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This is a graphical list of popes of the Roman Catholic Church.

While the term pope (Latin: papa, "father") is used in several churches to denote their high spiritual leaders, this title in English usage generally refers to the supreme head of the Roman Catholic Church. The title itself has been used officially by the head of the Roman Catholic Church since the tenure of Pope Siricius, and there have been either 265 or 266 popes, depending on whether a source counts Stephen II.

The pope also bears the spiritual titles Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province and Servant of the Servants of God. Since 1929, the pope's temporal title has been Sovereign in the State of the Vatican City.

Graphical depiction of papal reigns Edit

Antipopes are shown in red.

Until 250 Edit

Pope FabianPope AnterusPope PontianPope Urban IAntipope HippolytusPope Calixtus IPope ZephyrinusPope Victor IPope EleuterusPope SoterPope AnicetusPope Pius IPope HyginusPope TelesphorusPope Sixtus IPope Alexander IPope EvaristusPope Clement IPope AnacletusPope LinusPope Peter

251–514 Edit

Pope SymmachusAntipope LaurentiusPope Anastasius IIPope Gelasius IPope Felix IIIPope SimpliciusPope HilariusPope Leo IPope Sixtus IIIPope Celestine IAntipope EulaliusPope Boniface IPope ZosimusPope Innocent IPope Anastasius IPope SiriciusAntipope UrsicinusPope Damasus IAntipope Felix IIPope LiberiusPope Julius IPope MarcusPope Silvester IPope MiltiadesPope EusebiusPope Marcellus IPope MarcellinusPope CaiusPope EutychianPope Felix IPope DionysiusPope Sixtus IIPope Stephen IPope Lucius IPope CorneliusAntipope Novatian

514–752 Edit

Pope ZachariasPope Gregory IIIPope Gregory IIPope ConstantinePope SisinniusPope John VIIPope John VIPope Sergius IAntipope PaschalAntipope TheodorePope CononPope John VPope Benedict IIPope Leo IIPope AgathoPope DonusPope Adeodatus IIPope VitalianPope Eugenius IPope Martin IPope Theodore IPope John IVPope SeverinusPope Honorius IPope Boniface VPope Adeodatus IPope Boniface IVPope Boniface IIIPope SabinianusPope Gregory IPope Pelagius IIPope Benedict IPope John IIIPope Pelagius IPope VigiliusPope SilveriusPope Agapitus IPope John IIPope Boniface IIAntipope DioscorusPope Felix IVPope John IPope Hormisdas

752–1003 Edit

Pope Sylvester IIPope John XVIPope Gregory VPope John XVPope Boniface VIIPope John XIVPope Benedict VIIAntipope Boniface VIIPope Benedict VIPope John XIIIPope Benedict VPope Leo VIIIPope John XIIPope Agapetus IIPope Marinus IIPope Stephen VIIIPope Leo VIIPope John XIPope Stephen VIIPope Leo VIPope John XPope LandoPope Anastasius IIIPope Sergius IIIAntipope ChristopherPope Leo VPope Benedict IVPope John IXPope Theodore IIPope RomanusPope Stephen VIPope Boniface VIPope FormosusPope Stephen VPope Hadrian IIIPope Marinus IPope John VIIIPope Adrian IIPope Nicholas IPope Benedict IIIAntipope Anastasius IIIPope Leo IVAntipope John VIIIPope Sergius IIPope Gregory IVPope ValentinePope Eugene IIPope Paschal IPope Stephen IVPope Leo IIIPope Adrian IPope Stephen IIIAntipope PhilipAntipope Constantine IIAntipope TheofylactPope Paul IPope Stephen II

1003–1254 Edit

Pope Innocent IVPope Celestine IVPope Gregory IXPope Honorius IIIPope Innocent IIIPope Celestine IIIPope Clement IIIPope Gregory VIIIPope Urban IIIPope Lucius IIIAntipope Innocent IIIAntipope Callixtus IIIAntipope Paschal IIIAntipope Victor IV (1159-1164)Pope Alexander IIIPope Hadrian IVPope Anastasius IVPope Eugene IIIPope Lucius IIPope Celestine IIAntipope Victor IV (1138)Antipope Anacletus IIPope Innocent IIAntipope Celestine IIPope Honorius IIPope Callixtus IIAntipope Gregory VIIIPope Gelasius IIAntipope Silvester IVAntipope AdalbertAntipope TheodoricPope Paschal IIPope Urban IIPope Victor IIIAntipope Clement IIIPope Gregory VIIPope Alexander IIAntipope Honorius IIAntipope Benedict XPope Nicholas IIPope Stephen IXPope Victor IIPope Leo IXPope Damasus IIPope Benedict IXPope Clement IIPope Gregory VIPope Benedict IXPope Silvester IIIPope Benedict IXPope John XIXAntipope Gregory VIPope Benedict VIIIPope Sergius IVPope John XVIIIPope John XVII

1254–1503 Edit

Pope Alexander VIPope Innocent VIIIPope Sixtus IVPope Paul IIPope Pius IIPope Callixtus IIIPope Nicholas VAntipope Felix VPope Eugene IVAntipope Benedict XIVAntipope Benedict XIVAntipope Clement VIIIPope Martin VAntipope John XXIIIPope Alexander VPope Gregory XIIPope Innocent VIIAntipope Benedict XIIIPope Boniface IXAntipope Clement VIIPope Urban VIPope Gregory XIPope Urban VPope Innocent VIPope Clement VIPope Benedict XIIAntipope Nicholas VPope John XXIIPope Clement VPope Benedict XIPope Boniface VIIIPope Celestine VPope Nicholas IVPope Honorius IVPope Martin IVPope Nicholas IIIPope John XXIPope Hadrian VPope Innocent VPope Gregory XPope Clement IVPope Urban IVPope Alexander IV

1503–1758 Edit

Pope Benedict XIVPope Clement XIIPope Benedict XIIIPope Innocent XIIIPope Clement XIPope Innocent XIIPope Alexander VIIIPope Innocent XIPope Clement XPope Clement IXPope Alexander VIIPope Innocent XPope Urban VIIIPope Gregory XVPope Paul VPope Leo XIPope Clement VIIIPope Innocent IXPope Gregory XIVPope Urban VIIPope Sixtus VPope Gregory XIIIPope Pius VPope Pius IVPope Paul IVPope Marcellus IIPope Julius IIIPope Paul IIIPope Clement VIIPope Hadrian VIPope Leo XPope Julius IIPope Pius III

from 1758 Edit

Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope John Paul IPope Paul VIPope John XXIIIPope Pius XIIPope Pius XIPope Benedict XVPope Pius XPope Leo XIIIPope Pius IXPope Gregory XVIPope Pius VIIIPope Leo XIIPope Pius VIIPope Pius VIPope Clement XIVPope Clement XIII

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