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Honorific titles[1] are often conferred upon popular music artists for their contributions to the field. Steve Holsey of the Michigan Chronicle observes "[b]ehind most nicknames there is a story. The reasons for them can be logical, based on a reality aspect of the person, or they can be whimsical. That is part of the beauty of nicknames - they can range from the silly to the sublime, and everything in between."[2] Holsey adds, "[t]here is certainly no shortage of nicknames in the world of entertainment. Titles either."[2] These titles—such as King/Queen, Prince/Princess, or Godfather/Godmother—may be given to them by the media, marketing departments of the record companies, fans, or critics. In some cases, more than one artist may have been given the same title, while a single artist can be attributed multiple titles.

Ashante Infantry of the Toronto Star wrote in 2004 that among the world's popular music artists, such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, these honorific titles have remained "undisputed", regardless of death or diminishment.[3]

The title can be used as a promotional commercial tool by the artist or record company. For example, Buddah Records released The Five Stairsteps compilation album, The First Family of Soul: The Best of the Five Stairsteps in 2001.[4] Similarly, in 2008, Michael Jackson and Sony BMG released a compilation album called King of Pop in various countries.[5] As a marketing tool, Japanese recording artist Namie Amuro titled her 2005 sixth studio album Queen of Hip-Pop, signifying her transition from Japanese pop music to Japanese hip hop.[6]

