The soundtrack for Stoked is unique amoungst snowboarding games all the music is from independent artists.[1]

Complete SoundtrackEdit

As listed in the Stoked manual.

Kava Kava (band) – Tic (Jon Kennedy Remix)

Kava Kava (band) – Maui

Kava Kava (band) - NFA

Atmosphere – Smart Went Crazy

Atmosphere – Guarantees

Atmosphere - 66th Street

Atmosphere – Shoulda Known

Scott Sullivan – Parachute

Scott Sullivan – Calling for the Dissolution

Burning Spear – Music Business

Burning Spear – Burning Reggae

Chuck Fenda – Love FI SI ME

King Kooba – Ubermonster

Folio – Friday Girl

Folio – Scene Machine

Folio – Floating Away

Wolfgang Gartner – Circles

Tim Fraser, Corrie Fraser & Matt Heanes – These Calls

Tim Fraser, Corrie Fraser & Matt Heanes – Don't Bring Me Water

Owen Sartori – Go On

Owen Sartori – That's The Way My Life Goes

Owen Sartori – Punch

Nicholas R. Flawless – Cheetahs feat. G. Suede

Jewn Sabbath – Acting Like That

Jewn Sabbath – Babble On

Kaleber – Up

The Coby Yates Band – Are You Not There

The Coby Yates Band – Do You Know

Mercurial Rage – Out Of Control

Mercurial Rage – Star Star

Mercurial Rage – Soldier Boy

Fred Everything feat. Lisa Shaw – Here I Am

Bassnectar feat. Perisa – Kick It Complex

Zeph & Azreem feat. JoYo Velarde – Time To Wake Up

Aaron Sontag & Nica Brooke - Inner Peace (Cates & DPL Portland Beaver Mix)

Samantha – Breath You In

Chubby Dubz – Just Another Nite (Instrumental)

Kaskade – It's You, It's Me

Kaskade – Steppin' Out

Kaskade feat. Colette – I Like The Way

Raashan Ahmad – Peace

Raashan Ahmad – Ready

Colossus feat. Hylton Smythe – You a Grown Man Now

[[Colossus feat. Hylton Smythe – Thrupenny Bits

Colossus feat. Capitol A – Innacity

Chuck Love – Something Right

Chuck Love – Long Way Down

Chuck Love – Bring Enough to Spill Some

Chapterville – Kaleidoscope

Chapterville – Any Solution

A Kiss Could Be Deadly – The Exit

A Kiss Could Be Deadly – The Sequel

A Kiss Could Be Deadly - Poison IV

The Small Hours – Minor Details

The Small Hours – Owner Of My Honour

Vicious Vicious – Charmed Life

Vicious Vicious – We Don't Call It Love

Vicious Vicious - Beggars in the Rain

Jennie Laws – Beautiful People

The Stock Market Crash – Champion

The Stock Market Crash – Bringing Knives to a Gunfight

The Stock Market Crash – In the Mouth of the Whale

Quietdrive – Kissing Your Lips

Quitedrive - Deliverance

Quietdrive – Hollywood

Thrush – You Make Me Feel

Thrush – The Last Minute

Red Lights Flash – End of History

Red Lights Flash – Needless To Say

Red Lights Flash – Past Soul

Red Lights Flash – Last Come, First Served

Texta - Ueberfluessig

Texta – Greatest Story

Texta – Spachbarrieren

Texta – 30 Semester

Mono & Nikitaman – Digge Digge

Mono & Nikitaman – Hol's Dir

Mono & Nikitaman – Nur So

Bauchklang – Navigator

Bauchklang – Cypress Trees

[[Bauchklang – Record

Wisdom & Slime – Windmuehlen

Wisdom & Slime – Windmuehlen (Instrumental)

DJ BrX – Schutum

DJ BrX – True Sounds

No Head On My Shoulders – Everything is Broken

No Head On My Shoulders – Brown Underwear

No Head On My Shoulders – Parliament

Paradise Decay – Northern Lights

Paradise Decay – New Day

Paradise Decay – Island Sun (A Far Cry Mix)

Paradise Decay – Universe

Paradise Decay – Imit8 (Cox Vs Spoon Mix)

Paradise Decay – Call Me (Instrumental Mix)

Paradise Decay – Cumbre Vieja Mega (Tsunami Mix)

Hadrian – Se Yo Te Veo

Hadrian – Dust On Roads

Hadrian – African Noon

Hadrian – Koncav

Ariel Curtis – Cowgirl (Alex Mos Remix)

Santiago Deep – Chile

Lucas Tesselhoff – Groozelandie (Andrez Remix)

Gesiete – The Pledge

Alex Aguilar – Power Snow

Matteo Monero – To The Next

Captain Hankey and Burnout Boy – Wild Motor

Captain Hankey and Burnout Boy – Devil Riders

Captain Hankey and Burnout Boy – Hookedigoo, Burning Dr. ManchuFu

References Edit

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