The third season of the Never Not Funny podcast featured 26 episodes and was first broadcasted March 18, 2008. The core lineup was Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap with weekly guests from the Los Angeles and Chicago comedy scenes. All 26 episodes can be purchased individually or as a whole season at[1].

Changes in the Third SeasonEdit

The PrimoEdit

At the end of season 2, Jimmy and Matt announced their plan to switch to a subscription format, which they refer to as the "Primo" version. The full version would be available for $19.99 from Listeners who didn't want to pay to subscribe could still get the free feed from iTunes, but they would only receive the first 20 or so minutes. This has continued in the later seasons.[2]

Monkey Go Lucky VideoEdit

Starting in season three, Andrew Koenig became the videographer (and occasional contributor) for Never Not Funny, posting five-minute clips from every episode on his website,[3]

Season 3 EpisodesEdit

# Date Episode Title Notes
301 March 18, 2008 Season Three kicks off with guest Dave Holmes.
302 March 25, 2008 Jimmy and Matt welcome NNF first-timer Andy Daly.
303 April 2, 2008 Pat Francis makes his Season Three debut.
304 April 9, 2008 Goin' deep with Scott Aukerman.
305 April 16, 2008 Doug Benson joins the guys.
306 April 23, 2008 The long-awaited return of Todd Glass.
307 April 30, 2008 It's that time again: Pat Francis time.
308 May 6, 2008 It's a family affair with Danielle Koenig.
309 May 13, 2008 Oh boy, it's Paul F. Tompkins.
310 May 20, 2008 Dropping science with Chris Hardwick.
311 May 28, 2008 Third time's the charm for Pat Francis.
312 June 4, 2008 Getting personal with Rob Corddry.
313 June 11, 2008 Reminiscing about the days of old with Matt Walsh.
314 June 18, 2008 The return of Dave Holmes.
315 June 25, 2008 Back for more: Pat Francis.
316 July 2, 2008 Celebrate July 4 with our old friend Jimmy Dore.
317 July 9, 2008 On the driver's side of your tram, it's Bil Dwyer.
318 July 16, 2008 Let's get down to business with Greg Behrendt.
319 July 23, 2008 Riding the bus with Graham Elwood.
320 July 30, 2008 Hanging out after the BBQ with Pat Francis and his nephews!
321 August 6, 2008 Bend over Abigail Mae, here comes Patton Oswalt.
322 August 13, 2008 One of the greatest Americans in the country, Mr. Mike Siegel.
323 August 20, 2008 Catching up with Scott Aukerman.
324 August 27, 2008 Spend some quality time with Paul Gilmartin.
325 September 3, 2008 Killing them softly with Pat Francis.
NNF Program Note September 10, 2008 No new episode this week—listen to learn why.Short clip where Matt announces the birth of his child.
326 September 17, 2008 Season Three wraps up with Paul F. Tompkins.
The Bridge II September 19, 2008 Jimmy and Matt walk you through the transition to Season 4 and the new subscription system.

Primo Bonus EpisodesEdit

# Title Description
Primo 1 Running Your Trap the Game Show Jimmy brings you the live game show version of "Running Your Trap", featuring panelists Pat Francis, Dannah Feinglass and Paul F. Tompkins. Recorded April 10, 2008 at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood, California.
Primo 2 You Bet Your Life 8.7.08 Jimmy brings back the classic interview/quiz show... with a twist! Recorded live at the UCB Theatre, Los Angeles on August 7, 2008; featuring Pat Francis.)
Primo 3 AST Radio/Episode 6/Jimmy Pardo Matt and Joe talk to comedian Jimmy Pardo, host of the monthly live talk show "Running Your Trap". (Taken from the AST Radio archives. Original air date: March 17, 2006. Host: Matt Belknap. Producer: Joe Wilson.)

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