Male titlesEdit

Title Artist Country Source
Architect of Rock and Roll Little Richard U.S. [7][8]
Boss Bruce Springsteen U.S. [9]
Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra U.S. [10]
Father of Bluegrass Bill Monroe U.S. [11]
Father of Death Metal Chuck Schuldiner U.S. [12][13][14]
Father of Motown Berry Gordy U.S. [15]
Father of Rock and Roll Ike Turner U.S. [16]
God of Voices Vitas Russia [17]
God of Rock Freddie Mercury U.K. [18]
God of Songs Jacky Cheung Hong Kong [19]
Sam Hui Hong Kong [20]
Principal of Cantopop Alan Tam Hong Kong[21]
God of the Music Michael Jackson U.S. [22]
Godfather of Britpop Ray Davies U.K. [23]
Godfather of Electronic Music Jean Michel Jarre France [24]
Godfather of Funk George Clinton U.S. [25]
Godfather of Gangster Rap Eazy-E U.S. [26][27]
Godfather of Goth Peter Murphy U.K. [27][28]
Godfather of Folk Narasimha Murthy, Manapragada India [29]
Godfather of Grunge Neil Young Canada [30]
Godfather of Heavy Metal Ozzy Osbourne U.K. [31]
Godfather of Noise Merzbow Japan [32]
Godfathers of Polka Luke Witkowski, Brian Kirchberg Poland [33]
Godfather of Punk Iggy Pop U.S. [34][35]
Pete Townshend U.K. [36][37]
Godfather of Punk Guitar Ron Asheton U.S. [38]
Godfather of Rap Rudy Ray Moore U.S. [39]
George Clinton U.S. [40]
Godfather of Rocksteady Alton Ellis Jamaica [41]
Godfather of Soul James Brown U.S. [42][43]
Grandfather of Rock and Roll Robert Johnson U.S. [44]
Godson of Soul Usher U.S. [45]
His Purple Majesty or His Royal Badness Prince U.S. [46][47][48][49]
King Elvis Presley U.S. [50]
Jimmy Zámbó Hungary [51][52]
King of Bhangra Malkit Singh U.K. [53][54]
King of the Blues John Lee Hooker U.S. [55]
B. B. King U.S. [56][57]
King of Country Roy Acuff U.S. [58]
Garth Brooks U.S. [59]
George Strait U.S. [60]
King of Folk Woody Guthrie U.S. [61]
Bob Dylan U.S. [62]
Narasimha Murthy, Manapragada India [29]
King of Folk rock Bob Dylan U.S. [63]
King of Funk Rick James U.S. [64]
King of Heavy MetalOzzy Osbourne U.K. [65]
King of the High C's Luciano Pavarotti Italy [66]
King of the Jukebox Louis Jordan U.S. [67]
Dick Todd U.S. [68]
King of the Pan Flute Gheorghe Zamfir Romania [69]
King of PopMichael Jackson U.S. [70][71][72]
King of Canto Pop Jacky Cheung Hong Kong [73]
King of Chinese Pop Jay Chou Taiwan [74]
King of Iranian Pop Shadmehr Aghili Iran [75]
The Four Heavenly Kings of Chinese Pop Jacky Cheung Hong Kong [19]
Leon Lai Hong Kong [19]
Andy Lau Hong Kong [19]
Aaron Kwok Hong Kong [19]
King of Japanese Pop Tetsuya Komuro Japan [76]
King of Jazz Paul Whiteman U.S. [77]
King of Latin Pop Juan Gabriel Mexico [78]
Enrique Iglesias Spain [79]
Julio Iglesias Spain [80]
Ricky Martin Puerto Rico [81]
King of Motown Smokey Robinson U.S. [82]
King of Punk RockJoe Strummer U.K. [83]
King of RagtimeScott Joplin U.S. [84]
King of Raï Khaled Algeria [85][86]
King of RapTupac Shakur U.S. [87]
Kurtis Blow U.S. [88]
DMX U.S. [89]
Snoop Dogg U.S. [90][91]
Eminem U.S. [92]
Jay-Z U.S. [93][94]
The Notorious B.I.G. U.S. [95]
50 Cent U.S. [96]
Rick Rubin U.S. [97]
Russell Simmons U.S. [97]
King of R&BR. Kelly U.S. [98][99]
Usher U.S. [100]
King of Reggae Bob Marley Jamaica [101][102]
King of Rockabilly Carl Perkins U.S. [103][104]
King of Rock and Roll Chuck Berry U.S. [105]
Fats Domino U.S. [106]
Alan Freed U.S. [107]
Bill Haley U.S. [107]
Michael Jackson U.S. [72]
B.B. King U.S. [106]
Elvis Presley U.S. [108]
Little Richard U.S. [109]
King of Rock 'n' Soul Solomon Burke U.S. [110]
King of Shock Rock Alice Cooper U.S. [111][112]
King of SkiffleLonnie Donegan U.K. [113]
King of Soul James Brown U.S. [114]
Michael Jackson U.S. [72]
Otis Redding U.S. [115]
King of SwingBenny Goodman U.S. [116]
Gene Krupa U.S. [117]
King of Western Swing Bob Wills U.S. [118]
Spade Cooley U.S. [119]
King of the SouthLudacris U.S. [120][121]
T.I. U.S. [122]
Geto Boys U.S. [123]
King of TejanoEmilio U.S. [124]
Metal God Rob Halford U.K. [125]
Mister Country Music Red Foley U.S. [126]
ModfatherPaul Weller U.K. [127][128]
Pied Piper of R&B R. Kelly U.S. [129]
Pope of Mope Morrissey U.K. [130]
Prince Of Calabria Alex Gaudino U.S. [131]
Prince of Motown Marvin Gaye U.S. [132]
Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne U.K. [133]
Prince of Pop Justin Timberlake U.S. [134]
Michael Jackson U.S. [135]
Erik Santos Philippines [136]
Robbie Williams U.K. [137]
Prince of Latin Pop Enrique Iglesias Spain [138]
Ricardo Montaner Venezuela [139]
Prince of R&BUsher U.S. [140]
Prince of ReggaeDennis Brown U.S. [141][142]
Prince of Soul Marvin Gaye U.S. [143]
Momy Levy Israel [144]
Otis Redding U.S. [145]
Prince of Songs & The Diamond Voice Vitas Russia [146]
Prince of DanceBT U.S. [147][148]
Rajah of RhythmBenny Goodman U.S. [117]
Prince of Urdu BalladMaaz Moeed Pakistan [117]

