The following is a list of fictional vehicles:

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Automobiles and trucks Edit

  • Arrowcar - Green Arrow's vehicle
  • Batblade - Batman & Robin
  • Batcycle - Batman
  • Batgirl Cycle - Batman
  • Batmobile - The primary transportation of the DC Comics superhero 'Batman. Note: The Batmobile has taken on many different forms from the 1930s to today and has evolved along with the character in TV, films, and comics. Notable examples include:
  • The original 1930s Batmobile, which automotive experts believe resembles the DeSoto coupe of that era.
  • The Batmobile used in the campy 1960s TV series, made from the Lincoln Futura show car by George Barris.
  • The sleek, aerodynamic Batmobiles of the 1990s cartoons and the Movie Batman Forever
  • The flying Batmobile used in the futuristic Batman Beyond cartoon series.
  • The hulking, tank-like Batmobile of Batman Begins, also known as The Tumbler.

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The four Cities in Flight novels by James Blish feature cities that fly through space using anti-gravity. They include:

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Starlight Express Edit

The Engines
The Coaches
The Freight Trucks
Electra's Components
  • Krupp, Electra's armaments truck
  • Wrench, Electra's repair truck
  • Purse, Electra's money truck
  • Volta, Electra's freezer truck
  • Joule, Electra's dynamite truck
  • Race Marshals
  • Traxes
  • Greaseball's gang
  • Tank, Gook and Lube

The Railway Series Edit

There are a large number of railway and other 'vehicle' characters in The Railway Series children's books by Rev.W.Awdry. Rather than list them all here individually, they are collated in a set of related articles:

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Edit

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is the TV spin-off from The Railway Series. As such, it shares a large number of characters with the original books, but also introduces a vast array of new characters. These, too, are collated in a set of related articles:

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Solar Boats Edit

File:Ra Barque.jpg
  • Ra’s barque
  • Solar Sailer from Tron

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