The term post-disco is a referral to the early to late 1980s era movement of disco music into more stripped-down electronic funk influenced sounds; post-disco was also predecessor to house music.

This list contains examples of post-disco artists, songs and even albums.


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Songs Edit

Some songs from post-disco era are listed here:

Late 1970s Edit

1978 Lakeside R&B United States "Shot Of Love" SOLAR
1979 Lakeside R&B United States "It's All The Way Live" SOLAR
1979 Atmosfear experimental, Britfunk 22x20px "Dancing In Outer Space" MCA
1979 Pleasure Jazz-funk R&B United States "Glide" Fantasy
1979 Telex Electronica, New Wave 22x20px "Moskow Diskow" / "Maxi Moskow Diskow" Sire (US)
1979 Dan-I Disco, R&B, Reggae 22x20px "Monkey Chop" Island
1979 Michael Jackson Dance-pop, R&B, Disco United States "Rock with You" Epic

Early 1980s Edit

1980 The Whispers R&B United States "And the Beat Goes On" SOLAR
1980 Kool & The Gang R&B United States "Celebration" [1] De-Lite
1980 George Benson R&B, Dance-pop United States "Give Me the Night" Warner Bros. Records
1980 Sylvia Striplin R&B, Dance-pop
United States "Give Me Your Love" Uno Melodic
1980 Kool & The Gang R&B, Ballad, Pop United States "Love Festival" De-Lite
1980 Kano R&B, Hi-NRG, Italo 22x20px "I'm Ready" Emergency (US)
1980 Incognito R&B, Jazz-funk 22x20px "Parisienne Girl" Ensign
1980 Boz ScaggsBlue-eyed soul, AC United States "Miss Sun" Elektra
1980 The Brothers Johnson R&B United States "Stomp!" [2] A&M
1980 Vaughn Mason & Crew R&B, Hip-Hop United States "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" [3] Brunswick
1980 Lakeside R&B, Dance United States "Fantastic Voyage" SOLAR
1981 Taana Gardner Garage-R&B United States "Heartbeat" [4] West End
1981 Evelyn Champagne King Electronic-R&B United States "I'm in Love" RCA
1981 Earth, Wind & Fire Garage-R&B United States "Let's Groove" [5][6][7] Columbia
1981 Gayle Adams Garage-R&B United States "Love Fever" Prelude
1981 The Bar Keys R&B, New Wave United States "Nightcruising" Merucy
1981 Vicky "D" Garage-R&B United States "This Beat Is Mine" Sam
1981Ednah Holt downtempo / garage United States "Serious, Sirius, Space Party" West End
1981 Tracy Weber Garage-R&B, New Wave United States "Sure Shot" RFC
1981 Suzy Q Garage-R&B, Synth United States "Get On Up And Do It Again" Atlantic
1981 Odyssey Dance-R&B, New Wave United States "Going Back To My Roots" RCA
1981 Peech Boys Ambient, dub, soul United States "Don't Make Me Wait" / "Life Is Something Special"[8] West End / Island
1981 Mike and Brenda Sutton Dance-R&B United States "We'll Make It" Sam
1982 Shalamar Soul-Dance United States "A Night to Remember"[9] SOLAR
1982 Michael Jackson Dance-pop, R&B United States "Baby Be Mine" Epic
1982 Skyy Dance-pop, R&B United States "Call Me " SalSoul
1982 Imagination R&B, New Romantic, Dance 22x20px "Changes" R & B
1982 Kano Hi-NRG, R&B, Italo 22x20px "Don't Try To Stop Me" Full Time (US)
1982 Klein & M.B.O. italo-disco United States "Dirty Talk" 25 West
1982 Komiko garage[10]-funk United States "Feel Alright" Sam
1982 Patrice Rushen Crossover jazz/R&B-funk United States "Forget Me Nots" [11] Rhino
1982 Monica Thornton Pop, Hi-NRG, R&B United States "Give It Up" Dynasty
1982 Greg Guidry Pop, AC, Soft-Rock United States "Goin' Down" Columbia
1982 Kool & The Gang Pop, Ballad, R&B United States "Hi-De-Hi, Hi-De-Ho" De-Lite
1982 Kreamcicle Garage/House, R&B United States Hold On Sam
1982 Shalamar Soul-Dance United States "I Can Make You Feel Good" [12] SOLAR
1982 Imagination R&B, New Romantic, Dance 22x20px "Just An Illusion" R & B
1982 Spyro Gyra R&B,Jazz-funk United States "Last Exit" MCA
1982 Inner Life Garage/Gospel, R&B United States "Moment of My Life" [13] SalSoul
1982 Vicky "D" Reggae, New Wave, Dance United States Mystery Lover Sam
