This is a list of supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. The UK supermarket sector is dominated by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons which are the only chains which operate full-scale superstores of 40,000 square feet (3,700 m²) or more.[citation needed] There are no regional supermarket chains left in the United Kingdom which operate superstores, just a few small ones which operate smaller stores. The "Big 4" had a combined share of 75.3% of the UK grocery market in the 12 weeks ending 2nd November 2008.[1]

The Co-operative Group is now the fifth largest food retailer in the UK, operating mainly smaller supermarkets and convenience stores, and having once been the UK's foremost retail force through its many local societies, followed by Waitrose in sixth place.

Marks and Spencer and Waitrose are the most upmarket national supermarket chains (although the former is also the UK's largest clothing retailer, and thus often is not perceived as a supermarket).

List of current UK supermarket chainsEdit

Aldi, Beeston, Leeds

An Aldi store in Beeston, Leeds

File:Asda wb.jpg
File:Sainsbury's Holywood Exchange2.jpg

List of defunct UK supermarket chainsEdit

These supermarkets are either no longer trading, have been renamed, or have been taken over and rebranded.

  • Aberness (Scottish convenience chain, purchased by Somerfield early 2000s)
  • Alldays (bought by the Co-operative Group)
  • All 'Ours (a symbol group within the moffat company - later became premier stores)
  • Bejam (bought by Iceland)
  • Bishops (63 stores in SE England, acquired by Budgen in 1984) [3]
  • BP Safeway (Listed as Equinox retailing - a partnership between the two companies, dissolved following Safeway takeover, some stores now Tesco Express)
  • Carrefour (UK business sold to Gateway (Somerfield) then later to Asda)
  • Capital Freezer Centres now owned by Farmfoods
  • Circle K (became part of Alldays)
  • County Stores (Food Stores) (sold to Gateway and converted to Somerfield early 90's, however one branch branded as county stores still remains in Wiliton, Somerset)
  • Day & Nite (bought by Tesco)
  • David Greig (bought by Somerfield)
  • Europa "(presence in central London; bought by Tesco)"
  • Fairway (became Gateway, now known as Somerfield)
  • Fine Fare (purchased and rebranded/integrated into Gateway chain, now Somerfield)
  • FreshXpress (formed in 2007 out of the remains of Kwik Save, however it went into administration in March 2008)
  • Food Giant rebranded as Kwik Save, then Somerfield
  • Galbraith supermarkets, Scottish chain, purchased by Allied Suppliers then Argyll Group before being rebranded
  • Gateway (now known as Somerfield)
  • Select & Save (bought by Costcutter)
  • Grandways (regional in Yorkshire, some stores sold to Argyll Group for their Presto chain and Kwik Save in 1992 - 1993, remaineder renamed Jacksons, now owned by Sainsbury's)
  • GT Smith (regional in West Yorkshire, bought by Co-operative Group in 2002)
  • Hillards (bought by Tesco)
  • Hintons (mainly in North East England and Yorkshire was bought by Argyll Foods to become part of Presto then later Safeway and is now part of Wm Morrison)
  • International (became Gateway)
  • Jackson's (regional in Yorkshire and North Midlands, bought by Sainsbury's in 2004)
  • Key Markets (bought by Gateway eventually becoming part of Somerfield)
  • Kwik Save (part of Somerfield group, gone into administration in 2007, some stores now FreshXpress remaining stores converted to Somerfield or leased to others by Somerfield group)
  • Laws
  • Lennons (Part of Key Market, bought by the Dee Corporation and became part of Gateway chain when Dee took Gateway over)
  • Liptons (became part of Allied Suppliers, taken over by Argyll Foods, before being converted to Presto or Lo-Cost stores.
  • Local Plus (bought by the Co-operative Group)
  • Morning, Noon & Night (bought by Scotmid)
  • Normans supermarkets bought by Plymco and rebranded
  • Normid (was owned by United Co-operatives)
  • Norco (an Aberdeen based co-operative society)
  • Presto Stores converted to Safeway, which is now part of Wm Morrison)
  • Proudfoot (Chain of 6 stores based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Purchased by Tesco in 2008)[4][5]
  • Quality Fare (bought by the Co-operative Group)
  • Rainbow (one of the Co-operative Group brands)
  • Safeway (UK) (bought by Wm Morrison - "Safeway Compact" stores sold on to Somerfield and other retailers) - brand no longer trading in UK.
  • Shop Rite (Discount supermarket chain taken over by Kwik Save which was later taken over by Somerfield)
  • Templeton supermarkets, Scottish chain, purchased by Allied Suppliers then Argyll Group before being rebranded as Presto.
  • VG (became Alldays which, in turn, was bought by the Co-operative Group)
  • Victor Value (originally part of Kwiksave, bought by Bejam, later sold to Tesco when Bejam was bought by Iceland)
  • Wm Low (presence in Scotland and northern England, bought by and rebranded as Tesco)
  • Stewarts/Crazy Prices (ABF owned Northern Ireland group, bought by Tesco)
  • Supernational (became Gateway)

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