"I am Lord Zedd, sworn enemy of all that is good and decent."Lord Zedd, husband of sorceress Rita Repulsa, is a powerful sorceror bent on destroying Zordon of Eltar and conquering the planet Earth. In one of his many attempts to destroy Zordon's Power Rangers, he freed the morphological being known as Ivan Ooze from his hyperlock chamber (which he had been searching for for 2,000 years), and left him to destroy the Rangers. The plan was successful, as Ivan destroyed the Command Center, mortally wounding Zordon and destroying the Rangers' powers. Unfortunately, Ivan wasn't about to become anyone's lackey, and announced his takeover of the Lunar Palace. Enraged, Lord Zedd attempted to destroy him with a blast of energy from his Staff, but soon realized that Ooze was way beyond his power, and was shrunk and trapped within a snowglobe. Zedd was stuck there until Ooze was finally destroyed by the Power Rangers, and emerged to find Goldar - who had betrayed Zedd for Ooze - sitting in his throne.