This is a list of firsts. This list includes notable first-time occurrences, along with those involved.

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See List of firsts in aviation.

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See List of firsts in the Geographic North Pole.

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  • First homo sapiens: the Omo Remains include Omo I, the earliest known fossils of Homo sapiens (idaltu), dated to around 190,000 years ago.[6] This is considerably older than the 160,000-year-old Herto remains, which had been thought to be the earliest humans, and suggests that, if humans did originate in Africa as is currently thought, they did not expand from there for much longer than previously thought.
  • First European child born in the New World: Snorri Thorfinnsson
  • First observed transit of a planet across the sun, Mercury, by Pierre Gassendi in 1631.
  • First planet discovered by mathematical prediction (as opposed to regular observation): Neptune in September 23, 1846
  • First international scientific collaboration: Observation of the transit of Venus 1761 and 1769
  • First confirmation of extrasolar planets: Three bodies orbiting PSR B1257+12 by Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail in 1992.
  • First confirmation of an active volcanic eruption occurring on a seamount: by scientists at the University of Hawai‘i on Lo‘ihi in 1996

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For a list of firsts in organ transplants, see Organ transplant#Timeline of successful transplants

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