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The Prime Minister of Pakistan is the head of the government of the country. Prime Ministers officially visit different countries during their tenure. This page records some data about their trips.

Nawaz Sharif (5 June 2013 till Date) Edit

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef holds record of most foreign visits by any Pakistani head of states. He did more than 70 foreign visits during May 2013 to December 2015. Several media controversies appeared for his lavish stays, accompanying his relatives and large groups of journalists and ministers, and special flight and foods arrangement. Listed are some of his key visits:

S. No. Country Visited From To Nature Met With Companions
1China[1] 2013-07-03 2013-07-07 OfficialPresident Xi Jinping
2Saudi Arabia[2] 2013-08-03 Private King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al SaudAll family members
3Turkey[3][4][5] 2013-09-16 2013-09-18 OfficialPresident Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoganShahbaz Sharif, Sulman Shahbaz Sharif
4United States[6] 2013-09-23 2013-09-29 Official UN General Assembly, PM Manmohan Singh, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, IMF Chief Christine LagardeSartaj Aziz, Khawaja Asif, Ishaq Dar, Tariq Fatemi and Jalil Abbas Jilani
5United States[7] 2013-10-20 2013-10-23OfficialPresident Barack Obama, John Kerry
6United Kingdom[8] 2013-10-28 2013-11-01 OfficialWorld Islamic Economic Forum, Prime Minister David Cameron, President Hamid KarzaiSartaj Aziz
7Sri Lanka[9] 2013-11-14 2013-11-17OfficialCommonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, President Mahinda Rajapaksa
8Thailand 2013-11-17 OfficialConnect Asia-Pacific Summit 2013
9Afghanistan[10] 2013-11-30 2013-11-30 OfficialPresident Hamid KarzaiSartaj Aziz, Tariq Fatemi, Jalil Abbas Jilani and Mahmood Khan Achakzai
10Turkey[11] 2014-02-122014-02-14OfficialPresident Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Hamid Karzai
11 The Netherlands[12] 2014-03 2014-03 Official 2014 Nuclear Security Summit
12 China[13] 2014-04-09 2014-04 OfficialBoao conference Shahbaz Sharif
13 United Kingdom[14] 2014-04-29 2014-05-03 Official David Cameron Shahbaz Sharif
14Iran 2014-05-112014-05-13OfficialAyatollah Khamenei, Hassan RouhaniSartaj Aziz, Ishaq Dar, Khaqan Abbasi, Tariq Fatemi and Dr. Abdul Malik
15India[15] 2014-05-262014-05-27Official Narendra Modi
16Tajikistan[16] 2014-06-172014-06-19Official Emomali Rahmon and Qohir Rasulzoda
17Saudi Arab[17]2014-07-202014-07Official 12 family members
18United States[18]2014-09-232014-09-Official United National General Assembly, Ban Ki Moon, Joe Biden
19China[19]2014-11-072014-11-Official President Xi Jinping, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
20Germany[20]2014-11-102014-11-11Official Angela Merkel and Norbert Lammert
21United Kingdom2014-11-122014-11-13Official
22Nepal2014-11-252014-11Official SAARC Summit
23United Kingdom[21]2014-12-022014-12-05Official Conference on Afghanistan
24Saudi Arabia [22]2015-01-152015-01-17
25Saudi Arabia [23]2015-01-042015-01-06
26Turkey [24]2015-04-032015-04-03
27Saudi Arabia [25]2015-04-232015-04-23
28London , UK [26]2015-04-242015-04-26Official
29Kabul, Afghanistan [27]2014-05-122014-05-15Official
30Osolo , Norway [28]2015-07-072015-07-08Official
31Saudi Arabia [29]2015-07-122015-07-19
32Belarus [30]2015-08-102015-08-13Official
33Kazakhstan [31]2015-08-252015-08-26Official
34New York, USA [32]2015-09-222015-10-03Official
35Washington, USA [33]2015-10-212015-10-24Official
36Malta [34]2015-11-262015-11-29Official
37Paris , France [35]2015-11-292015-11-30Official
38Turkmenistan [36]2015-12-122015-12-13Official
39Zhengzhou, China [37]2015-12-142015-12-15Official

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf (22 June 2012 – 25 March 2013) Edit

Country Visited From To Nature Met With
India[38] 2013-03-08 Private Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid
China[39] 2012-09-092012-09-13 Official Premier Wen Jiabao
United Kingdom[40] 2013-02-09 PrivateAltaf Hussain
Afghanistan 2012 Official
Kuwait 2012 Official
Saudi Arabia[41] 2012 PrivateRana Mathar Ali Khan

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani (25 March 2008 to 19 June 2012)Edit

Country Visited From To Nature Met With
Germany[42] 2009 Official
United Kingdom 2009 Official
Libya 2009 Official
Sri Lanka 2009 Official
Egypt 2009 Official
China 2009 Official
United Kingdom 2010 Official
United States 2010 Official
Nepal 2010 Official
Bhutan 2010 Official
Oman 2010 Official
Belgium 2010 Official
Tajikistan[43] 2010 Official
Afghanistan 2010 Official
Turkey 2010 Official
Oman 2010 Official
Switzerland[44] 2012-01-252012-01-29 OfficialWorld Economic Forum

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