A list of association football players who have been educated to University level.

Player Nationality University Degree subject Graduation Playing career Source
Bilic, SlavenSlaven Bilić 22x20px Croatia Law 1987–2001 [1]
Boban, ZvonimirZvonimir Boban 22x20px Croatia History 1985–2001
Bohr, HaraldHarald Bohr Denmark University of Copenhagen Mathematics 1903–c.1910
Coppell, SteveSteve Coppell 22x20px England University of Liverpool Economic history 1976 1973–1983
Dowie, IainIain Dowie 22x20px Northern Ireland University of Hertfordshire Engineering 1983–2001 [1]
Elliott, WadeWade Elliott 22x20px England Goldsmiths (London) 1997–
Evans, CeriCeri Evans 22x20px New Zealand University of Oxford Psychology 1979–1993
Hall, BrianBrian Hall 22x20px England Liverpool University Mathematics 1968–1980
Heidrich, SteffenSteffen Heidrich 22x20px Germany Dresden University of Technology Business management 1985–2005
Heighway, SteveSteve Heighway 22x20px Ireland University of Warwick Economics 1970 1970–1981 [1]
Hislop, ShakaShaka Hislop 22x20px Trinidad and Tobago Howard University Mechanical engineering 1991 1992–2007 [1]
Joy, BernardBernard Joy 22x20px England University of London 1931–1948
Macclair, BrianBrian McClair 22x20px Scotland University of Glasgow Medical science 1980–1998
O'Flanagan, KevinKevin O'Flanagan 22x20px Ireland University College Dublin Medicine 1945 1936–1950
Oppitz, VolkerVolker Oppitz 22x20px Germany Dresden University of Technology Economics 1996–
Palmer, SteveSteve Palmer 22x20px England University of Cambridge Software engineering 1989–2006 [1]
Wenger, ArsèneArsène Wenger 22x20px France University of Strasbourg Economics 1971 1973–1981
Wetherall, DavidDavid Wetherall 22x20px England Sheffield University Chemistry 1992 1991–2008 [1]
Zeeuw, Arjan deArjan de Zeeuw 22x20px Netherlands Medical science 1992– [1]
John, AveryAvery John 22x20px Trinidad and Tobago American University Business administration 1999 1999– [2]
Videira, MichaelMichael Videira  United States Duke University Sociology 2008– [3]
Graham, TaylorTaylor Graham  United States Stanford University International relations 2003– [4]
Taylor, RobRob Taylor 22x20px England Worcester University c.2008 c.2008–
Hopkins, BrianBrian Hopkins 22x20px England Keele University c.1957 c.1957–c.1958
Boumsong, Jean-AlainJean-Alain Boumsong 22x20px France Mathematics c.2004 1997– [5]

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