MarineDevimon is a Sea Animal Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Marine Devimon", though it is also a pun on "devilfish", an archaic term for the octopus. It is an aquatic dirty fighter that even Devimon hates to fight, due to its brutal reputation, and though it is a subspecies of Devimon, it completely lacks all emotions but hatred due to its lonely life in the profound ocean depths.[2] For that reason, to ensure that it wins by any means, it won't let up with its attacks even if the opponent loses their fighting spirit. The two big tentacles growing from its back appear large and special, but they each possess their own will, so they will struggle for the catch and act without permission.In Ultima, MarineDevimon, one of Daemon's corps, currently serves as a Dark Master in the Organization. MarineDevimon has also been cloned many times as well. His clones act as heavy assault/aquatic commanders. MarineDevimons are usually in charge of deep sea Digimon.