Rygog is a mutant that serves as Divatox's second in command and a villain from Power Rangers Turbo as well as a minor villain in In Space.  HistoryRygog accompanied Divatox to Earth where he aided in her battles with the Power Rangers. However the bulky design of his armor prevented him from entering battle for her due to the fact it kept him from being very mobile. Rygog also piloted the Cat Divazord at one point and fired the torpedos that allowed Divatox's monsters to grow to giant size. He and Elgar discovered the location of the Power Chamber and Rygog was at his mistress's side when she lead her forces in an attack on it. He later accompanied her to the meeting of the United Alliance of Evil on the Cimmerian Planet. Rygog helped Divatox with her assignment of keeping Zordon hidden until Dark Specter could drain all of his powers. He joined in the United Alliance of Evil's universal invasion, aiding in Divatox's attack on Gratha. He may have been destroyed by the wave of energy from Zordon's shattered energy tube although this is unknown. TriviaAccording to the episode, Fire In Your Tank, Rygog is left-handed and he sleeps upside down like a bat, as seen in Rally Ranger.Like Elgar, Rygog's face was slightly redesigned from his counterpart, President Gynamo, from Gekisou Sentai Carranger (The Super Sentai series on which Turbo was based).