Sven the Terrible is a vicious Viking pirate and the main antagonist in the cartoon "Vicky the Viking".  He does not hesitate robbing even his fellow Vikings of their hard-earned plunder. He's infamous for attacking with three ships, which makes it almost impossible to attack him head on. He's also quite cunning, but the boy Vicke always finds a smart way to beat him without having to fight him. His weapon of choice is a morning star, attached to chain, which he can throw with ease. Urobe, the oldest Viking in Halvar's crew, described Sven like this: "Even as a young boy, he was very ferocious. He's very vicious and cunning, I can tell you that. And everyone hates him. If he sees something he wants, he takes it. And may god help you if you don't give it to him volunarily. You can't even count the number of villages he burned down. If you stand in his way he just strikes you dead. And then he plunders as much as he and his men can take"