A warlock from the 17th century, Matthew has the ability to copy a witch's power when it was used againts him. Once he copies the power, he becomes immune to its effects by others. In addition, he possessed the warlock ability to blink. He posed as the lover of Melinda Warren, in order to get her powers. Once he had copied her powers, he betrayed her by exposing her as a witch to the Salem Witch Hunters. And because the warlock had stolen her love, she cursed him into the Pewter Heart locket, where he could spend eternity knowing the sting of betrayal. He was eventually released by Prue Halliwell, intended by Rex and Hannah, and tried to obtain all three of the Charmed One's powers, but only got Prue and Phoebe's. With summoning Melinda Warren to the present, the Halliwell Sisters were able to banish Matthew back into the Pewter Heart where he still remains.