Group: Micro - Level: In-Training - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow The kids ran into a group of Pagumon shortly after arriving on Server. The Pagumon had taken over a village of Koromon and claimed it for their own, but showed the kids hospitality until they discovered the imprisoned Koromon. The Pagumon's associates, the Gazimon, then called in their boss, Etemon, ruler of the deserts of Server, who blamed the kids for recent disruptions to his Dark Network. The kids fled across the desert. Four years later, when MetalGreymon fell under the control of the Digimon EmperorTentomon was sent to locate Garurumon to help in the coming battle. While searching for him, Tentomon spied a group of Pagumon, under the control of the Emperor’s Dark Rings. He decided he’d need some help and flew off. Quite why Tentomon would need help against such weak Digimon wasn’t explained... Pagumon first appear in "The Dark Network of Etemon."  Name: Possibly from “hippagu,” a Japanese word meaning to tear off something.