1982 The Cool Runners Garage, R&B United States "Play The Game (So You Think It Funny)" MCA
1982 Michael Jackson Dance-pop, R&B United States "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" Epic
1982 Toney Lee Garage-funk United States "Reach Up" Radar
1982 BBCS & A Dance, R&B United States "Rock Shock" Sam
1982 Kool & The Gang Dance, R&B United States "Steppin' Out" De-Lite
1982 Larry Graham Dance R&B United States "Sooner Or Later" Warner Bros. Records
1982 Imagination R&B, New Romantic, Dance 22x20px "Music and Lights" R & B
1982 George Benson Dance, R&B United States "Never Give Up On A Good Thing" Warner Bros. Records
1982 Michael Jackson Dance-pop, R&B United States "Thriller" Epic
1982 Was (Not Was) experimental United States "Wheel Me Out" [14] Island
1982 David Mc Pherson Boogie Down, New Wave, R&B United States You Can't Stop Sam
1982 Daryl Hall & John Oates New Wave, Urban United States "Maneater" RCA
1983 Captain Rapp R&B, Hip-Hop
Garage, Electro
United States "Bad Times (I Can't Stand It)" Becket
1983 The Jammers Synth-R&B, Electro United States "Be Mine Tonight (A Shep Pettibone Mix)" SalSoul
1983 Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill R&B/Urban United States "Block Party" Cotillion
1983 Michael Jackson R&B, Dance-pop United States "Billie Jean" Epic
1983 Bananarama Britishbeat, New Wave 22x20px "Cruel Summer" London
1983 Phil Fearon & Galaxy R&B, Electronica 22x20px "Dancing Tight" Ensign
1983 Kano Boogie Down, Synth R&B 22x20px Dance School Full Time (US)
1983 Maurice McGee Italo Synth 22x20px "Do I Do" Full Time (US)
1983 Oliver Cheatham Jazzdance, Synth R&B 22x20px "Get Down Saturday Night" [15] MCA (US)
1983 Phil Fearon & Galaxy R&B, Ballad 22x20px "Fantasy Real" Ensign
1983 Tara Freestyle, Electro-Funk, R&B United States Fresh Flesh Unlimited
1983 Jazzy Dee Old school HH, Synth, Italo United States "Get On Up" Laurie
1983 Armenta & Majik R&B, Electro 22x20px "I Wanna Be With You You (Parts 1 & 2)" Savoir Faire
1983 Midnight Star Synth-funk United States "Midas Touch"[16] SOLAR
1983 Donna Summer New Wave, Dance, Pop/Rock United States "She Works Hard for the Money" Mercury
1983 Carrie Lucas R&B, Dance United States "Show Me Where You're Coming From" [16][16] SOLAR
1983 Klassique Garage R&B, Dance United States Somebody's Loving You Sam
1983 The Latest R&B, Dance United States "Starting Over" Ransom
1983 Michael Jackson R&B, Dance-pop United States "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"[17] Epic
1984 Clockwork R&B, Garage, New Wave United States "I'm Your Candy Girl" Private I Records
1984 Billy Ocean Pop-soul/R&B United States
"Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)"[18] Jive
1984 The Pointer Sisters New Wave, Dance United States "I'm So Excited" / "Neutron Dance" Planet
1984Patti LaBelle Synth, New Wave, Soul United States "New Attitude" MCA
1984 Cutty Hip Hop/Dance-pop United States "Naughty Times" Hudson River
1984 Simplicious Dance-pop United States "Let Her Feel It" Philly World
1984 O'Bryan R&B, New Wave United States "Lovelite" Capitol
1984 Larry Wu Dance, Garage, Electro United States "Let Me Show You" [19] Atlantic
1984 The Treacherous Three Go-Go, Hip-Hop United States "Santa's Rap (X-Rated)" Sugar Hill
1984 Jocelyn Brown gospel-soul United States "Somebody Else's Guy" Prelude
1984 Advance Italo Disco 22x20px "Take Me To The Top"[20] Polydor (US)
1984 Rockwell Synth R&B United States "Somebody's Watching Me" / "Obscene Phone Caller" Motown
1984 Jones Girls Dance, soul United States "You Can't Have My Love" P. I. R.
1984 Thelma Houston R&B-Dance United States "You Used To Hold Me So Tight"[21] MCA.
Kool & The Gang R&B-Dance, Pop United States "Fresh" De Lite
May Ervin R&B-Modern soul United States "What Is It" Music International
Wham! R&B, Ballad, Pop 22x20px "Careless Whisper" Columbia

