Group: Dark Dragon – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Megid Flame, Dragon Howling

Megidramon is the “dark” Mega form of Guilmon, born from Takato’s rage and hatred. When Beelzemon killed LeomonJeri broke down, enraging Takato, who ordered WarGrowlmon to Digivolve to Mega and destroy Beelzemon – but the evolution was flawed, and Guilmon became the monstrous Megidramon, who’s very presence threatened to disrupt the balance of the entire Digital World. As Megidramon battled Beelzemon, both Earth and the Digital World felt the shocks of the battle, which ultimately did not last long, as Beelzemon used data from RapidmonTaomon and Makuramon to enhance his strength and defeat Megidramon. Takato realised his mistake, and was thrust into a dream-vision that offered him the chance to start all over again, but Takato didn’t want to start with a new Guilmon, he wanted the same one he always had – his friend. Megidramon reverted to Guilmon, who was somehow able to make Megidramon’s tail appear to deflect Beelzemon’s Double Impact attack, and then he and Takato Biomerged into his true Mega form – Gallantmon!

Megidramon appears in “Lionheart” and “Give a Little Bit.” His voice is supplied by Steven Jay Blum.

Name: From “Megiddo,” the place where the apocalypse is prophesied to begin. “Dra” is short for “dragon.”.