Mercurymon is one of the main villains in Digimon Frontier. AppearanceEditMercurymon is a Human Hybrid Level Digimon that resembles a tall Digimon with 2 mirror shields, one mirror on his stomach and back, and a mirror for a face instead of a normal face.PersonalityEditMercurymon is a crafty strategist, thinking of many strategies simultaneously. He always seen smiling diabolically, he is no doubt the most guileful, at least compared to the impulsive Ranamon. He has a fussy personality when it comes to precisely explaining methods of battle and such. He also likes to speak With words like; Thee, thy, nay, etc.Digimon FrontierEditMercurymon was one of the 5 Digimon that served Cherubimon. He always attacks his enemy's weak points but his behavior outside of calculations is brittle. One of his accomplishments was stealing Seraphimon's Fractal Code and using it himself to become ShadowSeraphimon. It seemed that Mercurymon was planning to betray Cherubimon by using Seraphimon's data for himself and make him stronger than Cherubimon, but it wasn't fully confirmed. Mercurymon was defeated finally by Aldamon. After Aldamon defeated Mercurymon, He attacked the DigiDestined in his Beast Spirit form Sakkakumon.Later Mercurymon later appeared as a purified Mercurymon at the Village of Beginnings, to help the other legendary warriors fight Crusadermon and Dynasmon. He also appeared when Susanoomon split into the ten Human Hybrids to slice through Lucemon Larva's body. AttacksEditDark ReflectionTriviaEditMercurymon is the only warrior who lost his human spirit before his beast spirit, as well as the only one that never Slide Digivolves.