Rex Buckland

Rex Buckland is a fictional character and Warlock that appeared on The WB television series, Charmed. Rex was played by actor Neil Roberts.

Rex had telepathic abilities, with them he could read minds, astral project and cause people to see and act how he wished. After being sent from the Underworld, he managed to take over Buckland Auction House, with a fellow Warlock, Hannah Webster. Their mission was to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones. Soon, he hired Prue Halliwell, the oldest of the Charmed Ones. Then the waiting began as Rex monitored Prue carefully, looking for any sign of weakness.

Rex and Hannah were the show's first reoccuring villains, lasting for the first half of the season. During that time they helped Hecate in her marriage scheme, were nearly victems of Prue's truth spell and unleashed the evil warlock Matthew on the sisters.

For several months, Rex and Hannah watched and waited until they saw an opportunity to take the powers. For this, Rex used his astral projection power to set certain events in motion. Rex was able to manipulate the Charmed Ones into giving up their powers by framing Prue for the murder of a security guard that worked at Buckland's. Having no choice but to comply, or face Prue being sent to prison, the sisters relinquished their powers, which flowed into a lantern Rex had provided for them. They gave him the powers, but Rex planned to kill them. Hannah, having turned into a black panther, charged the sisters, but the intervention of the white lighter known as Leo Wyatt saved them. The Halliwells regained their powers at the last second and used them against Rex and Hannah. Following their defeat, Rex and Hannah vanished, presumably recalled to the Underworld. Their subsequent fate remains a mystery.

Although Rex and Hannah never reappeared on the show again, the characters have returned in several Fan Fictions.

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