101 DalmatiansEdit

  • "Irresistible" - Gene Siskel
  • "Great storytelling; on a scale of 1 to 10, this film gets 101" - Good Morning America 
  • "101 times the fun for the whole family" - Megan Calhoun 


Aladdin (1992)Edit

  • "A film of wonder and amazement, there ain't never been something like this!" - Los Angeles Times 
  • "You couldn't wish for a more wonderful film!" - Joel Siegel 

Alice in WonderlandEdit

  • "You will be charmed, delighted and deliriously amused by the lastest example of Disney animation" - New York Times 
  • "Spirited, charming and truly remarkable" - Saturday Review 

All Dogs Go to HeavenEdit

  • "An enchanting and delightful film... highly recommended for whole family viewing!" - Colleen Hartry 

Alpha & OmegaEdit

  • "A howling good time!" - MSN Movies 

The AristocatsEdit

  • "Bursting at the seams with rib-tickling fun!" - Entertainment Today



  • "A perennial classic to be remembered long after other films have been forgotten" - Roger Ebert
  • "Bambi is just as charming and beautiful as ever... one of Walt Disney's timeless masterpieces" - Leonard Maltin 

Beauty and the BeastEdit

  • "The best I have seen this year, period. The best for adults, the best for kids" - Michael Medved 
  • "A brilliant, beautiful, timeless masterpiece!" - Scott Mantz 

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted ChristmasEdit

  • "Wonderfully enchanting-- it will live happily ever after with the rest of your holiday favorites" - Janice Campbell 

The Black CauldronEdit

  • "A rip-roaring tale of swords, sorcery and magic!" - Roger Ebert 



  • "A sheer enchanting joy" - USA Today


  • "The best animated film of the year" - Dwight Brown 
  • "A masterpiece" - Drew Taylor 


A Dog's Way HomeEdit

  • "A nice adventure that's fit for the whole family" - Lindsey Bahr 
  • "Bella is irresistible" - Pete Hammond 

Ducktales: The Lost TreasureEdit

  • "A fine fabric fantasy, the animation and colors are purely Disney" - New York Times 


  • "A film you will never forget" - New York Times 
  • "A treat, Dumbo is the most enchanting and endearing in the Disney output" - USA Today
  • "Every minute of the film is sheer delight" - New York Daily News 



  • "Fantasia is timeless" - Walt Disney 

Finding DoryEdit

  • "'Perfect' may be an understatement" - Mark S. Allen 

The Fox and the HoundEdit

  • "Superior... a landmark Disney film" - Joel Siegel 

Fun and Fancy FreeEdit

  • "Mickey was Walt and Walt was Mickey" - Frank Thomas 


A Goofy MovieEdit

  • "Two thumbs up!" - Siskel & Ebert
  • "Loads of fun!" - Boston Globe 

The Great Mouse DetectiveEdit

  • "Two thumbs up!" - Siskel & Ebert
  • "It's magic!" - Joel Siegel 


Hachi: A Dog's TaleEdit

  • "This film will touch your heart" - Francine Brokaw 

The Happytime MurdersEdit

  • "A fluffing hysterical comedy" - Mike Reyes 


  • "The hippiest, most playful of all... a hit of Olympic porportion" - WCDS TV 

Homeward Bound (1993)Edit

  • "A+, an instant classic!" - ABC-TV 

Homeward Bound: Lost in San FranciscoEdit

  • "Totally irresistible... a family winner!" - American Urban Radio Networks 

Hotel for DogsEdit

  • "Bark-out-loud funny" - Mark S. Allen 
  • "Four paws up" - Jeffrey K. Howard 

The Hunchback of Notre DameEdit

  • "The best Disney animated feature since Beauty and the Beast" - Roger Ebert 


Isle of DogsEdit

  • "A triumph of pure imagination" - Peter Travers 


The Jungle Book (1967)Edit

  • "For pure energy, high-spirited hijinks and cascading joy, The Jungle Book is tough to top" - People Magazine 
  • "Memorable music and imaginative adventures; a treat for all ages" - Dixie Wheatly 


The Kid who Would be KingEdit

  • "One of the best kid adventure movies in recent memory" - Matt Goldberg 
  • "Spectacular fun for kids and adults" - Oktay Ege Kozak 
  • "An instant classic" - Kevin Jagernauth 


