Cartoon villains defeat 17


The Ben Shui have located the Chosen One. I, Daolon Wong, cannot allow his chi to be awakened, for evil must prevail. Dark chi must reign. Gan, Chui, Ren! Seek out the Chosen One and annihilate him!-Daolon Wong

Finally, it has all come to pass, exactly as I have foreseen it.-Skeleton King

C'mon, Bonnie, don't run away from happiness. I'm going to fix you, and then I'm going to fix that sniveling gum wad, Neddy.-Uncle Gumbald

Looks like I won the grudge watch,Grimy-Boogie

Beware those that are close to you,I'm specifically referring to you...Frederick-Professor Perciles

So, St. Canard has a new favorite hero, eh? And a little girl at that! The perfect target for public enemy number one!-Negaduck


I am your doom,I am Nos4a2-Nos4a2

Wow,what a freak,looked like a talking penis-Scaramouche