Below is a list of the winners of the top prize for each version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

Top WinnersEdit

Country Name Date Notes
Template:Country data Arab League Arab World Khaled al-Mulla from UAE November 21, 2001
Template:Country data Arab League Arab World Mohammad Tanirah from Gaza Strip March 15, 2002
Template:Country data Arab League Arab World Sidi Ahmed weld A'ala from Mauritania January 2, 2003
Template:Country data Arab League Arab World Kenaan Matar from Lebanon May 15, 2007 First SR2,000,000 winner
22x20px Australia Rob "Coach" Fulton[1] October 17, 2005 First winner in Australia after over 6 years.
22x20px Australia Martin Flood[1] November 14, 2005 Last winner of the original format.
Edwin Daly August 29, 2016 First winner in nearly 11 years. Fifth winner in the Hot Seat format.
22x20px Austria Anton Sutterlüty[2] February 19, 2001 won öS10,000,000
22x20px Austria Christiane de Piero[2] November 11, 2002
22x20px Austria Sigrid Weiß-Lutz[2] May 9, 2003
22x20px Austria Karin Huber[2] November 3, 2003
22x20px Austria Elfriede ("El") Awadalla[2] March 14, 2005
22x20px Austria Heide Gondek[2] September 18, 2006
22x20px Chile Gonzalo Miranda 2002 Won CLP$100,000,000
22x20px Chile Mel Shields 2003 Won CLP$65,000,000
22x20px China Bo Lang Li December 2009 First Person in China to win Y1,000,000 since they started 2 years ago.
22x20px Colombia Enrique Carlos Castillo October 2006 Won COL$300,000,000
22x20px Croatia Mira Bićanić 2002
22x20px Ecuador Maria Fernanda Compte November 24, 2002
22x20px France Frédéric Grégoire[3] September 30, 2000 Won 4,000,000
22x20px France Louis ??? 2001 Won 4,000,000
22x20px France Marie ??? August 27, 2004
22x20px Germany Eckhard Freise[4] December 2, 2000 Won DM1,000,000
22x20px Germany Marlene Grabherr[4] May 20, 2001
22x20px Germany Gerhard Krammer[4] October 18, 2002
22x20px Germany Dr. Maria Wienströer[4] March 29, 2004
22x20px Germany Stefan Lang[4] October 6, 2006
22x20px Germany Timur Hahn[4] January 8, 2007
22x20px Germany Oliver Pocher[4] May 30, 2008 Celebrity edition
22x20px Germany Thomas Gottschalk[4] November 20, 2008 Celebrity edition
22x20px Greece Giorgios Georgopoulos Won 50,000,000
22x20px Greece Stelios Stergiou Won 150,000
22x20px Hong Kong Wong Jim and Fung Po Po July 2001
22x20px Hong Kong Stephen Chow and Lee Man August 2001
22x20px Hong Kong Chan Hon-cheung November 2, 2001
22x20px Hungary Gábor Cserey March 20, 2006 Won Ft40,000,000
22x20px India Harshvardhan Navathe[5] Winner of Rs.1 crore
22x20px India Brajesh Dube[5] 2005 Second crorepati winner.
22x20px India Ravi Saini Winner of KBC Junior
22x20px India Vijay Raul and Arundhati Winner of Kaun Banega Crorepatipatni
22x20px Israel Izhar Nevo 2000
22x20px Italy Francesca Cinelli[6] March 18, 2001 Winner of 1,000,000,000
22x20px Italy Davide Pavesi[6] October 17, 2004
22x20px Japan Yasuyuki Kunimitsu July 27, 2000
22x20px Japan Yoshiaki Nagata August 10, 2000
22x20px Japan Naoko Imao November 2, 2000
22x20px Japan Hiroshi Hase November 23, 2000 Member of the Japanese House of Representatives and former professional wrestler
22x20px Japan Kazuyuki Nose February 15, 2001
22x20px Japan Hitomi Sakamoto December 13, 2001
22x20px Japan Kikuchi Akishi June 27, 2002
22x20px Japan Michiko Eguchi August 1, 2002
22x20px Japan Naomi Osada November 14, 2002
22x20px Japan Shoko Mishima May 8, 2003
22x20px Japan Daichi Suzuki September 18, 2003
22x20px Japan Tsuyoshi Shinjo January 2, 2004 Professional baseball player
22x20px Japan Takafumi Horie December 30, 2004 former CEO of Livedoor
22x20px Japan Kazuko Hosoki December 30, 2004
22x20px Japan Masaaki Sakai April 7, 2005
22x20px Japan Yasuo Tanaka April 7, 2005 Author and governor of Nagano Prefecture
22x20px Japan Kikuchi Tomohisa April 28, 2005
22x20px Japan Masahiko Hamada May 26, 2005
22x20px Japan Kotaro Koizumi January 2, 2006 Japanese actor and the eldest son of the former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