Late 1980s Edit

-' 85
Sade Ballad, Sophisti-pop, smooth 22x20px "Smooth Operator" Epic
1985 Evelyn King R&B, Synthpop United States "Your Personal Touch" RCA
1985 Tone Mariko
(刀根 麻理子)
Crossover, J-POP, Electro, R&B 22x20px "BROKEN EYES" BOURBON
1985 Tone Mariko
(刀根 麻理子)
Crossover, J-POP, R&B 22x20px "Sukoshi Dake" (少しだけ) BOURBON
1985 Gloria D. Brown R&B United States "The More They Knock (The More I Love You)" Krystal
1985 Krystal Davis New Wave, R&B
Electropop, Ballad
United States"So Smooth" Urban Rock
1985 Patti LaBelle New Wave, Synth, R&B United States "Stir It Up" (1985) MCA
1985 Brenda K. Starr freestyle-dance United States "I Want Your Love" Mirage
1985 Lukk feat. Felicia Collins New Wave, Synth R&B 22x20px "On the One" Easy Street
1985 Madonna Dance-pop, pop United States "Material Girl" [22] Warner Bros. Records
1985 Collage R&B-dance United States "Winners & Losers" [16] / "Step Right Up" SOLAR
1986 E.G. Daily Dance-pop, pop 22x20px "Say It, Say It" A&M
Sade Ballad, Sophisti-pop 22x20px "The Sweetest Taboo" Epic
1986 Claudja Barry Electro, Freestyle 22x20px "Can't You Feel My Heart Beat" Epic
1986 Phil Fearon Dance-pop, Britishbeat 22x20px "I Can Prove It (Stock, Aitken & Waterman Mix)" Chrysalis
1986 Nu Shooz Freestyle, Electro United States "I Can't Wait" Atlantic
1986 Sylvester dance R&B, Electro United States "Someone Like You" Warner Bros. Records
1986 Sandii & the Sunsetz Electro, Technopop 22x20px "The Act Of Love" Toshiba-EMI
1986 Rare Moods Garage, New Wave, Electro 22x20px "Closer To Your Love" AGR
1987 The Pointer Sisters New Wave, Dance United States "Be There (From Beverly Hills Cop II)" MCA
Swing Out Sister New Wave, sophisti-pop 22x20px "Breakout" Mercury
1987 The Whispers New Wave
New jack swing
United States "Rock Steady"[16] SOLAR
1987 Johnny Hates Jazz New Wave, sophisti-pop 22x20px "I Don't Want To Be A Hero" Virgin
1987 New Order Synthpop, Pop rock 22x20px True Faith[23] Factory
1987 Yū Hayami (早見優) J-POP, Crossover, R&B 22x20px "Caribbean Night" Taurus
1987 Shonentai (少年隊) New Wave, J-POP 22x20px "自然にKissして" (Shizen ni Kiss Shite) Warner Japan
1988 Stacey Q Garage/House, New Wave United States "I Love You (Dub Mix)" Atlantic
1988 Pebbles R&B, Dance-pop United States "Mercedes Boy" MCA
1988 Keith Sweat R&B, New jack swing United States "Something Just Ain't Right" Elektra
1988 Micro Chip League EBM/Techno, New Beat, Dance-Rock 22x20px "New York, New York" [24][25] Future Dance
1988 Shonentai (少年隊) J-POP, Dance 22x20px "What's Your Name" Warner Japan
1988 Miho Nakayama
Crossover, R&B, New Wave 22x20px "Overtune/Misty Love" King

