Skelator was He-Man's nemesis, Hordak was She-Ra's nemesis. He-Man and She-Ra were twins Adam and Aurora, separated at birth when Hordak kidnapped the baby girl and took her to his world to raise her among his putrescence. What are the motives for these two baddies? They're just pure evil, baby. Nothing frillier than that. Perhaps I should have highlighted these fellows separately but I love this little two-shot here.  They're so cozy together, aren't they?  I have a special place in my heart for these two since I was a huge He-man and She-ra fan back in the day (why didn't they produce Hordak on the same scale as the other She-ra characters?!).  Whatever the case, these were two scary mugs. I mean, that dude's a skull!  And the other one has no left arm, man!

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