22x20px Japan Yuko Asano March 23, 2006
22x20px Japan Junko Nozoe June 29, 2006
22x20px Japan Keiko Ohi July 27, 2006
22x20px Japan Dai Tamesue September 14, 2006
22x20px Japan Mitsugoro Bando October 5, 2006
22x20px Japan Dewi Sukarno October 26, 2006
22x20px Japan Misako Konno February 15, 2007
22x20px Japan Shōsuke Tanihara July 5, 2007
22x20px Japan Shumiko Fuji March 27, 2008
22x20px Japan Kazuo Tokumitsu March 27, 2008
22x20px Japan Takeshi Kitano January 30, 2009 Only person to answer the final question incorrectly once, and later return and win the top prize.
22x20px Japan Hikari Ota April 1, 2009
22x20px Kazakhstan Saule Akhmetova 2002
22x20px Kazakhstan Irina Stal'naya 2003
22x20px Nigeria Aroma Ufodike September 11, 2009 Won Naira10,000,000
22x20px Netherlands Hans Peters[7] January 6, 2001 Won ƒ1,000,000
22x20px Portugal Renata Morgado May 2000 won 50 000 000$00, and the first female to win top prize in the history of the franchise
22x20px Portugal Ana Damásio September 2000
22x20px Portugal José Fernandes April 2001
22x20px Portugal António Franco December 2003
22x20px Romania 2 people  ???? Won 1,000,000,000 old lei
22x20px Russia Igor Sazejev March 21, 2001 Won 1,000,000 roubles
22x20px Russia Irina and Jury Chudinovskikh March 18, 2001 Won 1,000,000 roubles
22x20px Russia Svetlana Yaroslavtseva February 19, 2006 Won 3,000,000 roubles
22x20px Slovenia Peter Lazar
22x20px Slovenia Akim Kysselef 2002
22x20px Slovenia Matjaž Tanko 2002
22x20px Slovenia Gorazd Škerbinek
22x20px Slovenia Jaro Leskovsek 2004 Won 15,000,000 Slovenian tolars
22x20px South Africa David Paterson
22x20px South Africa Anna Tran
22x20px Sweden Per Hörberg February 17, 2006
22x20px Sweden Torgny Segerstedt March 1, 2008
22x20px Spain Enrique Chicote[8] 2000 Won 50,000,000; Used the phone a friend lifeline to call his wife in the last question, letting her know that he'd won.
22x20px Ukraine Serhiy Karabynskyy
22x20px Ukraine Svyatoslav Vakarchuk 2005 First celebrity contestant outside of Japan to win top prize
22x20px United Kingdom Judith Keppel[9] November 20, 2000
22x20px United Kingdom David Edwards[9] April 21, 2001
22x20px United Kingdom Robert Brydges[10] September 29, 2001
22x20px United Kingdom Pat Gibson[9] April 24, 2004
22x20px United Kingdom Ingram Wilcox[9] September 23, 2006
Flag of the United States.svg United States John Carpenter November 19, 1999 First ever top prize winner in the Millionaire franchise.
Flag of the United States.svg United States Dan Blonsky January 18, 2000
Flag of the United States.svg United States Joe Trela March 23, 2000
Flag of the United States.svg United States Bob House June 13, 2000
Flag of the United States.svg United States Kim Hunt July 6, 2000
Flag of the United States.svg United States David Goodman July 11, 2000
Flag of the United States.svg United States Kevin Olmstead April 10, 2001 Won $2,180,000
Flag of the United States.svg United States Bernie Cullen April 15, 2001
Flag of the United States.svg United States Ed Toutant September 7, 2001 Won $1,860,000
Flag of the United States.svg United States Kevin Smith February 18, 2003
Flag of the United States.svg United States Nancy Christy May 8, 2003 First female millionaire in America
Flag of the United States.svg United States Sam Murray [11] November 20, 2009 He didn't go all the way to a million the first time, winning $50,000, came back to win the question in the "Million Dollar Tournament of Ten." He was also 8th seed in the tournament at the time of his winning.
22x20px Venezuela Giovanni Grosso 2002
22x20px Venezuela Antonio Ríos 2002
22x20px Venezuela Eugenio Vargas 2004
22x20px Venezuela Zulay Marcano July 2007
22x20px Venezuela Luis Olavarrieta 2008 Celebrity edition
22x20px Venezuela María Alejandra Requena 2008 Celebrity edition
22x20px Yugoslavia Jelena Mitrovic 2009 Celebrity edition

