The Enzo Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars in the world costing over $1,000,000 (USD). With only 401 produced between 2003–2004 they have become very desirable to celebrities and notable businessmen and women. The following list contains all known owners by country of registration.

Known owners[edit | edit source]

Registered Owner Other Details
22x20px Chris Palmer Self made millionaire featured on Fifth Gear. Owns a Mclaren F1 as well
United States Paul Allen Microsoft co-founder
22x20px Sheik Hamad bin Hamdan
22x20px Juan Barazi
22x20px TK Mak(麥浚翹),
22x20px Jason Kay Jamiroquai frontman. Car was lightly vandalised 3 March 2009[1]
22x20px Ricky Ponting
22x20px Erik Larsen Danish radar-weapons manufacturer
22x20px Rene Rasmussen Danish racing driver and owner of a plumbing company
United States Gerald Barnes Owner of Ferrari Maserati Southern California
22x20px Tawfiq Al A'ali
United States Tom Celani Owner of Motor City Harley Davidson
22x20px Eric Clapton Caught reportedly doing 145 mph in Paris
22x20px Joe Cole Football player for England
22x20px Luis Perez Companc Argentine rally driver
22x20px Richard Coyle
22x20px Jamel Debbouze French actor, comedian and producer
22x20px Ben Brooke Hedge Fund manager
22x20pxUnited States Stefan Eriksson Owned two. One crashed and the other illegally exported from Britain to America
22x20px Torsten Frings
United States Michael Varnay Bought the 277th Enzo; ironically, also owned the Ford Thunderbird Ryan Grasell fatally crashed into
22x20px Lindsay Fox Australian transport magnate
United States Michael Fux foam mattress manufacturer
United States James Glickenhaus Film Director and Stock Magnate
United States Armen Gugasian former owner of Newport Autosport
22x20px Yoshiyuki Hayashi Famous Japanese Ferrari Collector
United States Preston Henn Owner of Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop in Florida and former race driver
22x20px Tommy Hilfiger Clothing Designer
22x20px Ricky Ponting Australian Cricket Captain
United States Chris Kelly Premier Motorcars of Sioux Falls
United States Marc Andrew Mendoza Mitsuwa Corporation of San Jose
22x20px Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa Crown Prince Of The Kingdom of Bahrain
22x20px Frits Kroymans Ferrari importer
22x20px Charles Kwan renown Hong Kong racing veteran
22x20px Aaron Kwok One of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop
22x20px Zlatan Ibrahimović Football player for Sweden
22x20px Torsten Jansson Swedish entrepreneur
22x20px Cody Liebel Owns two Enzos
22x20px Nick Mason Pink Floyd drummer. Car was featured on Top Gear and driven by Jeremy Clarkson
22x20px Matsuda Collection Ferrari Collection
United States John Menard Bought three between him and Paul and family friend Robby Gordon (see next)
United States Paul Menard NASCAR driver and son of John Mernard
United States Robby Gordon Family Friend to the Menards
United States Stephen Najim Bought the 22nd Enzo in Fresno, California, USA
22x20px Ian Nazareth Importer of Ferraris to India
United States Roger Penske owns Ferrari dealership located at the Wynn Las Vegas resort
22x20px Bernd Pischetsrieder Chairman of the Volkswagen Group
22x20px Loris Požar owner of a slot machine company from Slovenia
United States William J. Pulte Owner of Pulte Homes
22x20px Zahir Rana Owner of yellow Enzo
22x20px Michael Riemer Hi-Tech entrepreneur. Owns three Enzos
United States Brian Ross Ferrari Collector and Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneur
22x20px Dr Anil K Roy
22x20px Justin Rubert Owner of a Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico
22x20px Fahed Al-Saad Al-Sabah Member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family
22x20px Hamed Salem Al-Sabah Member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family
22x20px Peter Schorno Swiss slot machine manufacturer
22x20px Michael Schumacher Also owns the only Enzo based Ferrari FXX painted in all black with asingle racing stripe
United States Teemu Selänne NHL player
22x20px Shum Ka Wai founder and chairman of I.T Limited
22x20px Daniel Sielecki Argentine Bussinesman
22x20px Rod Stewart British singer and songwriter
United States Page Stevens Businessman
22x20px Mohammed Ben Sulayem Middle East rally champion
22x20px Jean Todt Former Boss of Scuderia Ferrari
United States Ron Tonkin Owner Tonkin Auto Group and Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo
22x20px Giannis Vardinogiannis former car rally champion and the first-born son of oil tycoon
United States Donald W. Wallace Bought car at auction from Pope John Paul II. His son crashed his previous Enzo
22x20px Willi Weber manager of Michael Schumacher
22x20px Bruce Weiner former owner of Double Bubble Gum
United States Greg Whitten Chief software architect at Microsoft
United States Pharrell Williams music producer singer/rapper
United States Steve Wynn Recently offered for sale through Ferrari
22x20px Niki Lauda Formula 1 driver and World Champion
United States Axl Rose leader of band Guns N Roses
United States 50 Cent Owns a yellow Enzo

Previous known owners[edit | edit source]

Registered Owner Other Details
22x20px Stefano Sidoli Car destroyed. The car split in half on impact and Sidoli was killed[2]
United States Gary Irwin Eisenberg[3] Car destroyed by striking a tree. Eisenberg was killed
22x20px Alexander Studhalter Car destroyed in France by Suleyman Kerimov 25 November 2006[4]
United States Ryan Grasell Car destroyed. Bought the 278th Enzo; fatally crashed it on his second day
United States Richard Losee Car destroyed on 2 August 2006[5]
22x20px Frank Mountain Car destroyed. Side-swiped by a bus on the way to a Top Gear Magazine photoshoot in December 2004.
22x20px Frank Warren Car destroyed by collision with bus
United States Daniel Sadek Car damaged by Eddie Griffin after the completion of Redline. Was restored and up for sale[6]
United States Nicolas Cage Owned two at different occasions and sold both
22x20px Pope John Paul II[7] was given the 400th Enzo and then was bought at the auction by Donald W. Wallace
22x20px Sh. Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa Son of King Hamad. Sold his car to Tawfiq Al A'ali

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