Professor Cog is a robot from another dimension where he battlesthe Power RangersRPM. He and an army ofGrindersescaped to the Samurai's dimension to seek help from Master Xandred in order to level up the water for his boss. He says that he will help them in exchange for taking down the Samurai Rangers. When Professor Cog attacks Scott, the Samurai Rangers joined the fight. Professor Cog then sends the other non-red Rangers into a vortex leading to Scott's dimension while Professor Cog's Hypno-Bolts start to kick in on both Red Rangers causing them to fight. Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread watch Jayden and Scott duel each other. After the effects of the Hypno-Bolts, Jayden and Scott fight Professor Cog until the other Rangers returned. With help from the other Samurai Rangers, Scott Truman and Jayden managed to destroy Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread .