List of non-existent countries is about those countries that have only existed on paper. That is, countries that either were proposed but never actually formed or countries that lasted only a short time before merging with or being swallowed up by other, larger countries.

  • British Esfiga, Britannica, Borelia, Cabotia, Victoralia, Ursalia, Tuponia, Niagarentia, Albertania, Canadia, Mesopolagia, Pumpville, The Empire of Gonadius, Albonia, West Britannia, Champlania, Transatlantica, Alexandrina, Canadensia, Vesperia and Albinoria: proposed names for the union of Upper and Lower, Canada.[1]
  • The Free City of Tri-Insula - proposed independent republic to be formed by Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island in reaction to the forming American Civil War.[2]
  • Rough and Ready, California seceded from the union (United States) as an independent nation, the Great Republic of Rough and Ready, but was never formally recognised and later in the same year quietly rejoined.[3]
  • The Republic of Texas had its own constitution and independency, but soon after the Alamo massacre, and in need of help from the US Colonies, agreed to join the Union.
  • Republic of Manitoba
  • Prussia is a country that was in middle Europe. It dissolved into countries including Poland and Germany after World War 2.


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