Female titlesEdit

Title Artist Country Source
Crossover QueenShania Twain Canada [149]
Empress of PopAyumi Hamasaki Japan [150]
Empress of SoulGladys Knight U.S. [151]
First Lady of Hip Hop SoulFaith Evans U.S. [152]
First Lady of CountryTammy Wynette U.S. [153][154]
First Lady of SongElla Fitzgerald U.S. [155][156]

Godmother of Punk||Patti Smith || U.S. ||[157][158]

High Priestess of SoulNina Simone U.S. [159][160]
Queen Bee Lil' Kim U.S. [161]
Queen of the BluesKoko Taylor U.S. [162][163]
Dinah Washington U.S. [164][165]
Queen of Christmas MusicAmy Grant U.S. [166][167]
Queen of Classical CrossoverSarah Brightman U.K. [168]
Queen of Clubs Dannii Minogue Australia [169]
Kylie Minogue Australia [170]
Queen of CountryKitty Wells U.S. [171][172]
Loretta Lynn U.S. [173][174]
Reba McEntire U.S. [173][175]
Dolly Parton U.S. [173][176]
Queen of Disco Donna Summer U.S. [177]
Gloria Gaynor U.S. [178]
Sylvester U.S. [179]
Queen of Folk Joan Baez U.S. [180]
Sandy Denny U.K. [181]
Vinjamuri Anasuya Devi India [182]
Odetta U.S. [183]
Queen of GospelMahalia Jackson U.S. [184][185]
Queen of Heavy MetalLee Aaron Canada [186]
Kiloran Greenan U.S. [187]
Sharon Osbourne U.K. [65]
Queen of Hip HopMissy Elliott U.S. [188]
Lauryn Hill U.S. [189]
Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige U.S. [190][191]
Queen of Hip-PopNamie Amuro Japan [6]
Queen of JazzElla Fitzgerald U.S. [192][193]
Queen of Pop Christina Aguilera U.S.[194]
Beyoncé U.S. [195][196]
Mariah Carey U.S. [197][198]
Celine Dion Canada [199][200]
Whitney Houston U.S. [201][202]
Janet Jackson U.S. [203][204]
Madonna U.S. [205][206]
Shakira Colombia [207]
Nina Philippines [208]
Gwen Stefani U.S. [209]
Britney Spears U.S. [210][211]
Rihanna Barbados [212][213]
Queen of Canto PopAnita Mui Hong Kong [214][215]
Queen of Chinese PopTeresa Teng Taiwan [216]
Queen of Christian PopAmy Grant U.S. [217][218]
Queen of Japanese PopNamie Amuro Japan [219][220]
Ayumi Hamasaki Japan [221]
Queen of Latin PopGloria Estefan U.S. [222]
Queen of Urban Pop Aaliyah U.S. [223]
Queen of the Power BalladCeline Dion Canada [224]
Queen of Punk RockJoan Jett U.S. [225]
Siouxsie Sioux U.K. [226]
Toyah Willcox U.K. [227]
Queen of R&BBeyoncé U.S. [228][229]
Mary J. Blige U.S. [230][231]
Brandy U.S. [232][233]
Ruth Brown U.S. [234][235]
Mariah Carey U.S. [236]
Double Japan [6]
Alicia Keys U.S. [237][238]
Janet Jackson U.S. [239][240]
Rihanna Barbados [241]
Queen of Canadian R&BJully Black Canada [242]
Queen of RockabillyWanda Jackson U.S. [243]
Queen of Rock and RollJanis Joplin U.S. [244][245]
Courtney Love U.S. [246]
Stevie Nicks U.S. [247][248]
Pink U.S. [249]
Gwen Stefani U.S. [250]
Tina Turner U.S. [251][252]
Queen of SoulAretha Franklin U.S. [253]
Alicia Keys U.S. [254]
White Queen of SoulDusty Springfield U.K. [255][256]
Queen of TejanoLaura Canales U.S. [257]
Lydia Mendoza U.S. [258]
Selena U.S. [259]
Princess of Crunk Ciara U.S. [260]
Princess of Hip Hop & R&BAshanti U.S. [261]
Princess of PopPaula Abdul U.S. [262]
Christina Aguilera U.S. [263]
Keshia Chante Canada [264]
Lady Gaga U.S. [265][266]
Sarah Geronimo Philippines [267]
Janet Jackson U.S. [262][268]
Madonna U.S. [269]
Kylie Minogue Australia [270]
Rihanna Barbados [271]
Gwen Stefani U.S. [272]
Britney Spears U.S. [273][274]
Dionne Warwick U.S. [275]
Katy Perry U.S. [276]
Princess of Japanese PopAyumi Hamasaki Japan [277]
Princess of Korean PopBoA South Korea [278][279]
Princess of Punk RockDeborah Harry U.S. [280]
Princess of R&B Aaliyah U.S. [281][282]
Brandy U.S. [283]
Celena Cherry U.K. [284]
Monica U.S. [285][286]
Rihanna Barbados [287]
Princess of Rock and RollJanis Joplin U.S. [288]
Lisa Marie Presley U.S. [289][290]
Princess of WailsCharlotte Church Wales [291][292]
Cerys Matthews Wales [293][294]
Star of The East or Diva of Arabic SongUmm Kulthum Egypt [295]
The VoiceMariah Carey U.S. [296]
Whitney Houston U.S. [297]

