Serleena is an evil Kylothian monster intent on discovering the location of a great treasure on the planet Earth, but in reality she's more of a clever excuse to get a Hollywood hottie to strut around in lingerie. And while that's not a bad thing, Lara Flynn Boyle has little to do in Men in Black II other than fill the role of the Evil Villain rather than do anything too villainous. Certainly, detroying our planet is bad news, but these days you really gotta be more believable with your threats. As a bad guy or gal, you have to put the fear of God (or some other deity) into the good guys to get results. Instead, Serleena simply fills the MiB headquarters with her overgrown serpentine fingers and takes the place hostage. Effective, yes, but scary? (You know, I wish Industrial Light & Magic would start turning down these kinda jobs. This SFX deluge is what it truly getting frightening in movies today.) Serleena has precious few interesting qualities. Her shape-shifting and voice-mimicking skills are similar to the T-1000 of a decade ago. However, while we love seeing this Twin Peaks alum in a leather/bra ensemble, Boyle can't improve the character from its badly-written beginnings. Serleena is more like an overhyped bounty hunter than a mastermind, and her relatively simple demise - just point and shoot - reflect thats. It makes me miss the bugs from MiB1 even more. INTELLIGENCE - 6: She follows a stright-forward plan. No surprises. Yawn. POWER - 7: He shape-shifting makes fighting her tough, but if you shoot her enough, you're all set. VILENESS - 5: She threatens to detroy Earth but does little else in the movie to instill fear. SWAY - 5: Not terribly convincing... until she breaks out the snake-fingers, that is. PURITY - 7: She really really wants that Light thingee. Like... really. PHYSICAL - 9: Shape-shifting: very good. Shape-shifting into Lara Flynn Boyle: even better!