Jennifer Lopez—often known by her moniker J.Lo[note 1]—is an American actress, businesswoman, dancer and recording artist who is credited for bringing back celebrity perfume endorsements, which was deemed to be "dead" since the late 1980s.[1]

Fragrances Edit

Fragrances endorsed by Lopez
Title Year Creator Label Tagline Ref
Glow by J.Lo 2002 Coty, Inc. Fresh-Sexy-Clean
Still by Jennifer Lopez 2003 Coty, Inc. Sheer-Captivating-Real
Miami Glow 2005 Coty, Inc.
Love at First Glow 2005 Coty, Inc.
Live 2005 Coty, Inc.
Glow After Dark 2006 Coty, Inc.
Deseo 2008 Coty, Inc.
Deseo for Men 2008 Coty, Inc.
Deseo Forever 2008 Coty, Inc.
Live Platinum 2008 Coty, Inc.
Live Luxe 2008 Coty, Inc.
Sunkissed Glow 2009 Coty, Inc.
My Glow 2009 Coty, Inc.
Blue Glow 2010 Coty, Inc.
Love & Glamour 2010 Coty, Inc.
L.A. Glow 2011 Coty, Inc.
Love & Light 2011 Coty, Inc.
Glowing 2012 Coty, Inc. [2]


Beverages endorsed by Lopez
Title Year Type Ref
Pepsi − "Samurai" 2003 Commercial [3]
Brahma 2012 [4]


  1. Lopez's moniker "J.Lo" is sometimes written as "JLO" or "J-Lo".

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