Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey) was a very imaginitive - and passionate - scientist working for Wayne Enterprises in Downtown Gotham. However, he pushed too far and got himself fired for not producing the kinds of inventions worthy of the company and its founder, Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer). Nygma would turn things around, though, hiding his termination by terminating his boss, and that would only be the beginning. His next target would be Bruce Wayne himself.

Nygma knew that to be an effective villain in Gotham City, he would need to commit his crimes under the guise of an unknown, mysterious enigma - so to speak - and soon enough, The Riddler was born. His first steps were to team up with another Gotham baddie, Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the disgraced former Gotham D.A., Harvey Dent. Together, the two would find a common foe in Batman, and using Nygma's own mind-reading device, would discover Batman and Bruce Wayne to be one in the same.

Unable to effectively punch a guy in the face, Riddler would utilize cryptic messages to play tricks on the minds of his intended foe, but the unsuspecting public were the true victims. Nygma was able to brainwash all of Gotham while working with Two-Face to rob the city of millions of dollars in jewels and materials to construct his ocean-based super mind-reading machine. The machine and its effects on the Riddler drove him to new heights of insanity, and his quest for laughs certainly helped lead to his downfall. Batman would succeed in destroying his machine, and the resulting accident would drive Nygma insane. Now exiled to Arkham Asylum, Edward Nygma still claims to know the true identity of Batman, but until he finds a way to escape, no one will know for sure if he's on the level.

INTELLIGENCE - 9: A highly-skilled scientist, his inventions became even stranger when he became the Riddler.

POWER - 4: Definitely not the physical type, he let Two-Face and his gang get their hands dirty instead.

VILENESS - 5: Concerned with fun, style, and personal power, he also let Two-Face handle much of the icky stuff.

SWAY - 5: Not terribly intimidating, especially while wearing bright green tights.

PURITY - 9: Jealousy started the Riddler on his path, but the insanity resulting from the mind-reading machine would turn it up a few notches.

PHYSICAL - 7: One word can accurately describe his various disguises: distracting.