Group titlesEdit

Title Artist Country Source
First Family of Soul Five Stairsteps U.S. [298][299]
Isley Brothers U.S. [300]
Jackson family U.S. [301][302]
The Steeles U.S. [303]
The Metal Gods Judas Priest U.K. [304]
Kings of Heavy Metal Godsmack U.S. [305]
Metallica U.S. [306]
Black Sabbath U.K. [307][308]
Led Zeppelin U.K. [309]
Kings of Alternative Rock The Smashing Pumpkins U.S. [310]
R.E.M. U.S. [311]
The Replacements U.S. [312]
Kings of Punk Rock The Clash U.K. [313]
Green Day U.S. [314]
The Ramones U.S. [308][315]
Sex Pistols U.K. [316][317]
The Only Band That Matters The Clash U.K. [318]
Princes of Motown Four Tops U.S. [319]
The Temptations U.S. [320]
Queens of British Pop Spice Girls U.K. [321]
Princes of Pop Jonas Brothers U.S. [322]
'N Sync U.S. [323]
Princesses of British Pop Girls Aloud U.K. [324]
Princesses Of Korean Pop Wonder Girls Korean
Princesses Of South Korean Pop Girls Generation Korean
Royal Family of Pop Jackson family U.S. [325]
The Big Four of Thrash Anthrax U.S. [326]
Megadeth U.S. [326]
Metallica U.S. [326]
Slayer U.S. [326]
America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band Aerosmith U.S. [327]
The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World The Rolling Stones U.K. [328]
The Band that Launched a Thousand Bands The Ventures U.S. [329]
The Best Band in the World Oasis U.K. [330]
The Most Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll Band The Black Crowes U.S. [331]
The World's Most Dangerous Group N.W.A U.S. [332]

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Notes Edit

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  270. The Enterprise Growth Team was set up to find new applications for 3M technologies and to accelerate the growth of new products in the UK and Ireland... The team set about finding uses for the film and found quick success in the decorative, point of purchase and point of sale markets. It can now be seen in the form of lampshades, greetings cards, CD covers. It has even adorned the cover of the brochure for the princess of pop, Kylie Minogue. Dally, Steve (October 2002), "A century of innovation and creativity", The British Journal of Administrative Management: 30, ISSN 13535188 
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