Name: Mr. Oikawa  A loner, Oikawa's only friend in life was Cody's father Hiroki. Eversince they were very young they dreamed of the DigiWorld and always wanted to go there. After Hiroki died Oikawa became very sad and alone, and Myotismon's ghost took advantage of him and possessed him. Later he met Ken at Ken's brother Sam's funeral, and knew there was something special about him. Later he put the Dark Spore into Ken (2 years ago) and later scanned it and put it into a bunch of other kids that he kidnapped. After the Dark Spores bloomed he absorbed their energy and finally achieved his lifelong goal of going to the DigiWorld. But when he got there, he was decieved, and was not really in the DigiWorld, but a world of pain and sorrow. He created Arukenimon and Mummymon by changing his DNA into data. He dies at the end of season 2 after giving his life to save the Digital World. For more information