Madame Carp is a minor antagonist in Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper. She was the owner of a dress emporium, and loaned a great sum of money to Erika's parents to pay for food for Erika. Madame Carp is voiced by Pam Hyatt.StoryMadame Carp is a rude, bossy, two-faced woman. When Erika was born, her parents didn't have the money to properly raise their child, so they borrowed money from Madame Carp. As Erika grew up, she had to work as a seamstress in her dress emporium. Madame Carp constantly ordered Erika around, making her life miserable. When Erika married and left the emporium, Anneliese payed off the debt Erika owe Madame Carp. Due to the fact that when Anneliese visited the shop and was mistreated by Carp, the castle took their business elsewhere, causing the shop to close.