Tabaluga is a small green dragon who is the main protagonist of the album by Peter Maffay, Tabaluga Tivi, and its TV series of the same name. He is known to be the prince of Greenland and also the son of Tyrion. As he is six years old, his father Tyrion died and became a star. In addition, he is know for rescuing animals in danger and able to stop his archenemy Arktos. Other than that, he must stop Humsin from creating a searing desert. Tabaluga is the last living dragon on Greenland. He is also the assistant of Leo in the 2004 Christmas movie Tabaluga and Leo. He is also a popular icon in Germany shown in an album. His name is mentioned by many German kindergartners.

Voice Actors Edit

Tabaluga is voiced by a number of voice actors:

  • Jamie Oxenbould (Australian dubbing)
  • Björn Schalla (Seasons 1-2, original version)
  • Dietmar Wunder (Seasons 2-3 and movie, original version)