Lady and the Tramp (1955)Edit

  • "A timeless film" - Los Angeles Times
  • "Lady and the Tramp remains one of Disney's most endearing classics" - Chicago Tribune
  • "Classic Disney dogs paw their way into hearts of all ages" - Sierra Filucci 

The Lion King (1994)Edit

  • "The greatest wonder of all!" - Los Angeles Times 

The Lion King: Simba's PrideEdit

  • "A worthy successor to the throne of the most successful animated films of all time!" - Scott Hettrick 

The Little MermaidEdit

  • "You could wish upon a star and not conjure up a more joyous animated movie" - Time Magazine 
  • "They don't get any better than this" - Jeff Crag 

The LoraxEdit

  • "Fantastic fun for everyone!" - Pete Hammond 


Marley & MeEdit

  • "The best family film of the year" - Tom Long 

Mary Poppins (1964)Edit

  • "The most truimphant musical ever filmed" - Los Angeles Times 
  • "Sheer delight to the eyes and ears" - Newsweek 

Max (2015)Edit

  • "A family-friendly tale that's also warmhearted" - Jimmy Martin 

Mulan (1998)Edit

  • "Mulan is an impressive achievement ranking in all of Disney's best" - Roger Ebert 

My Dog SkipEdit

  • "A rare breed; a family movie with a heart and a brain" - Susan Wloszczyna 


Oliver & CompanyEdit

  • "Unmistakingly Disney and still the very best!" - Joel Siegel 
  • "A 10! Charming, funny, musical and thrilling" - Gary Franklin 


Peter PanEdit

  • "Two thumbs up; you feel Peter Pan is your age, no matter what age that is" - Siskel & Ebert 

Pete's Dragon (1977)Edit

  • "Those incredible Disney wizards have created a totally satisfying musical; it's enchanting entertainment" - The Hollywood Reporter 

Pinocchio Edit

  • "A masterpiece of fantasy" - Newsweek 
  • "The best thing Mr Disney has done and therefore the best cartoon ever made" - New York Times 
  • "Pinocchio is a classic that has carved a place for itself in motion picture history" - NBC-TV 


  • "Disney's done it again!" - Joel Siegel 


The RescuersEdit

  • "A breath of fresh air; a solid story with a delightful cast of characters!" - Leonard Maltin 
  • "Rousing and appealing" - Washington Post 

The Rescuers Down UnderEdit

  • "Tradition and innovation all on the same hill" - Time Magazine 

Robin Hood (1973)Edit

  • "Hooray! A full-length Disney animated cartoon which is both delectable for the youngsters and wearly sophisticated for us older folk" - Boston Magazine 
  • "Rich, full animation... there is nothing really comparable in the market" - Los Angeles Times 
  • "A full parade of Disney integrity" - Variety 


The Secret of NIMHEdit

  • "The Secret of NIMH will delight kids everywhere!" - Newsweek 

Sleeping BeautyEdit

  • "For artistic composition, superb craftsmanship and design, Sleeping Beauty is a medieval tapestry come to life" - Denver Post 
  • "An unmatched vision of a world of pagentry, magic and adventure" - Los Angeles Times 

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsEdit

  • "I just thought it was a perfect story" - Walt Disney 
  • "A landmark in the history of animation" - New York Times 
  • "Walt Disney's groundbreaking animated feature film, the first of its kind, is still a classic in and of itself" - Leonard Maltin 

The Sword in the StoneEdit

  • "An all-the-way delight, the songs are bright and singable, the artwork lovely with its twists and turns" - Judah Chris
  • "A warm, wise and amusing film; the humor sparkles with real-knowing sophistication for all ages and the characters are Disney fit" - New York Times 
  • "Pure Disney gold" - Boston Magazine 


Teen Titans: Trouble in TokyoEdit

  • "A treat for the whole family full of humor, action and charm!" - Bryan Erdy 

Titanic (1997)Edit

  • "Experience one of the greatest films of all time like you've never seen it before" - FOX-TV 


Wonder Woman (2017)Edit

  • "A non-stop wonder" - Daily Mirror