"Aha, I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter 'F': Food, food for my babies."—Nasty's first line of the movie when she sees Dot and a ladybug.Nasty the Wasp is one of the supporting villains in the Live action/animated Australian movie: Dot & Keeto.  She tricks Dot into coming in her nest to get out of the rain and winning Dot's trust against the ladybug who tried to convince her not to have anything to do with her.  And the ladybug was right, because Nasty didn't let Dot in her nest out of kindness, she did it so her babies have some sort of food to eat when they hatch, after putting Dot in the nest she lulls Dot to sleep and closes her nest with some goopy material like her brethren do and flies off, she is later seen again seeing as Dot escaped from her nest with the ladybug (because Keeto the Mosquito and Butterwalk the Caterpillar helped her escape) causing Nasty to attack Dot furiously until she got Dot back in her nest, unfortunately for Nasty, Dot escaped her.  She is seen at the insect character parade with her last comment to Dot: "Dot, come back, Dot; Come back to me." TriviaDespite being named Nasty, She was only mentioned as her species kind, Wasp throughout her part of the movie; Her name is shown at the intro credits at the beginning.