1990s Edit

J-POP 22x20px "バラードのように眠れ" (Ballad no Youni Nemure) Warner Japan
1992 Mariah Carey garage house United States "Make It Happen" (LP Version) Columbia
1992 Matsuko Mawatari J-POP, New Wave 22x20px "Hohoemi no bakudan"
Pony Canyon (1997)
1992 Matsuko Mawatari J-POP, freestyle, New Wave 22x20px "Homework ga Owaranai"
Pony Canyon (1997)
1992-'93 Nobuyuki Hiyama
(檜山 修之)
New Wave, J-POP 22x20px "Kuchibue ga kikoeru" (I Hear A Whistle) Pony Canyon (1997)
1993 KuKeiHa CLUB
Jazz-funk, Smooth jazz 22x20px "In the Back of My Mind" (instrumental) King
1996 Culture Beat Freestyle 22x20px "Take Me Away (Sweetbox Hotpants Mix)" Sony
1996 Namie Amuro
J-POP, R&B 22x20px "Super Luck!" avex trax

2000s Edit

2001 Daft Punk Ballad, Jazzdance 22x20px "Something About Us Virgin
2001 Daft Punk R&B-dance 22x20px "Short Circuit (instrumental)" Virgin
2001 Daft Punk garage house-dance 22x20px "Face To Face" Virgin
2003 Justin Timberlake Urban pop, Dance United States "Rock Your Body" Jive
2008 Sam Sparro Wonky Pop 22x20px "21st Century Life" Island
2008 Estelle R&B/Dance-pop 22x20px "American Boy"[26] Atlantic
2008 Sam Sparro Electrofunk, Pop 22x20px "Cottonmouth" Island
2009 Black Eyed Peas Electro, R&B United States "Alive" Interscope
2009 Black Eyed Peas Electro, R&B United States "Out Of My Head" Interscope
2009 Black Eyed Peas Electro, R&B United States "Rockin To Beat" Interscope

Albums Edit

Some examples of post-disco albums (or from its era) are listed here:

1979 "Skyy" [27] Skyy Salsoul R&B, Synth
1980 "Fantastic Voyage" [28] Lakeside SOLAR R&B
1981 "Gaston" [29] Gaston Chocolate Cholly's R&B
1981 "Keep On Moving Straight Ahead" Lakeside SOLAR R&B
1981 "New York Cake" [30] Kano Emergency Hi-NRG/Italo Disco
1981 "Tom Tom Club" Tom Tom Club Sire New Wave, R&B
1981 "All American Girls" [31] Sister Sledge Cotillion Girl Group, Pop R&B
1982 "Living My Life" [32] Grace Jones Island New Wave, R&B, Reggae
1982 "D Train" [33] D-Train Prelude New Wave, Synth Urban
1982 "Straight from the Heart" [34] Patrice Rushen Elektra Crossover funk, R&B
1982 "Trillark" [35] Trillark Handshake R&B
1983 "Rosé" Mari Iijima
(飯島 真理)
SONY J-POP, new wave, crossover
1983 "Nick Straker" Nick Straker Band Prelude Electropop, new wave
1983 "She Works Hard for the Money" [36] Donna Summer Mercury Pop rock, New wave, R&B
1983 "Madonna" Madonna Sire dance-pop, pop
1983 "Music" [37] D-Train Prelude New wave, R&B
1984 "Keep It Comin'" The Jones Girls P. I. R. R&B, Soul
1984 "Like a Virgin" Madonna Sire dance-pop, pop
1988 "Mite" Chisato Moritaka
Warner Japan j-pop, new wave, j-R&B
1988 "catch the nite" Miho Nakayama
キングレコード, Co. Ltd. j-pop, new wave, j-R&B
1989 「HA・JI・MA・RI」 Risa Tachibana
(立花 理佐)
EMI Japan j-pop, new wave
1989 "BLOND SAURUS" Rebecca
SONY New wave, R&B, J-POP
2009 "The E.N.D." [38][39] Black Eyed Peas Intescope Electro-Hop/Pop

Compilations Edit

NameDescriptionExternal link(s)
  • 2000: VA - Disco Not Disco [2000]
Post-punk/experimental songs from 1985 AMG entry
  • 2002 - 2008: Opération Funk 1 ~ 5 (by Kheops)
post-disco R&B songs from 1980s Discogs: 12345
  • ???? - 2009: VA - Nighttime lovers Vol. 1 ~ 10
post-disco R&B songs from 1980s AMG entry (no. 7)
post-disco R&B, dub, remix album AMG entry


R&B-oriented post-disco



























Post-disco/post-punk (Dance-Rock):

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