This is a list of notable fictional companies. Entries in this list must have received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.

These are non-existant companies created for dramatic or literary purposes in a story. Fictional companies are used so the author or producer can avoid endorsing or denouncing a real company, as well as to avoid legal action for slander or trademark infringement.


  • Simeon - A pharmaceutical and technology company, whose Japanese blackspot branch head is the Needless, Adam Arclight, a clone of the Second Christ.
  • Ziodex Industries - Makers of cloned blood from Underworld

Conglomerates & MultinationalsEdit

  • Acme - Used in the Looney Tunes Cartoons, most famous for being featured in the "Roadrunner" cartoon.
  • CHOAM - Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles Interstellar corporation which controls all economic activity in the Padishah Empire - Dune series.
  • Digivation Industries - competitor of Veridian Dynamics in Better Off Ted
  • Deon International - Owned by Larry Deon. Appeared in seaQuest 2032 and seemed to be involved in many different industries including, but not limited to, Military defense and weaponry, technology, Owned the fictional sports team Deon Demons, air travel, metals and technological assets.
  • Hishii Industries - Manufacturer of powered exoskeletons known as 'Labors.' - Patlabor - series
  • Itex - A multinational corporation and the primary antagonist of the Maximum Ride series of novels.
  • Matsumura Fishworks - Japanese Corporation which produced the cleaning product Mr. Sparkle (in a joint venture with Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern), in The Simpsons.
  • United Northfield/U-North - An agricultural products conglomerate from the film Michael Clayton
  • The Zaibatsu Corporation from GTA2 specializes in everything from energy, to pharmaceuticals, to automobiles, and even organized crime.


Communication, Energy & UtilitiesEdit

  • McCandless Communications Corporation - Freejack


  • Dragonfire Films - film production company from the FOX series Action
  • The Tangiers - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hotel and Casino owned by Catherine's father, numerous episodes, demolished during Built to Kill, Part 1
  • MeTV- Music,reality and news group modeled after real-life Mtv in the Grand Theft Auto 3 and 4 eras.




Food & DrinkEdit

(For a more complete list of fictional beverages, see List of fictional beverages.)

  • Soylent Corporation - manufacturer of synthetic foods in Soylent Green

Robotics & AndroidsEdit

  • Capsule Corporation - capsules, robots and spaceships manufacturer in Dragon Ball
  • Serrano Genomics, a fictional Mexico based android and cybernetics corporation central to the plot of the first season of Ghost in the Shell.

Space VesselsEdit

Multiple / Various ProductsEdit

  • Ajax - similar to Acme, appears in recent Mickey Mouse cartoons as a manufacturing company and services company.[2]
  • Bonk Business - a fictional corporation created by Finnish artist and sculptor Alvar Gullichsen. The company produces absurd machines that have no apparent use, and are powered by anchovy oil.[3]
  • Cinco - A company featured in Tim and Eric creations specializing in a variety of useless products.


  • Cymvetica Industries - from 'The People' series
  • Cym Labs - from 'The People' series
  • Ovi Industries - from 'The People' series
  • Uix Inc - from 'The People' series
  • Paper Street Soap Company - Boutique soap manufacturer, Fight Club.
  • Spacely Space Sprockets - Sprocket manufacturer The Jetsons.
  • Veidt - Strong enterprise from the comic book and the movie Watchmen.

Military, Defense & WeaponryEdit

  • ConSec - weapons manufacturer and security systems, Scanners
  • dataDyne - Perfect Dark -- not to be confused with, a not-for-profit developer of mobile software for public health and international development.
  • Izon - defense Military weaponry manufacturer in the Cube films
  • X-Com - (eXtra-terrestrial COMbat unit) Company charged with the defense of earth against alien invasion in Microprose's X-Com series of computer games

See also: List of fictional military organizations for private military companies

Mining & PetroleumEdit

  • Liandri Mining Corporation - The corporation behind the televised death-matches in Epic Games' Unreal videogame series
  • Concordance Extraction Corporation - The earth based planetary mining company in the Dead Space video game series.
  • Resources Development Administration (RDA) - The company featured in James Cameron's 2009 film Avatar.
  • ORINCO - Oil truck from Pet Sematary


Food & Drink EstablishmentsEdit

  • Big Belly Burger - fast food restaurant in the DC Comics universe.
  • Burger Shot in Grand Theft Auto series. A parody of Burger King.


  • Kwik-E-Mart - convenience store, The Simpsons (in July 2007, in a promotional tie-in with the Simpsons movie, the 7-Eleven chain temporarily converted twelve stores into Kwik-E-Mart stores).
  • Bergduff's Department Store-featured in Batman the Animated Series.



  • Sterling-Cooper (later Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price) - Mad Men

Investigative ServicesEdit

  • Psych - private investigators who claim to reveal facts through psychic visions

Legal ServicesEdit

See: List of fictional law firms

Magical & SupernaturalEdit

Moving & DeliveryEdit


  • PVP: Player vs. Player magazine - PvP

Other ServicesEdit

Technology, Computers & SoftwareEdit

  • Contoso and Fabrikam - Fictional company names used as examples by Microsoft
  • ENCOM International - videogame and software manufacturer, Tron series
  • Rekall - Corporation specialising in planting false memories in the Total Recall movie.



  • Onion Pacific Railroad - Popeye
  • Sudden Pacific Railroad - Popeye
  • LTA in Grand Theft Auto IV,Liberty City's Mass Transit.


  • Volée Airlines - Final Destination
  • Trans Global Airlines (TGA) - Airport
  • SunWest Airlines - Flying High (CBS TV Series)
  • Fuji Air - Die Hard 2
  • Windsor Air - Die Hard 2
  • Ajira Airways - Lost
  • FlyUS in Grand Theft Auto IV, the logo of the company's name looks like that of the real-life cargo airlines of the same name.


  • Ravenwood - Jericho military contractor
  • iCarly, a web show within the Nickelodeon sitcom of the same name

T.V. ShowsEdit

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