Elimination of WinningsEdit

Some players had answered the top prize question correctly, but did not actually win the prize because of ineligibility, legal issues, or elimination from a contest.

Country Name Date Notes
22x20px Bulgaria Asen Angelov[citation needed] His daughter, Iskra Angelova, worked for Nova TV, which airs the show, a violation of game show rules, so he returned all prizes as he was not eligible. Employees of the local broadcaster, production company or distributor, sponsors, and Sony (which owns the franchise) are not eligible to participate in the show. As Angelov is the only Bulgarian to answer the final question correctly, no one in this version actually won the top prize.
22x20px United Kingdom Major Charles Ingram[9] Scheduled for September 18, 2001 but not actually broadcast until April 21, 2003 He was accused of cheating by using coughing patterns from the audience while playing the game. He was found guilty of fraud in the 2001 scandal and was stripped of his winnings.

Top Prize LosersEdit

While more people answered the question correctly, a few people internationally got the top prize question wrong. It has especially happened the most in the Japanese version of the show, having had 40 contestants to have ever done such thing. Note that in the Japanese Super Millionaire (10 question format), a contestant cannot walk away from the final two questions, while in the Australian "Hot Seat" version, a contestant cannot walk away at any question. In other versions, contestants may walk away without answering the question.

Country Name Date Notes
22x20px Australia Barry Soraghan June 8, 2009 Lost AU$249,000 (Hot Seat Edition)
22x20px Australia Jeff Tarr September 28, 2009 Lost AU$249,000 (Hot Seat Edition)
22x20px Bulgaria Yavor Kostov 2005 Lost лв47,000
22x20px Germany Harald Schmidt December 1, 2000 Lost DM468,000 (Celebrity Edition)
22x20px Hong Kong Ling Wing Kuen(凌永權) and Ling Shuk Ling(凌淑玲) November 9, 2001 Lost HK$440,000
22x20px India Ganesh Shinde Lost Rs.4,680,000
22x20px Netherlands Menno de Ruijter December 20, 2003 Lost 234,000
22x20px Japan 43 different people 2000-2009 Lost ¥6,500,000, In October 12, 2000, LaSalle Ishii became the first contestant to answer the 15th question incorrectly in the Millionaire franchise.
22x20px Poland Filip Łapiński June 1, 2002 Lost 468,000 PLN (children edition)
22x20px Russia Galina Semenova Lost 468,000 roubles
22x20px United Kingdom Laurence and Jackie Llewelyn-Bowen Feburary 11, 2006 Lost £468,000
Question turned out to be flawed and were invited back to answer another £1,000,000 question, which they would walk away.
Flag of the United States.svg United States Ken Basin August 23, 2009 Lost US$475,000
First contestant to see the million dollar question under the new "clock format" in the United States.

Returning Contestants After Top Prize LossEdit

On rarer occasions, contestants return after answering the final question incorrectly.

Country Name Date Notes
22x20px Germany Harald Schmidt 2002 Won 500,000 (Celebrity Edition)
22x20px Japan Takeshi Kitano January 30, 2009 Won the ¥10,000,000 (Celebrity Edition)
22x20px United Kingdom Laurence and Jackie Llewelyn-Bowen Feburary 11, 2006 Walked away with £500,000 after a flawed question (Celebrity Edition)


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