Disney)Inherent
Stone, VictorComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
StonewallComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
SuperpatriotComic booksImage ComicsInherent
SupremaComic booksImage ComicsSupremium
SupremeComic booksImage ComicsSupremium
Suresh, MohinderTelevisionHeroesFormula
SwiftComic booksWildstormInherent
“Tall” Billy BatsonComic booksDC ComicsMagic
ThunderbirdComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
TigraComic booksMarvel ComicsScience/Magic/Mental Energy
Timber WolfComic booksDC ComicsInherent
TitaniaComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
TitanoComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
TitanthropesComic booksWildstormInherent
TomcatComic booksDC ComicsInherent
Tony Tony ChopperManga, animeOne PieceDevil Fruit
TremorComic booksImage ComicsInherent
Tsukune Aono (Temporaraly)Anime, Manga Rosario + VampireVampire Blood
Tyki MikkAnime, MangaD.Gray-manDark Matter
TyranitarAnime/video gamesPokémonInherent
UltimanComic booksBig Bang ComicsInherent
UltimoComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
UltraComic booksImage ComicsInherent
Ultra-ManComic booksAll-American Publications, later DC ComicsInherent
UltraaComic booksDC comicsInherent
Ultraman (Clark Kent)Comic booksDC comicsAnti-Kryptonite
Ultra BoyComic booksDC ComicsInherent
UltronComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
UmbritesTV SeriesAndromedaInherent
Uncle SamComic booksDC Comics
ValidusComic booksDC ComicsInherent
VampanezeBook SeriesThe Saga of Darren ShanInherent
VampiresNovel SeriesAnita Blake: Vampire Hunter seriesMagic
VampiresFilmBlade Film SeriesInherent
VampiresNovels, tv seriesThe Southern Vampire MysteriesMagic
VampiresNovel series, TV SeriesThe Vampire DiariesMagic
VampiresBook SeriesThe Saga of Darren ShanInherent
VampiresNovel SeriesTwilightInherent
VampiresNovel SeriesThe Vampire ChroniclesMagic
VampiresComic booksUnderworld seriesInherent
Vector the CrocodileVideo Games, Comic Books, TelevisionSonic UniverseInherent
Victor ManchaComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
ViltrumitesComic booksImage ComicsInherent
VisionComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
VizardsAnime, mangaBleachReiyaku
Wearing their mask give them super strength.
War WomanComic booksImage ComicsDivine
WarhammerComic booksDC ComicsInherent
WarpathComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
WendigoComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
WerewolvesNovels, tv seriesThe Southern Vampire MysteriesMagic
WerewolvesNovel Series, moviesTwilightInherent
WerewolvesTelevisionThe BuffyverseMagic
White MartiansComic booksDC comicsInherent
WildchildComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Wild HuntsmanComic booksDC ComicsMagic
WildebeestComic BooksDC ComicsInherent
William "Will" Theodore StrongholdFilmSky High (Disney)Inherent
Willow RosenbergTelevisionThe BuffyverseMagic
Winged VictoryComic booksWildstormTalisman
WolfsbaneComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
Wonder ManComic booksMarvel ComicsMutate
Wrecking Crew membersComic booksMarvel ComicsMagic
WyreComic booksMarvel ComicsMutant
X-5TV seriesDark Angel Inherent
XandariansComic booksMarvel ComicsInherent
Yasutora SadoManga, animeBleachReiryoku
YetiComic booksImage ComicsInherent
Yoruichi Shihōin (四楓院 夜一?)Manga, animeBleachInherent
Young MiraclemanComic booksQuality Communications, later Eclipse ComicsInherent
Younger ToguroManga, animeYuYu HakushoMagic
Yu KandaAnime, MangaD.Gray-manInnocence
Yusuke UrameshiManga, animeYuYu HakushoMagic
ZedComic booksDC comicsInherent

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