Pumpkinmon is a Puppet Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Pumpkin. It is a plush toy Digimon with a surreal pumpkin head that has an axe stuck in it. According to legend, Pumpkinmon came to be when mutations developed in a computer virus created during the season of the Western holiday of "Halloween". Because it was never a malignant virus, it rarely inflicts any harm on purpose, but its external appearance belies its possession of powerful offensive power.[3] As is characteristic of Puppet Digimon, its blank face rarely expresses emotions, so what it's thinking is indecipherable and its personality is wrapped in mysteries.Attacks Pumpkinmon Power/Trick or Treat: Manifests a gigantic pumpkin in the air and then squashes the opponent with it.Pumpkin Squash (おどかす Odokasu?, lit. "Surprise")Role in UltimaEditIn Ultima, Pumpkinmon serve as minions to Oogie Boogie in the Organization. Like Bakemon and Devidramon, they're a very common Digimon in the Org's forces.