Steele is the number one sled dog. He was bred for it and therefore power and glory are just handed to him. And of course like most people who were born into their fortune, he can't cope when Balto shows up as a virtual nobody with the desire to do Steele's job as well or better than he does. Steele schemes to find a way to stop Balto and ruin his chances of ever attaining sled-dog status, even putting a shipment of medicine for sick children at risk. Ever seen this film? Although it never made a Disney-type impact, it's as good as any Disney has put out in the last 10 years. Steele is a nasty one. Ruthless, hateful, conniving, slick, cunning, you'd think all these words were invented just for him. I like this pose because it's so un-doggy-like. Don't you just love a good sneer?!