Shaw is the main antagonist of Open Season. He is a bounty hunter and Beth's arch-rival who enjoys hunting and poaching as his favorite sport.Contents [show] BiographyBeginningsComing soon!In Open SeasonComing soon!In Open Season: The GameComing soon!PersonalityThroughout the first film, Shaw is revealed to be a paranoid, violent sociopath. He shows no regard for any life other than his own and is thus, a selfish, vain, evil person. This has been proven by the sadistic way in which mounted the many animals in the woods on his cabin wall and how he drove his truck recklessly to try and kill Elliot, nearly hitting several people along the way.He also shows no regards for the law, hunting in a national park and firing his gun into a crowd, despite being told by Gordy not to. This resulted in him almost getting arrested by Gordy, but he managed to make a clean escape. Shaw has a bizarre love for his hunting gun "Lorraine", talking to it and even offering it a blanket so it wouldn't be cold. This proves that Shaw is mental as he believes his own rifle to be a living thing. After a series of incidences, Shaw seems to develop the paranoid belief that animals are becoming as smart as humans and are plotting a rebellion to overthrow mankind and take over the world. AppearanceComing soon!TriviaShaw is quite similar to Amos Slade: Both are hunters who are enemies with the protagonist's owner. As well, they are both the main antagonists of their movies.